The Doctor stepped from the Tardis. His nostrils flared as he sniffed the air. 51st Century, always a pleasure, well, if running was pleasurable. The door clicked shut and off he went, his bow legged stride very typical of his recent incarnation. He appeared to be on some kind of ship, the corridor he was in was bare in the sense that every wall was simply shiny grey metal. His eyes narrowed on a sign to his right indicating, Wing 26. He was in a hospital maybe? He thought suddenly back to the hospital on New Earth – he smiled. What an ordeal that had been, still, at least he'd had – Rose. The Doctor stopped suddenly and glanced behind, nope, no one there to keep him out of trouble this time. With a shrug of his shoulders he continued on, before he knew it he'd merged into a busy crowd – a crowd? In a hospital? Even though he was pretty tall it didn't stop him from being shoved and pushed as he pressed on through the thickening crowd. It didn't take him long to find a 'staff only' door, a quick press of his sonic had him inside in seconds.

"Blimey," he breathed tucking the screwdriver into his top pocket.

"Are you the last one?" a voice asked through the darkness. The Doctor froze; his hearts had jolted into action.

"Yes… Yes… I'm the last one. Here I am. Hello. I'm the Doctor"

A playing card was thrust into his hand; he could barely make it out what was on it. In the dim light he managed to read two words 'Professor Plum'

"Hang on. I think there's been a mistake here… I'm the Doctor… I'm not a Professor"

"Sure you're not. Just get in there and play the game"

The Doctor was shoved roughly through another door, "Game?" his voice squeaked as the door was slammed shut and bolted behind him, "What game?" he yelled pounding his fist against the heavy metal door. Turning on his heel he adjusted his jacket and pocketed the playing card. His surroundings were somewhat different to the space age ship corridor he had previously found himself in. The lighting was dim; the carpet was a deep, blood red colour. The walls were wooden panelled; old portraits lined the length of the corridor he was in at regular intervals, "There's always a way out," he whispered pulling out his sonic, he adjusted the settings and held it out in front him lighting up the corridor ahead. With slow and careful steps he began to make his way into the unknown.

"I thought players weren't allowed to take anything into the game besides their card?"

The guard examined the CCTV screens, on a small screen to his left he could see the figure of the Doctor creeping slowly along with what looked like a torch outstretched before him.

"It's only a torch, let him keep it," the second guard replied reaching casually for his cup of coffee, "If he keeps moving that slowly though we're going to be here all night. Are all of them on the move yet?"

"I haven't seen the 'Scarlett' woman yet"

"There she is look," the guard smudged a fingerprint on the screen as a flicker of red went by.

"Oh yeah…"

The Doctor continued to creep along, his back firmly against one wall as he moved. His head kept flicking to look behind him, the last thing he needed was for something to sneak up on him. He swallowed hard; he'd seen this trip going somewhat differently in his mind. He suddenly decided that setting coordinates on the Tardis, while blindfolded, was not the best idea he'd ever had. If he'd had a companion with him, this may never have happened. Shaking his head he had the sudden urge to kick himself, anyone would have told him that it was a bad idea. He should have just kidnapped someone.

"Stupid Doctor," he murmured.

Finding himself at the turning into another corridor he turned off the light coming from his screwdriver and popped his head slowly around the corner. About halfway down he spied a large wooden door, "Geronimo," he whispered emerging from the previous corridor and taking quick and silent steps towards this chance of escaping. After a few quick glances up and down the corridor he turned the cold handle and rushed inside.

To his dismay he found himself in a Library. His eyes glanced over the bookshelves with a look of clear exasperation, "This is going to be harder than I thought," he thought out loud.

"Who's there?"

The voice made the Doctor jump out of his skin; he shone his screwdriver light around the room frantically. A man dressed in a mustard coloured army uniform was stood in a darkened corner, he squinted at the light from the Doctor's screwdriver, "Who are you?" the Doctor demanded.

"Colonel Mustard," he replied holding up a playing card quickly, "You're turn… You're turn"

The Doctor frowned as he stared over the tip of his sonic, his mind ticked over at its usual 'Time Lordy' pace. His hand slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out the card he'd been given. He held it out at arm's length towards Colonel Mustard, "Professor Plum," he said firmly, "What's that?"

"What's what?"

"The thing in your other hand, hold it up, what is it?"

"It's the clues… It just the clues I swear!" Mustard held up what looked to the Doctor like a candlestick and a card.


"The Clues, we're playing Cluedo. They explained the game to you didn't they?"

"Cluedo? But that's a board game" The Doctor lowered his sonic slowly.

"This is way more serious than the board game. The catch is that whoever wins gets their freedom, no matter what their crime was," Mustard replied, "There are cards or weapons distributed through the rooms. I found the candlestick and the 'study' card in here"


"From the storm cage"

"Wait, hang on… We're in a storm cage facility?"

"Plum, where have you been?"

"It's my first day, bit behind. Right then, first clue, the candlestick. Second clue, the Study. Now, let's find the rest shall we?"