"Why can't you fly now, mother?""Because I am grown up, dearest. When people grow up they forget the way.""Why do they forget the way?""Because they are no longer gay and innocent and heartless. It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly." James M. Barrie

"Thanks for everything Mitchie; I don't know where I would be without you. Know that I admire you for what you have done with your life; you seem at peace with yourself.

Do not hate me more than you already do for leaving like that.

Ps: I love you.


Mitchie read the note repeatedly; it was not surprising and yet she was paralyzed by it. He had left leaving a not. A. FUCKING. NOTE. She opens her door to him, she let him in, she forgives him and the moment Nate calls he leaves leaving a note.

It had nothing to do with their activity from the previous night. It had nothing to do with the fact that Mitchie had not ask him to fuck her but to make love to her and he had complied.

Mitchie was not mad because of the feeling in the pit of her stomach. She was not mad because he would not be waiting for her on the sofa that night. Most of all, she was not mad that he still held so much power over her. She had abandoned everything; she had changed of continent for God's sake!

She had let him in because she though she could handle him, she believed she was over it. That is why if you ask her why she was mad she would tell it had nothing to do with her feelings, which were perfectly under control, but it had everything to do with the stupidity of Shane Gray.

Once again, she had given him the opportunity to forget his life of fake love and to get a new one as she had done. Once again, he had turned it down. It did not matter tough because this time she was not emotionally involved.

At least that is what Michelle Torres was telling herself while tearing the note to pieces and crashing her bowl on the floor.

With Shane:

L.A. had not changed at all: the hot chicks in mini bikinis, the big cars, the sun, the star, the parties… Everything was still the same. He had been in the studio for two weeks now, he had his mansion back and her girlfriend had crawled up back to his feet. He should be thrilled.

That is what he told the press: for them he had played the part of the prodigal son. Right now, he was going to give one more of those interviews. Let the show begin, he thought to himself.

"So Shane, we all know you had been through a hard time lately, want to tell us a bit about it?" asked the nice blonde-haired woman who interviewed him.

Shane took a deep breath.

"Well, yes it was a hard time. I took the wrong road but I was lucky enough to have such a great family and incredible friends."

He covered his face with his hands feigning to cry.

"I am sorry but this is still hard for me".

Nate and Jason stood up and hugged him then Nate talked.

"We all do mistakes Mary, the important thing is to recognize it and move on. Shane is doing great and we have been with him every step of the way."

Shane added: "Yes and I am very thankful for that guys, you're the best".

The guys hugged each other again.

"Oh it is so nice seeing you like that! Good luck Connect 3! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

"We are out guys!" they heard.

Shane's father appeared: "That was great guys, real good act".

Nate sighed: "Great because it is not easy to feign to like this asshole!"

Shane snorted "Sure! Because it is pretty easy to say that you were there for me!"

"Shut up jerk!" said Jason leaving.

Shane sighed.

"Tonight you have to be at the Channel's party with Tracy".

"Are you kidding me dad? I don't want to!"

"Who cares what do you want Shane?"

Shane was left alone savouring the life he had wanted back so much.

At the party:

"Hey baby!" said Tracy who was dressed in a blue strapless hair.

"Why the hell are you so late?" Shane was pissed.

"None of your business darling. Let's go, the press is waiting".

They went there, smiled; hold hands then Tracy told the press how much she loved her boyfriend.

"I am so glad to have him back, I have never given up on him and I am just so happy. I love him; he is the love of my life".

Lies, lies, lies.

One hour later Shane walked into a room by mistake and saw something he did not expect at all: Tracy and Nate in bed.

"You have to be kidding me!" he had yelled.

"You left, we moved on", said Nate.

"When did I fucking leave? All of you threw me out! You would not have cared if I had died on a street but now you go around telling the press you love me! You could at least have the decency to not fuck my girlfriend!"

"This is the business Shane", answered Tracy coldly.

"Then I'll break with you".

"Try to; your father will kill you. We are the perfect couple right now, suck it up big boy".

Shane left the room in a fury. They all were unbelievable! Did he really have missed all of this?

Shane was broken, Shane was lost, Shane was alone… so he did the only thing he knew how to do: he got home, called Pete and bought him a nice bag of coke he used right away.

"..children know such a lot now, they soon don't believe in fairies, and every time a child says, 'I don't believe in fairies,' there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead."

James M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

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