The Demons Keeper

By: Mandypinto90

Chapter 6 – Merge & Amnesia

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Raven and Cyborg discussed it and decided that they would take shifts looking after Mandy, Now that they knew what was going on they wouldn't be taken off guard and between Cyborgs bionic strength and Ravens dark energy they were strong enough to stop the girl from doing anything.

Currently Raven was in the medical wing meditating. Even though there was a good chance she didn't need to anymore it still had a calming effect on the girl something she badly needed right now.

~^~^~^~^~^~^INSIDE RAVENS HEAD~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~

Several of Ravens self's are gathered around the original muttering away about what's going on.

-We should rip that bitch's throat out then find Slade and do something much worse to him-

-Calm down anger the important thing right now is Mandy and making sure she gets better- Compassion puts a hand on Angers shoulder only to have it pushed off.

-Yes that's true-

Knowledge pushes her glasses farther up the bridge of her nose

-But it's not going to be easy, Cyborg said it would take two or three days to work that drug out of her system and during that time she's going to do everything possible to have sex with anyone she can. It's a shame really, poor girl."

As soon as the words are out of knowledge's mouth there is a cracking sound and the original Raven is hit by two balls of light, one yellow the other light pink.

-What just happened?-

Sarcasm rolls her eyes -Isn't it obvious? Knowledge started to feel sympathetic and they started to put you back together again duh.-

Anger nods -It's not like this is the first time this has happened or are you that retarded that you can't remember just look at your cloak-


Raven is hit by balls of red and orange light and she looks down at her cloak. It's still purple but a noticeably lighter shade.

-What in the world? Is this because of the bond?-

The others around her nod smiling and suddenly she is assaulted by a barrage of light, blues, greens, pinks, gold, silver, black, colors of every imaginable shade create a vortex around Raven lifting her in the air. She closes her eyes letting the energy fill her and a smile breaks out over her face, the first true one in too many years to count.

When she floats back to the ground and opens her eyes the world around her shatters into a million pieces and she finds herself back in reality staring at Mandy.


Raven lets out a gasp


Mandy smiles at her, blue eyes shining like the sea. "Why is your cloak white?"

Raven breaks out into another smile and throws her arms around the girl

"You stupid girl you had me so worried the energy from when all my self's became one must have driven the drug from your system"

Mandy laughs at her "What the hell are you talking about? What drug and since when are you so huggy?" She backs away from the girl looking at her like she's nuts.

Cyborg chooses this time to walk in "Raven go take a break… oh Mandy's awake? How is that possible and Raven why is your cloak white?

Mandy looks between the two as they have a silent conversation wondering why Cyborg is nodding. Finely Cyborg turns to her as Raven disappears "I want to do a little check up is that ok?"

Mandy raises her eyebrow "I guess as long as I don't have to wear a hospital gown or anything."

Cyborg chuckles and shakes his head "Na just lay down on the bed this won't take long"

In her bed room Raven floats cross legged over the bed waiting impatiently for Cyborg to come get her. She tries meditating for a few minutes and is only slightly surprised when she can't enter her mind anymore.

She is just beginning to relax when her door flies open and Mandy stops into the room.


Raven falls onto her bed with a soft thump. Cyborg sticks his head in the door way

"She noticed the scars"

Raven nods and stands up brushing off her cloak "Sit down Mandy"

"I don't want to bloody sit down I want to know what the hell happened!" The English accent is back and it reminds Raven of the first time they meet, bringing a smile to her face. She nods to Cyborg who leaves shutting the door.

Raven looks at her for a moment and almost comically dodges a smack aimed at her face.

"I see your back to normal, well that's good I guess though I must say I liked you better when you weren't trying to attack me all the time."

Mandys foot starts to tap in annoyance and she takes a deep breath to try and calm herself. Plopping on the bed she folds her arms and glares at Raven

"Just tell me what happened"

Raven nods and starts to explain about the three days she was with Slade, she tries to be as un detailed as possible but Mandy's face grows paler and paler with each word that comes out of Ravens mouth. When she finely reaches the part about her being at the titans tower and the acts she committed while under the influence of the drug, Mandy calmly stands up and walks to the door, she pushes it open and takes off running down the hall. Raven starts to run after her but is stopped by Cyborg who was sitting by the door waiting for them to finish.

"Let her go Rae, she'll be ok she just needs some time to process everything that happened."

"What if Slade…"

Cyborg shakes his head "She won't go off the island and if she did you would know."

Raven nods and Cyborg stands wrapping her in a hug. "Go get some rest Rae I know you're tired after everything that happened."

Raven nods and disappears back into her room leaving Cyborg alone in the hall way.

Cyborg closes his eyes

-God I haven't done this in a while but if you could help these two work things out I promise to start going to church again … amen-

He nods his head once and walks off.

Mandy keeps running until she's well into the woods that take up one side of the island the tower is on. She stops and leans her back against a tree. Her head goes into her hands as she tries to muffle her sobs. It's a long long time before she looks up again all cried out. The sun is starting to set and its slowly getting colder.

She starts to walk back towards the tower but a few feet away from where she was sitting she sees a package laying on the ground. Kneeling down she rips it open and finds everything she would need to camp out in the woods tonight. She feels tears well up in her eyes again but she wipes them away

-Thank you Raven-

-Your Welcome-