A/N - Warning, this chapter is kind of long.

Three and a Half Days

The healer's hands dropped from both their heads. "It is done," he pronounced.

Nyota looked up at Spock as she felt the tingling of the psi-points on her face. He was there, within her, but also there in front of her, living, breathing, being. Silent tears were slipping past her cheeks.

She finally understood what it meant for the first time since hearing the words spoken on the bridge by Spock to another via viewscreen, and that other woman speaking them back at him. But that other woman, she hadn't meant the words back then. Nyota did mean them now. "Never and always, touching and touched," she whispered. She looked up at him and the love she felt for him was filling her, overflowing, enveloping. And she realized it wasn't just her feelings. They were also his; pure, raw emotion, pouring into her from him, mating with hers, magnifying, spiraling upward and almost out of control. But still, he was controlling it.

"I thank you, Sokam," Spock was saying to the house Healer. He then looked at Nyota, "Come, my wife. I have made arrangements for us."

"You have?" she asked. It was almost an unspoken agreement that the two of them would not talk about his leaving. They had only three and a half days together.

She allowed him to take her hand in his and lead her back to the room that belonged to them both. "I have already left mother and father a message. Let us collect your things. There is someplace I wish very much to take you."

She followed without question.


Nyota accompanied him to the space station orbiting Earth. He had somehow managed priority travel for them both. Being the son of an ambassador had its privileges, obviously.

After less than a twenty minute wait on the space station, they beamed down to another part of Earth. As soon as they rematerialized, Nyota recognized that they were in some part of the South Pacific. For some inexplicable reason, she didn't want to know which part. It would remain locked in her mind for all time, she knew, as a mysterious place.

She looked around. There was beach as far as the eye could see and a beautiful lagoon in front of her. Behind them was a medium-sized nicely maintained house. It was something between a hut and cottage. Whatever it was, it had the appearance of a quaint dwelling. She looked over at Spock. He seemed to be studying her as she studied the scene before them. She then felt him gently caressing the insides of her mind and smiled at the glorious feeling of him unfurling within her. And she realized then that they were alone on this beach. No one was there to see as he pulled her into his arms, his movement one of urgency. "My wife," he whispered, "you and I have much to discuss. Do you not agree?"

His eyes looked into hers with undisguised hunger. He sensed that she wished to say something to him, but instead she reached up on her toes and put her arms around and to gifted him with a very deep kiss. Of course he accepted.

She had been wanting to do this for so long. But some part of her sensed he was holding back, as if waiting for something-or rather, she realized, as if he were held back by something. She remembered what he'd said so long ago and decided to act no matter how much it was outside her usual realm of lovemaking. She pulled back from him, quickly lifted his shirt exposing his taught stomach to her view. As she felt the fabric of his shirt in her hands, she heard his sharp intake of breath as the warm air of the beach and her kisses along with light nips trailed up his torso. Once she reached his pectoral region, she forced herself to bite down on his chest as hard as she could.

Delicious pleasure/pain and the sensation of marked possession filled his mind and adrenaline spiked through his veins as he found himself released from the tight grip of control that was his constant companion.

Feeling and hearing his gasp, she thought at first that she had bitten him too hard, too soon or not in the right place. But her world turned sideways because he had lifted her as fast as he could and was literally running for the house in their line of sight. She started to wonder then what she was in for with only the slightest of anticipatory grins.

Neither one of them had time to register the little house or its insides. It contained a tiny living room that seemed to fuse with an even tinier kitchen and he bypassed them quickly as he carried her through them. They were soon inside a little bedroom with a Queen sized bed that took up roughly half the room. Mosquito netting was pushed aside and Spock seemed to shift gears and slow down as he sat on the side of the bed, placing Nyota on his lap. She turned in his arms and straddled him, facing him directly. Their blood sang for one another and an aura of heat and want surrounded them.

"Nyota," he said, the emotion in his eyes so much more clear and brighter than at any other time she had ever seen him. His hands touched her face almost reverently. "My Nyota. I have you now."

"Yes, Spock," she acknowledged as the desire within her became stronger. "And now I have you."

