So I was watching the ending to "Dead Air" (which was PRICELESS) and this popped into my head. I really think Ziva was referring to Gibbs and not Eli when she said "my father taught me." Let's be honest, Eli David probably doesn't care about baseball at all. It's just a short drabble, but here it is!

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"He asleep?" Gibbs words are quiet, but Tony hears them anyways as he reclines behind his desk, head back and eyes closed. He is done for the day, he knows, but for some reason he chooses to stick around (unlike McGee, who has already left). He can feel Ziva's scrutinizing gaze on him and hopes she buys his act.

"I would like to say yes, but you never know with Tony," Ziva answers, dropping her eyes back to her computer (or maybe she's looking at Gibbs—Tony can't tell where she's looking unless she's looking at him).

"I was surprised. You looked a lot better today." Tony can hear the pride in Gibbs' voice and immediately wonders what he's missing. He cracks his eyes open just the smallest bit and sees his boss smiling at his partner, who is smiling right back.

"I have been practicing when I have time," she states. It dawns on Tony that the two are discussing Ziva's unexpected baseball skills.

"Practicing a lot, I think," Gibbs says, leaning back in his chair. His smile never wavers; if anything, it grows, the pride now practically radiating from his face.

"Maybe I just had a good teacher." Ziva says lightly, the corners of her mouth lifting into a slight grin. 'Good teacher? But she said her father…' Tony thinks, and then it hits him and suddenly the smiles and pride from Gibbs make a lot more sense. He wishes Ducky was witnessing this; surely he would understand the overwhelming sense of happy that is suddenly threatening to choke him. Happy that he is not he only one looking after Ziva and her new citizenship; happy that Gibbs, too, is looking out for her; happy that Ziva is appreciating both her heritage and her new home.

Most of all, happy that Ziva has progressed so far from where she's been to now calling Gibbs her father.

There is a peaceful contentment settling in the bullpen as Ziva leaves for the night. The elevator doors chime as they close and Gibbs looks over at his "sleeping" senior agent.

"DiNozzo, go home. Get some rest." There is a lingering smirk as Tony quickly gathers his belongings and throws a "night, Boss" over his shoulder followed by a questioning glance. He taps his foot as the elevator descends and has reached a conclusion by the time he has reached his car.

Abby will be hearing about this one.