Marliese – Hey! I'm starting on this new story and I'm going to take a break (Ok I have been taking a break) from Midnight's Thief.

Amu – You know how many people hate you right now?

Marliese – Quite you or else!

Amu – Fine, I'll be quite.

Ikuto – Are you going to start?

Marliese – Yes!

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Back to Middle School

After finding his father, Ikuto returns home. His dad and family reunites and everything seems good until Utau, Kukai, and Ikuto wake up to find that they've all turned 13 again. They now have to return to the 7th grade until they can change back, but when they register into Seiyo Middle School they end up in the same class as Amu and the gang. Can they survive 7th grade again, and Amu has a big secret. What will happen to the gang.

Ikuto's PV –

I've found my dad and our family has been re-united. My father has decided to help run Easter until Hikaru is out of school. Amu has been out of town for something, but she won't tell me what. I think she's just trying to get back at me for taking off.

My sister has finally gotten over me and is now dating Kukai Souma, a former guardian. Life is good, but I miss having Yoru around.

"Ikuto, go to bed! It's already midnight!"

"I will in a minute, Utau!" I turned off the T.V. I got last week, and headed to bed. Hmm. Maybe I should sneak up on Amu tomorrow and get her to tell me where she's been.

Utau PV –

"Ugh." I rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. As I entered everything seemed larger than usual, but I ignored it and turned on the water.

I washed my hair and body and when I was done rinsed off and grabbed a towel.

"That's odd. My towel wasn't this long before." I saw my reflection in the mirror.

I looked like I was thirteen again.

"Utau, I'm coming in." Ikuto walked in and I screamed.

"Ikuto, you got smaller!" He looked exactly as he did when he just started middle school.

He stared in the mirror and then at me.

"We've become thirteen again! What the-"Mom barged in.

"What happened?" She stared at us for a second before screaming herself.

Isn't this a great way to start a morning?

Kukai's PV





I hit the alarm clock and walked to the bathroom.

I stared at my reflection for a while before I ran to my older brother's room.

"Wake up! I've shrunk!" After about five minutes of screaming in his ear he finally woke up, was about to yell at me, and then stared at me.

"You look like your thirteen again! What happened?"

"It's not like I know!" After a good fifteen minutes of panicking and waking up my other brothers, we decided to re-register me under the name of Daichi into seventh grade until we can solve this problem.

Utau's PV –

We decided to enter into Seiyo Middle School. Ikuto's name is going to be Yoru Tsukiyomi and mine is going to be Iru Tsukiyomi.

*Time Skip*

Ikuto and I are now new students in Seiyo Middle School starting tomorrow. I need to tell Kukai!

Kukai's PV –

I just learned Utau and Ikuto have the same problem as I do, so Utau and I called up all the guardians and told them. Tomorrow we go to school.