She slowly slid her cheek against his and heard him moan in need. They were kissing one another again, not at all in a rush. Slow, deliberate kisses were being given and taken, and the only thing that could be heard in the room was the breaths of one another, their hands in each others hair. She was smoothing her hands through his hair and he was practically holding hers in his fists as his kisses suddenly turned hot and open-mouthed.

She felt their bond within her mind, active and open, and they seemed to merge as one, intuiting what the other wanted before the thought was complete. After a time it was unclear who desired what, only that they were both filled with a burning, pressing need for one another. She distinctly felt him bite her and knew that because they were merged the feeling felt much better, much more erotic than it would have had it not been for the bond between them. Clothing was shed and what they both wanted was finally delivered.

The tiny house was used well that day. First the bedroom, then the living room… and at one point, even the tiny kitchen.


Nyota was aching and sore all over as they shared a meal together in companionable silence. She was also exhausted. The sun had set two hours before but they hadn't noticed, at first. They had been too busy literally wrapped up in one another. The only reason they paused was because Spock sensed Nyota's hunger and fatigue.

After they were done eating, she went to the kitchen sink and washed their dishes. She was wearing his shirt at that point and he enjoyed watching the back of his new wife as she first dried each dish and then reached up to place it back in the cabinet above the sink. The tops of the backs of her thighs leading to where the shirt happened to cover was a wonderfully lush place to behold and since they were not on the bridge at the moment, he could stare as much as he wished.

She sensed it. "You're watching me, aren't you?" she asked as she placed the second to last dish up into the cabinet.

"Indeed," was his very serious answer.

She smiled, her back still to him. "Why?"

"I was trying to ascertain where I wish to mark you next."

She flushed as she almost dropped the last dish. She didn't understand how they could make love as many times as they already had and she was still turned on by him. At that moment she could feel the strings of desire lifting again. "You can mark me after I've had a proper shower," she laughed as she dried off the dish.

He took her at her word. "If that is how you wish this to proceed."

She put the last dish up into the cupboard and turned to smile at him. "I'll be right back."

She went into the bathroom, reached into the shower, turned the spray on and waited for the water to turn from cold to hot. She divested herself of his large shirt and then got in. The hot water simultaneously felt good and stung her skin. The places she'd been bitten, her neck, her hip, the inside of her thigh, they were the places that stung. She smiled as she understood exactly what the bites meant to Spock. She would have scoffed at being seen as possessed by another just a year or two before. But there was just something about that Vulcan…

She soaped up very well and then washed her hair. While she was standing under the spray rinsing her hair, eyes closed, she felt his presence enter the shower with her. He was there all right, under the cascade of water with her, at first kissing her again, then dropping to his knees, turning her so he could see that area of her body that so tantalized him while she wore her uniform.

She found herself terribly turned on all over again as he bit the junction between her upper thigh and her buttock. She gasped, "Spock!" as he turned off the water and lifted her out on the bathtub.

"Speak my name again," he said his voice husky with need. "Again."


He awoke to the sound of waves crashing outside. Spock looked over at his bride and forced down the feelings of desire that began to build simply from looking at her. He had to cage the animal, he knew, but just for now.

He showered and then forced himself out onto the mini-porch to meditate. Once he was done, he could hear Nyota stirring inside. He entered the hut and saw she was at the stove preparing breakfast. "I made you a vegetable omelet, Spock," she said with a smile. "They had the eggs in the fridge that I know are safe for you to eat."

He crossed to where she stood and kissed her once. "Thank you for your thoughtfulness, my wife."

"What do you want to do today?" she asked as he sat and began cutting his omelet into precision sections.

"Must you ask?" he said with the hint of half a grin.

She laughed as she pulled a piece of fruit from out of a bowl and cleaned it at the sink. "Dirty mind! I meant I want to go swimming."

"There is much beach to explore. And yes, swimming. That would also be agreeable to me," he said as he began to eat.

Nyota changed into a teal colored two piece after eating her fruit. The bathing suit was so tiny, Spock's eyes were glued to every part of her that was exposed. "Nyota, may we discuss this swimming attire?"

"Yes, Spock?" she asked as they left the tiny house.

They were crossing the beach as he commented, "Where else have you worn this before today?"

She laughed out loud. "It's new! I thought we might go swimming so I ordered it last month and had it sent to Nara's place. She brought it for me when she came to the embassy and here it is now!" she said with her hands outstretched as she turned this way and that, showing off her voluptuous body in the bathing suit.

