I know how behind I am and I apologize. I just was not motivated to type. This has been ready since the last time I was supposed to post. I actually wrote this chapter and the next chapter in the same day and unfortunately they were both originally written for the same character so I quickly changed the other one to fit a different character a bit better.

We all know what it's like not to fit it, we've all been there, and it hurts. People will call you names, or break your bones with sticks and stones. But they hurt you most by hurting your friends. I don't know where I'd be without my friends. Probably some fashionably challenged hell-hole in the middle of nowhere. But it hurts even more when it's your friends hurting you. Something will just come out wrong, or it's a fatal mistake someone can't take back. And it's worse yet when you know they don't mean it but they do it anyway. When someone close to you says something unforgivable, calls you a fag, stupid, or an idiot will you forgive them because they're a friend? Or will it damage your trust in them, break your heart, or ruin your friendship? But what hurts the most is knowing that their hurting you, is hurting themselves more.