The Demons Keeper

By: Mandypinto90

Chapter 1- An Un-happy Meeting

A/N: -Words like this, with the dash's surrounding them are thoughts- Enjoy.

Mandy was sleeping when she felt someone enter her room. Her eyes opened slightly but she pretended to still be asleep. If whoever was in her room was a threat maybe she could use the element of surprise to get the upper hand. The figure moved around the room and stopped by her bed.

"You can sit up I already know that your awake."

Mandy sat up slowly and tried to discreetly reach for the knife she kept hidden under her pillow.

"Leave the knife where it is, if I was here to hurt you I would have done so already."

Mandy was starting to get annoyed now so as she put her hands on her hips there was a hint of British accent to her voice.

"What do you want then; most people don't break into someone's house just to talk."

Raven could have laughed (if it wasn't for the fact that it probably would have blown the house up), a few seconds ago the girl was going to try and stab her with a knife and now her attitude had completely changed from scared for her life to annoyed at being woken up.

"My name is Raven I'm one of the Teen Titans I came here to bring you back to our tower."

Mandy raises her eyebrow at the other girl "And why exactly would I want to go anywhere with you?"

Raven sighed this was going to be harder then she thought.

-I better just tell her straight out-

She raised her hand and Mandy's nightstand started to levitate "I have these powers and there very hard to control I have to meditate several hours every day just to be able to be around other people. I have these powers because my father is the inter dimensional demon Trigon, which makes me part demon."

She waits to let this sink in but Mandy just shrugs "I'm not stupid I read the paper I know all about the titans and their pasts"

Raven was surprised by the girl's statement; she didn't think that anyone bothered to read the feature the newspaper did a few weeks ago about the titans past.

"Good then this part shouldn't be hard for you to understand. All half demons have a human counterpart who balances out their powers, and just generally makes there life easier. We don't get to pick who that human is, nor do we have much say in whether or not we want to be around them, either we are or our powers go hay wire and destroy everything around us. In return for helping out the half demon a type of bond is formed and the demon becomes whatever it is the human needs most."

Mandy smiles at her "So let me guess I'm this human you need so bad huh? Raven nods not liking where the conversation is going. Mandy starts laughing, "Oh that's rich! You can leave now Raven I'm not interested in anything but going back to sleep." Mandy makes a shooing motion and lays back down.

Raven's eyes start to turn red and each eye turns to two. "I don't care what you're interested in nor did I offer you a choice." Dark energy surrounds Mandy and she's pulled off the ground and into a portal that's forming at Ravens feet.

Mandy lets out a piercing scream and by the time she has to stop to catch her breath she's in a room at the titan's tower. "YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" She rushes forward before Raven can react she slams her fist into her face.

Raven stumbles backwards blood dripping from her nose. She raises her hand and Mandy is thrown against the wall. She crumples to the ground her eyes closed. Raven walks over to her just as the other titans enter the room.

"Raven what's going on here is this the girl the one you were talking about?" Raven nods and bends over to touch the girl "She's being difficult though" Just as she's about to push the girls hair out of her face Mandy springs up and sinks her teeth into Ravens arm. She grabs the purple haired girl around the throat and squeezes until a pair of strong arms grabs her around the middle and pulls her away.

Ravens arm is bleeding heavily and she glares at the girl trying to keep her anger under control. "LET ME GO LET ME GO I'M GONNA TEAR THAT BITCH TO A BLOODY PULP" The arms squeeze until Mandy is gasping for air "Sorry can't let you do that kid-o"

Raven places a glowing hand over her bleeding arm and a moment later the skin is healed. "Calm down and Cyborg will let you go" Mandy glares at her "How about this you make this freak of nature over here let me go and then I go home and I DONT kill you, how does that sound?"

Raven laughs "You couldn't if you tried human"

"Wanna bet? If you're so sure then let me go and find out"

Raven nods to Cyborg who loses his grip and lets Mandy down. She rushes at Raven only to knock into Starfire who jumps in between them. "Please friends do not fight it will only end in someone injured and that is not how friends behave"

Mandy spits on the ground "Bitch aint no friend of mine she busted in my house and forced me to come here that aint the kinda shit friends do"

Starfire shakes her head "It is true that friend Raven should not have came to you the way she did but she did so only out of concern for your and everyone else's safety. I am most sure you do not wish anyone harmed yes?"

Mandy shrugs "Come friend please allow me to show you around our home. I'm afraid you must stay so that everyone may be safe but that does not mean that our home must be a prison for you. There are many wonderful things in our home that I'm sure you will enjoy." She links arms with Mandy and leads her out the room. Raven moves to follow them but Robin stops her "Let them go Starfire is more than enough to keep her here if she tries to leave" Raven nods and opens a portal disappearing.

Raven appears back in her room and all the candles light themselves, she closes her eyes and gets in her meditative position, its several hours before she opens her eyes again and leaves her room.

Starfire shows Mandy around floor by floor and Mandy soon sees that's she's not lying, among the wonderful things Starfire spoke of there was an Olympic sized swimming pool a gym a rec room with every kind of game possible and a library with more books then she can count.

Currently Mandy was sitting in the kitchen/dining room picking at a sandwich and chips that Cyborg had gotten for her. The cybernetic teen was sitting across from her enjoying a steak and she kept shooting glances at him. Finely she got up the nerve to speak

"Why did you stop me from attacking that bitch?"

Cyborg raises an eyebrow and sighs "Fine why did you stop me from attacking Raven happy?"

Cyborg nods "I stopped you because Raven's like a little sister to me and I don't plan on letting anyone hurt her any time soon."

"Even though she pretty much kidnapped me?"

Cyborg shrugs "Raven never does anything without a good reason"

Mandy sighs "That's a crappy reason you know"

Cyborg just laughs and messes up her hair "You'll get it sooner or later" He picks up his plate and throws it in the sink as he walks out

"Hey Cyborg..."


"I'm ... sorry about what i said earlier you know..."

"Its cool anger gets the best of all of us, no big."

She watches him walk out and can't help but think to her self – It's still a crappy reason-

As Mandy fixes her hair Raven walks in "Come with me." Mandy whose temper was just starting to calm flares up again.

"And just why would I want to do that?"

Raven shrugs "If you would rather sleep on the couch then fine." She walks out the room knowing the other girl will follow.

Mandy jumps up "Fine whatever" she follows Raven to the housing level where all the titans sleep. Raven stops in front of her door and Mandy freezes "Aw hell no I am not going in there I would rather sleep on the couch!"

Raven shrugs "do as you want," and disappears in her room.

Mandy doesn't make it to the elevator before a blaring alarm goes off. She covers her ears "What the hell is that" Raven rushes past her and grabs her arm dragging her into the elevator as she does. "There's trouble in the city"