Spock found himself shaking his head. "Nyota, the suit is quite small in comparison to the rest of your body."

"That's the point of it," she said as she approached the blue water of the lagoon. The waves further out to sea were held back by a line of rocks that served as a breaker. You could still hear the waves, though the water in front of them was wonderfully placid.

He watched Nyota wade in as he tried to find a way to tell her to never wear that bathing suit when he was not present. "I do not think it wise for you to wear it again."

She laughed again. "Are you serious? This is the best looking suit I've ever owned! The color looks great on my skin…and on me. I mean, look at me in it! I'm supposed to hide this from the world?" she said with a quick sweep of her hand, just a tad conceited.

Spock knew then that she was deliberately teasing him. "Shall you wear it on the Enterprise at poolside while I am away?" he asked. He instantly regretted his words. He had broken their unspoken agreement.

She swallowed back a frown. "Spock," she whispered. "I bought this suit to wear with you because I thought you would like me in it."

He crossed to where she was already knee-deep in the water of the lagoon. He was standing just in front of her, but not touching her. "So you do not plan on displaying yourself for the males of the Enterprise while scantily clad?"

A mischievous smile crept up on her face, then. "That's for me to know and you to find out. Bring your ass back home and see for yourself."

Being bonded had its drawbacks, because she knew he was about to try and grab her. She laughed, ducked and then dove under the water. They spent a chunk of time actually playing in the water, chasing one another. He would inevitably catch her, kiss her and then let her go. Anytime she chased him, he would suddenly change tactics, turn, and grab her into his arms, kiss her thoroughly and allow them both to drift downward into the ocean, lips still locked together.

After about an hour, the two got out of the water and walked the beach together, hand in hand. It felt so good to her to be with him that way, just the two of them. Not two Starfleet officers, not a Vulcan and human. But a man and woman, husband and wife, together, basking in one another's company and conversation.

They walked back up the beach after a time. "I'm going to sleep like a log tonight," she said.

"Walking on sand, especially when you are unused to it, taxes the muscles."

"Yes, it does," she exclaimed. "I saw the ingredients in the fridge and the refrigerator. Guess what I'll make for you tonight?"

He never understood the human game 'guess what?' But for some reason hearing it from Nyota delighted him. "No, my wife, I do not know," he humored her as he looked down into her lovely face.

"Vegetable lasagna."

"That sounds most agreeable."

She laughed at the way he said that. "I love the way you speak, do you know that?"

He honestly said, "You have never before expressed such a sentiment, Nyota."

"Well it's true. I always loved your expansive use of the English language. It's just…spine-tingling."

He could see through their bond that he was being teased, but at the same time he saw she truly meant it. "I did not know that a mode of speech could be found attractive."

"Well don't you find the way I speak attractive?" she asked, mock offended.

"I cannot say I have ever considered it. However, I find your voice most appealing."

"Singing or speaking?"

"Both," he said as he kissed her quickly.

Just then, the sky opened and rain began to pelt them. "This is the Pacific for sure!" she yelled as they both ran for the house. "No warning, just rain!"

He enjoyed watching the parts of her that jiggled as she ran. The scarce fabric of the bathing suit awarded him the best view possible. Though he could have run faster than her, he allowed himself to trail behind and watch the visual alchemy of her form as she ran through the downpour.

By the time they reached the house, he found he could no longer keep his hands to himself. Before she was able to open the door, he caught up to her, grabbed her to him and kissed her with all of his might.

The little top and bottom were pulled from her quickly as they made good use of the mini tiled porch.


Nyota stumbled into the house and took a quick shower. Spock had to help her into bed afterward, she was so exhausted. He couldn't avoid feeling a deep satisfaction that he had tired her out thoroughly. She caught the ghost of his thought through their bond and smiled at him. "What, Mr. Spock?" she said and then yawned. "Is that pride I detect?"

"I do believe it should be the goal of every living being to become the best at what they do."

She laughed as she got comfortable in bed. "Of all the nerve."

He lay next to her then as she snuggled into his chest and relaxed. He stroked her arm with his hand and allowed himself to project calming thoughts to his wife. The rain could be heard pattering on the roof and the atmosphere was very relaxed. She was asleep in less than two minutes.

