Okay this is the first time I've ever written something for The Librarian so I'm really sorry if it's appalling. I also know it's really short but it's only the opening, but I promise the next one will be longer. Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own The Librarian or any of these characters. I'm just using them for my own means!

Every corner he turned, he saw her. He saw her across the street or down the stairs, in the library or in a shop. He just saw her everywhere he went. For weeks he mourned her secretly, the fact no one else knew about Simone broke his heart as it meant he had no one to talk about his feelings to, although it was unlikely that he would even if he did have the chance. Sighing, he entered his flat and saw candles lit everywhere causing him to look around for someone to blame but finding no one. Walking over to his bedroom, he stared at the piece of paper on the bed and the rose beside it. Picking up the piece of paper, he stared at the familiar curly handwriting and took in the address and time written on it before smiling. Was it really her? Was she really alive? Was she really coming back to him? Sliding the letter into his jacket pocket, he sighed as he stared at all the candles and laughed, knowing it wouldn't be worth it blowing them all out as it just caused unnecessary effort and the thought that it might have been her that had gone to this effort made him less able to come to terms with the fact it was a fire hazard and if it got out of control it might end up killing him, the only thing he could really think about was how Simone might still be alive and out there waiting for him.