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It was a sad day in Lila Archer's life today. She was trading in her beloved red pickup truck, one that she had many memories in. Like driving with Spencer for the first time. Hooking up in the bed of the truck with him. Driving to fancy dinners together. Once even they had gone on a whim on a road trip, driving due east until they found a town that had no idea who Lila was. She liked that.

But now, she had to get a bigger car, one that was suitable for the family they were starting. In a few months they would need a baby seat and Spencer already tested one in the truck to see if it fit. It didn't. They still had his car but they needed another one, something bigger for all the diapers and playthings they'd end up buying.

So there she was, with one hand gripping the steering wheel and the other rested lightly over her just starting to show stomach. She was almost five months along now and delighted in people cooing over her. Unlike many other women, it didn't bother her. Quite the opposite, she was loving the acknowledgement and advice other women gave her when they saw her belly.

Lila and Spencer had spent weeks trying to decide what car to get and he ultimately left it up to her after pointing out the highest rated family safe ones. The only thing he requested was that the color not be wild. He was, after all, going to spend some time in the car as well.

She pulled into the parking lot of the car dealership and got out of the car slowly, her hands running over the smooth, freshly cleaned metal surface. She was going to miss this car dearly. It had seen her through a few accidents, a stalking case, seduction, dating, and marriage of Spencer Reid. It was one her of constant reminders from back home, but now, now she had to give it up.

"I'll get you a car like this one day, baby." Lila whispered out loud, petting her stomach as a salesman approached her. Boy or girl, she hoped that they'd share their Mommy's taste in cars and not their Daddy's.