He got up from lying next to her when he was sure she was in a deep enough sleep. He went into the living area and found himself thinking thoughts he would rather not have. It was already the second day for them. Time was going by much too quickly for him. He had less and less time with the woman he more than loved. She was the second half of him, apart of his mind now. He did not wish to leave her. But he had been ordered to go.

He went outside, collected her tiny bathing suit from the mini porch and brought it inside. He gently washed it by hand with a mild soap and then hung it up in the bathroom.

Spock forced himself to pull out his PADD and read the mission briefing of what it was he would have to do. There was more than a lot of information and he knew it would take all of his spare time to read it. Fortunately he was already more than halfway through. Nyota required much more sleep than he did and he took advantage of that and read whenever she slept.

An hour into his reading, his head raised and he turned to look at the bedroom where she slept. She was having a nightmare. He stood quickly, but before he could make it to the bedroom, he heard her gasp and whimper, "Spock!"

He was at her side within seconds, but he saw that she was still partially asleep. "Nyota, awaken," he said as he pulled aside the mosquito netting and sat next to her. He pulled her into a sitting position then hugged her close to him and waited for her to awaken fully.

As she stirred, she looked up at him, confused. "What happened?"

He knew she wouldn't want to appear this vulnerable, even to him. "I wished very much to hold you. Is that not all right?"

She smiled and buried her face into his chest, inhaled his unique scent. "That's more than all right," she murmured.


She was able to make him his vegetable lasagna, like she'd promised. They ate dinner outside under the stars since the rain had stopped more than three hours before. The sun was just above the horizon as they sat down at the mini table. Candles had been lit by Spock and set between them. She realized this was the second time he had lit candles for them.

Conversation turned to their future children. "And if we have a boy, what do you want to name him?" she asked with a smile.

"I honestly do not know."

"Do Vulcans name children after their parents?"

"That is not a Vulcan custom, though I have noticed it is a custom of Earth."

"So no Spock Junior, then?" she teased.

He found himself more than pleased with the conversation. "If we have a boy, you may name him whatever you wish, Nyota."

She laughed. "What about a girl?"

He paused at first. "I did research into my mother's family. The name of my grandmother's mother was 'Sian' spelled S-I-A-N."


His hand reached across the table and found hers. "If that is agreeable to you."

"If I can name the boy then you can name the girl," she grinned at him. "And if a name of your ancestress struck a chord with you, by all means, keep it."

"Then we shall."

They sat and watched the sunset.


Their third full day alone at the beach house was spent simply lounging around, lying in one another's arms and talking when they weren't wrapped around one another doing more than talking. Every look, every moment, every touch was cherished and loved by the two, tucked away for later.

It struck Spock's insides when he found Nyota at one point looking at him as if he were already dead. "My wife, I am here now!"

"I know, I know," she said as she walked to where he stood and put her arms around his thin frame. She turned up to him and smiled, face full of mischief. "There's something here I want you to try." She went into her bag and pulled out a large decanter of something.

Spock went to watch what she was doing. He knew her well enough by then to know that she had something up her sleeve. He watched her shovel ice into a glass and then pour the liquid over it. Even standing slightly back from it, he could smell what it was. The aroma of chocolate and cinnamon reached out and grabbed him. "Are you attempting to intoxicate me so that you may take better advantage of my form?"

"Yes," she admitted as she handed him the drink.

He took it and began to drink as his eyes watched her over the rim. This drink, he realized, did not exist. His Nyota had most likely had it put together for his benefit.

"What do you taste?" she asked as she put her arms around him.

"Dark chocolate, cinnamon and Vulcan port mixed together. A very potent combination."

She nodded. "That's what I was hoping for. You think if I marketed the recipe I'd get rich quick?"

"Only if the purchasers could remain anonymous," he stated truthfully.

She laughed as she made herself a drink. No one ever warned her about Vulcans and chocolate. So when she put down the decanter from pouring her own drink, she was shocked to see Spock already at her side refilling his.

"This is quite wonderful, Nyota," he said, his tongue already faster and looser than normal.

