Ok guys, I am so sorry I haven't written anything in a bit. I am so ashamed of myself. Anyway, here is chapter numero uno of my newest work. Anyone who would like a preview of coming attractions can PM me because there is bunches of good stuff coming up, I can tell you right now. We have Superman/Batman action coming up because I just finished Superman and Batman public enemies by the way, which was a decent movie, I suppose. Lot of action, low on story content, but what can you expect? Anyway, I love them as a team because they're just really cool together. We also have some more Roy stuff going on, because I love Roy. Yea, ok, so here is Chapter one. Hurrah for road trips.

"Superman", Batman yelled, "Superman get over here and help me get this thing in the car." Batman put all his weight against the suitcase and pushed as hard as he could. He had measured the space he had available for the suitcase, calculated the volume and done several other odd calculations and come up with figures that did not lie, the suitcase would fit in the space if he applied the right amount of pressure.

Unfortunately, he wasn't quite able to get that much pressure out. "Coming Batman", Superman said, flying over. He gave the suitcase a little nudge and it settled neatly into place. Batman gave a foul natured grunt and walked off. Superman rolled his eyes. "A thank you wouldn't be out of place here, you know."

Batman muttered something unintelligible, which Superman decided he would assume to be a thank you. "You're welcome" he called back cheerfully. Batman muttered something else and snatched Robin up from the ground just as the boy zoomed around his right leg.

"Hey", Robin said, folding his arms and sticking out his bottom lip, "I was playing tag. Put me down."

"Time to get in the car", Batman said. He put Robin up on his shoulders and moved to put a couple more things in the car. Robin squealed with pleasure, obviously enjoying being up as high as he was, and put his chin down on Batman's cowl.

"Batman, why are we driving on this trip and not flying? I mean, flying would be faster." Batman shrugged.

"I don't know, some lame brained idea of Superman's."

"I heard that", the man of steel called back jovially, "but I'm not going to complain because I want us all to have a good time."

"We're surveying the country in a car on a road trip", Batman said, "there is no possible way we're going to be having a good time with this."

"I wanna see the world's largest ball of string", Flash said, donning his sunglasses.

"And I wanna see the barbed wire museum", said Speedy.

"Why?" Batman asked. Speedy shrugged and put his arms around the Green Arrow's leg.

"Speedy, let go please, I'm trying to pack."

"You're not bothering me", Speedy replied. Arrow gave him a sarcastic smile.

"Excellent, because that was definitely all I was worried about here. Speedy, you're going to trip me." The eight year old gave a huff and reluctantly unwound his arms.

"We should take roll call", Superman said.

"I'm gone", said Batman, "come on Robin, lets go."

"No", Robin said, "I wanna go on the road trip. Superman said it would be fun."

"Yes well Robin, that's precisely why it won't be fun. Now, come along."

"You're not getting out of this Batman", Superman said, "come on, it's an adventure. We'll get to see new things, meet new people…"

"I don't like new things or new people", Batman said stubbornly. Wonder Woman rolled her eyes and shifted Wonder Girl to her hip.

"Come on Batman", Superman said, "don't you want to make new friends?"

"I don't have any friends", Batman sniffed arrogantly, "and I don't need any."

Then, he heard Robin start to whimper and lifted him off his shoulders. "But Batman", Robin said unhappily, tears starting to well up in his eyes. "I thought I was your friend."

"Of course you're my friend Robin, but you're my only friend."

"Ok", Robin said gleefully.

"See Superman, I only need one friend."

"Well, I want to make new friends", Superman replied.

"You don't have to travel to make new friends", Batman said, "come to Gotham. There's a plethora of rapists and muggers and homicidal maniacs for you to make friends with. My fist makes friends with them every night. Or, why don't you make friends with…that guy across the street?"

Superman rolled his eyes and called out, "Hey Bob, how's the family?"

The guy waved and called out happily, "Just fine Superman, just fine." Batman scowled angrily.

"You are just too nice Superman, it's…disgusting. Who cares how that guy's family is?"

"Batman", Superman said chidingly, "that's not very nice."

"I'm not a very nice person", Batman replied huffily, "hasn't that been established yet? Well, come on Robin, I guess since its going to be impossible for us to wiggle out of this, I might as well get in the car."

He placed Robin in a seat and got up front. All of the kids would be in the back seat of the Bat van (as it was being called by everyone now) while the adults would take up the front row and two front seats. They would switch off driving. "This is going to be a long trip", Batman muttered, leaning foul naturedly against the side of the car, "a very long trip."

Just so you guys know, this is based on my many road trip happenings so if anyone has a spectacular road trip tradition that could be totally hilarious if a hero did it, PM me please because I would love to hear it and have Batman do it with the other kiddies. I Spy will be epic!