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I said I was over her. I don't know why I would lie like that. I love her far more than I should. I shouldn't love her at all. She's married, and happy, but I cannot bring myself to stop loving her. Maybe it's the way looks at me with those huge innocent eyes, or maybe the way she steps out of her comfort zone for me and only me. Or maybe it's something that can't be replicated. Maybe it's something that's not physical. The problem is; the more I love her, the more I'm torn apart. Perhaps it's because I might also love someone elseā€¦No I could never love her! She's a horrible, terrible person, a bully, and just plain mean. But then why am I always thinking about her? My thoughts are conflicted; my delicate doe and my fierce tigress. No! I refuse to believe either of them will ever truly be mine. Who am I kidding? I've always failed with love. But now here I am again, trapped in love's dance of death once more.

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