Once outside the tent, Shay couldn't hold back the prickling heat of unshed tears that were currently stinging her eyes and obsessively wiped at them with the back of her hand while she thought, Dammit! Why did she have to marry someone as horrible natured as that silver haired freak?! Why couldn't the other person she wound up married too be more like Naruto? He was kind, compassionate, and even sweet- in his own awkward and bumbling way. Surely what remained of the village had no shortage of unwed men with similar qualities?

Hell, she'd even marry Gaara if someone let her. Who knew, maybe between herself, him and Naruto- none of them would feel compelled to murder one another. But noooo, she wound up being thrust upon a man who didn't mind settling down with her and found her relatively pleasing to be around and another man who absolutely hated her guts...

It was sad to say but she felt the same way toward the damned brute. So when their honeymoon came up she'd probably smother him with a pillow after he preformed his marital duties.

The bastard.

"Shay," She heard Naruto's voice as he ran up behind her and lightly, but firmly grasped her wrist and pulled her to a stop as she quickly bowed her head to keep him from seeing that she was crying. "Hey. Are you alright?" Naruto asked in a gentle tone that nearly made her want to scream.

No she was not alright?! So why the devil did people bother asking her such stupid questions when she felt so emotionally raw? Was everyone an idiot?

"Shay." Naruto said in a firmer tone as he tried to get her to look at him, a frown marring his features as he managed to bend down a bit and see her face clearly enough to know that she was crying and sighed. Crap, he hadn't meant for his prank on Kakashi to end up like it had. Nor had he meant to have his former sensei hurt her feelings. It was just- just that ever since he and the Copy Nin had been ordered to take Shay as their wife and secure any bloodline limits and abilities that she possessed for the village, he had looked forward to actually having a family for once.

Whereas Kakashi had done nothing but make an ass out of himself time and time again. He'd known that the man was untrusting of Shay. But Tsunade's order's were absolute in this. So why was he being so deliberately cruel? Naruto didn't get it, but he was damn well getting fed up with Kakashi's childish behavior. So much so that he just might take a stick to his hide if he didn't knock it off.

That is if Gaara didn't beat him to it once he learned that Shay had been crying.

Using his fingers to grip her chin, he lifted her face and gently wiped her eyes with his other hand as he said, "Listen, don't take anything that sensei said to you- to heart. And as for the kissing thing, if you want to be mad at someone then be mad at me. I goaded him into trying to kiss you while you slept because of our situation." Shay's eyes flickered to him and her expression became one of disbelief before shifting straight into fury.

"You- You started that shit?! What on god's green earth ever possessed you to- Omph!" Shay's furious tirade was cut off by Naruto very calmly placing his hand over her mouth to silence her as he gave her a blank look before replying in an infuriatingly male manner that set her teeth on edge.

"Like I said before. It has to do with our current situation... Look, you aren't going to be married to just me. You're going to be married to Kakashi too. Which means that you'll have two husbands- twice the duties to preform while raising the baby, exct. However being the last of our respective clans, both Kakashi and I have very different needs. Most of which involve either ceremony or something else entirely due to our abilities and inherited bloodline limits. Kakashi's are far stronger than my own," Naruto said as he finally figured that he had enough of her attention to remove his hand from her mouth before she decided to try and rip his arm off or something.

"It's for part of that that he appears so mean tempered and mistrusting of you. His urges are a lot like impulses. Some you can control and some control you. In this instance, when it comes to you- Kakashi can't control himself very well. His impulses practically scream; Danger! Whenever he's close to you, so...uh-" Naruto trailed off as he tried to think of if he had explained things right or if he should dumb things down a bit. But Shay seemed to understand what he was saying more or less.

She was a smart gal, after all.

"So basically you're saying that he has the impulse control of a toddler and I shouldn't entertain any notions of premeditated murder."

Naruto gave her a faint smile and nodded his head, "Yeah that about sums it up."

"Fine. But when he goes terrible two's- I'm not changing his frigging diapers!" Shay growled as she leaned into his personal space a bit and placed her hand on his chest, right over his heart and then shoved him hard enough to send him sprawling to the ground on his ass before she huffed and turned and stomped off, away from him as he stared at her back and grinned.

Well. At least his and Kakashi's married life would never be boring.