Title: Out of the Blue

Summary: A spontaneous question from Wilson prompts an unexpected answer from House. House/Wilson established relationship.

Disclaimer: I know I'm stating the obvious, but clearly House and Wilson don't belong to me!

A/N: I've wanted to write this fic for ages, but have found it really difficult to actually put pen to paper! Finally posting this chapter will hopefully push me to finish typing it up!

Also there is one swear word at the very end of the chapter.

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Wilson got out of bed a little later than he originally intended that Saturday morning. He had opened his eyes several times, but he had been lulled back to sleep each time by the warmth of House's body as it gently encompassed his. He finally eased himself out of their bed and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for the both of them. It had quickly developed into a regular weekend ritual after they had moved in together. House took full advantage of their living arrangement and demanded a cooked breakfast at weekends if Wilson wasn't unexpectedly called into work. Wilson secretly really enjoyed cooking for House. It was an added bonus for him if he could sneak a healthier option past House without him noticing until it was too late.

House continued to sleep while Wilson made the pancakes he knew House loved. He also served a helping of fresh strawberries to each plate. House would drench them in Maple syrup, but it seemed to be the only way House would eat the fruit.

The coffee percolated while Wilson finished clearing up the pan and utensils. The noise from the kitchen and the strong aroma drifting through the apartment woke House up. He went to the kitchen to collect his cup of coffee and pancakes and then sat down next to Wilson who had moved to the couch to watch television while he drank his coffee.

"Hey!" Wilson exclaimed in protest as House deftly plucked the remote control from Wilson's grip.

"Seriously? Have we met before?" House retorted incredulously as he scowled in disgust at the screen before immediately finding something that he wanted to watch.

Wilson took a deep breath in preparation for his rant. He knew he was overreacting about something so petty, but he lived in hope that one day House would let him watch what he wanted without making a fuss.

"I make breakfast for you almost every weekend and it'd be great if just once, you…" Wilson began.

"Do you want me to thank you?" House interrupted eager to know why Wilson wanted to start such a pointless argument.

Wilson simply shook his head "I don't want your gratitude, it's not why I do it. I really enjoy spending Saturday mornings with you." A surprised smile crept over Wilson's face at that admission as he realised how incredibly happy he had been living with House despite all the small disagreements and House's general tendency to do whatever he wanted to regardless of the consequences.

"What do you want then?" House snapped back, deliberately ignoring both the sentimental comment and the daft grin on Wilson's face.

"We should get married! Will you marry me?" Wilson blurted out without thinking. As soon as he realised what he had just said, he clamped his hand over his mouth to prevent any more disastrous words pouring out. He gazed at House in complete horror, silently pleading with House not to mock him for the rest of his life.

House had predicted that Wilson would one day propose in a moment of madness so he had already thought of the perfect refusal making it clear why it would be a really bad idea. But the way Wilson was looking at him, actually terrified that he had ruined their relationship with a few idiotic words, made him waver. It was clear that Wilson loved him and valued their relationship more than anything else.

"Okay." House replied without any trace of sarcasm.

"Ha! Right!" Wilson scoffed after he uncovered his mouth. His mortification had quickly been replaced by disbelief. "As if you would actually stand in front of family and friends..."

"No one else. Just you and me. Today." House said quietly as he stared down at the plate of pancakes on his lap.

"What? I don't understand..." It took a moment for Wilson to comprehend what House meant. "Wait, you'd do this for me?" Wilson whispered, awed by House's gesture.

"You have till six today to get the rings or whatever." House shrugged his shoulders with feigned indifference. He looked across in time to see Wilson's face light up with excitement. "Tick, tock, Wilson." House added, effectively squashing Wilson's gleeful reaction.

Wilson glanced across at the wall clock and jumped up in panic as he calculated how little time he had. He leaned over and gave House a peck on the cheek, before picking up his cell phone and pager from the coffee table. He then jogged over to the door, grabbing his wallet and car keys on the way. He looked down at the clothes he was wearing as he slipped his feet into a pair of House's sneakers which had been left by the door. He looked scruffy in his old grey running shorts and dark blue cotton t-shirt, but he didn't want to waste time getting changed.

"See you tonight, House!" Wilson called out.

House didn't reply, he didn't even look back at Wilson's retreating figure. He simply stared at the television as the enormity of what he had agreed to began to sink in.

"What the fuck did I just do?" He said incredulously to the empty room.