Eeiry pale blue eyes stared out into the unfathomable darkness, seeing all that was in existence and all that ever would be.

This was his joy. The last fleeting moments that he could share with his children before he died.

He wanted to know that they would survive without him. And at the same time he wanted to find an heir that would someday surpass him. He could see the people, the lives they would create together. They all had such potential! They all held such power and cunning and strength.

And their children would contain such light and beauty.

Pale lips curved up into a smile.

Yes, they all had so very much potential. But he could only choose two to balance the scales of power.

He saw a bright and shining light as great as the sun at the end of a dark tunnel. It was dazzling and blinding and...awe inspiring as he caught sight of two people in particular.

Direct descendants of him.

One was a male, about sixteen or seventeen with light tan skin and azure blue eyes and spiky blond hair. A jinchuriki like himself. A sage.

His aura was brilliant, and clear and beautiful. Untainted by hatred and desire.

Pale lips breathed his name. "Naruto...Namikazi..."

He would be a great leader of man. A child born of sorrow and hatred, yet would show the world such a deep and enduring love. He would be one of his heirs. He would help bring about an end to the shinobi world and usher forth a new world.

Now to see the other. His blue eyes flickered to the one standing behind Naruto, his son. His heir. And blinked before he laughed. Oh wouldn't that be an interesting twist?

The second aura was a silver white wrapped around a young woman about the same age with piercing violet eyes and mid back length red and fuisha colored hair. A modern female who had seen the best and the worst of all man kind.

She knew the depravity of man, she had lived in the heart of darkness yet had gained such strength from it. She was fierce and clever and would see the darkness gathering and know how to counter it and protect his children.

Shay Sasha Circe-

Would make an excellent second heir to his blood line considering that she carried with in her one of his blood line limits. The power of prophecy.

Coupled with Naruto's power they would be an invincible team.

Their enemy-

And his-

Madara Uchiha wouldn't stand a chance.

He laughed again, this time harder. His amused laughter carrying with it a sense of foreboding that would pass through the ages and reach Madara's ears as his laughter died down and he lay back on his bed. Completely at peace with his choices and with the world, he whispered a short message for his heirs before he died.

Give him no quarter.

Give him hell.