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Before either Gibbs or McGee could enter the room and catch them together, Tony slipped out of bed and gently nudged Ziva awake. He should've known better than to do that, since he was quickly looking down the barrel of her service weapon. Crazy chick.

"What is it?" she slurred, still half asleep.

"I thought I heard something. Go back to sleep."

She didn't, of course. It would've been too much to hope for if she had. Blinking sleep out of her eyes, Ziva sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She then ran a hand through her dark brown, almost black, hair. "We never finished our talk from last night."

"What talk?"

Stunned that he'd try to blow it off, Ziva drew in her breath with a hiss of air before replying, "You know bloody well what talk."

"Since when are you using British slang terms, Zi?" he joked.

She ignored the question and instead snapped, "God, Tony, I thought you knew already how I feel about you." Ziva had never thought she'd fall for him, but now that she had . . . What she wouldn't give right now for Gibbs and McGee to be gone so they could be alone. Not that that was going to happen anytime soon.

As luck would have it, Gibbs stuck his head in and announced that it was time for her and Tony's shift while he and McGee would be out scouting the area. Coincidence? Ziva thought not. Besides, they were told to never believe in them. Still, she couldn't help feeling relieved, even though a little voice was saying to be careful what she wished for—not that she was sure what the expression meant.

Once Elf Lord and the Bossman were well out of sight, Ziva turned to Tony, determined that this time he was going to hear her out. She hadn't wanted to need him, but again, now she just couldn't live without his touch, especially after they'd spent the night together. The Israeli-American said, "Hear me out, Tony." While he waited expectantly, she paced the room and fiddled with her hair and Star of David necklace, wondering how to begin. Finally, she began, "About last night . . . what I meant was—"

He grinned. "McGee was right. You are in love with me."

Try as she might, she couldn't bring herself to be mad at him. "Okay, yes, I admit it. I meant what I said last night. Happy?"

His green eyes lit up, dancing slowly across the length of her body. Ziva wasn't entirely surprised when an answering stab of desire flooded her, and she stopped pacing and moved closer until she was pressed up against him. She watched in a detached way as her hands slid up his arms, across his shoulders, and around his neck. His hands snaked around her waist and slipped under her shirt, stroking her back. Then, finally, his mouth was on hers. It was all she could do not to jump his bones right then and there. Instead, she pulled back. "How exactly are we going to explain this to Gibbs?"

"Oh, trust me, David, I know," came their boss's voice. Startled, they looked towards the window to see Gibbs standing right there.

Oh, crap.

To make matters worse, McGee was on the ex-sniper's nine, standing on tiptoe, trying to see into the room. Tony and Ziva quickly separated, the latter giving herself a case of whiplash.

Then Gibbs smirked and turned to McGee. "Hand it over," he ordered. "You so owe me."

Sighing, Elf Lord handed over a wad of cash—40 bucks total. They were gone before either stunned field agent inside knew what to make of the encounter.

"Well," Tony joked after a few seconds, "that went well."

"Shut up, DiNozzo," Ziva said before bringing him in for another kiss.

She could get used to this. After all, it was all she'd ever wanted.

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