Her eyes widened. The man was halfway drunk and he was already chugging down his second drink? She quickly took the decanter and ran for the outdoors. "Who would have ever figured you were a featherweight in the drinking division?"

He didn't even notice she was walking away with the liquid, he was so busy downing his second drink as fast as the first. He looked up and noticed she was already at the door with the wonderful concoction. "Nyota, where are you going?" he asked with half a smile. And this smile was not hidden.

"Oh my God," she said, wondering what she'd done. Fortunately, there wasn't much of the concoction left. There had only been enough for five drinks and he'd already had two. She drank down hers quickly and then refilled her glass. The Vulcan port instantly hit her hard and she wondered if she'd just made a huge mistake. "We are in so much trouble."

He stepped forward and grabbed the decanter and drank the last of the chocolate concoction directly from the bottle.

"OH MY GOD," she said a little too loudly as she watched him. Then the Vulcan port hit her even harder, and that had only been the first drink. "Oh my goodness," she said as she carefully made her way to the tiny couch. She sat there for a few seconds as the world spun and then stabilized. She saw her Vulcan coming toward her with the most eager of smiles.

"Nyota, you wished to take advantage of me, but I suspect your plan has backfired, has it not?"

"Oh no!"

"Oh, yes!" he said as he lifted her from the couch like she was a life sized toy. Her hands and musculature relaxed and slackened by the port, her drink went flying as she found herself giggling uncontrollably. Ice hit the wall and by some strange miracle of physics the glass didn't shatter as it hit the floor. "You have been a very naughty young woman, Nyota," he said as he laid her on their bed almost roughly. "I find I must administer punishment for this failed attempt to take advantage of me."

"What!" she said. "But I got you that mixture for-"

"No, no, no!" he said as he sat on the bed next to her and then pulled her into his lap, but face-down. "It is I that shall take advantage this evening. But first, the promised punishment!"

She found herself being spanked by the Vulcan and the rest of the evening became a blur after that as he growled and she was thrown onto their bed. She did remember laughing hysterically through the entire thing.


Nyota awoke with only the slightest headache. It wasn't too bad. "Vulcan port is some strong strong stuff," she murmured. She looked over at Spock. For once, he was still out cold.

She made her way to the tiny living room and pulled the first aid kit from the top of a shelf. She pulled out the proper meds, loaded it into a hypo and injected herself. Within seconds, her slight hangover was leaving. As for Spock, she went to her PADD and found herself putting in a call to Dr. McCoy. "Who the hell is this?" came the grumpy voice.

"It's me, Nyota!" she whispered.

"Something wrong?" he asked as he woke up instantly. "Do you know what time it is here?"

She remembered then that she was in the Pacific and that North America was roughly 5-7 hours behind them. Damn. "Leonard, we're in a bit of a predicament. I gave Spock some drinks last night, one part liquid dark chocolate, a spattering of cinnamon to two parts Vulcan port. What can I give him? I think he's probably hung over or something. He's still asleep and the sun is already up."

"How much of that did he drink?"

She thought about the size of the tumblers and how much both of them had ingested. "Spock must have had, at the most, about 17 fluid ounces of the stuff."

Leonard told her exactly what to mix up from her own first aid kit for his particular physiology. "Getting your Vulcan drunk on shore leave. If that's your idea of fun, Nyota, we need to hang out more often."

She laughed quietly. "Thanks, doctor."

"Give that right to him now while he's still sleeping. He'll thank you later. Give him another dose in four hours and he'll be right as rain."

She thanked him again and then disconnected the call. Nyota quickly mixed up the exact ingredients and then went and injected Spock with the hypo. Within two minutes of the shot he began to awaken.

He groaned. "Nyota," he said as his hand went to his head. "My cranium is in pain and I suspect that somehow tiny workmen have moved in and are constructing a large tower there."

"You have the headache from hell, don't you?" she asked feeling terribly guilty.

"Indeed, I do."

"I gave you a shot already. You can have another one in four hours."

"Thank you, Nyota," he said. "I believe I am beginning to feel the effects of your capable nursing hand." He forced himself up and into the shower. She accompanied him so that he wouldn't fall over.

He didn't tell her he felt much better and was no longer in danger of keeling sideways. He let her get into the shower with him and enjoyed her company while there. The two talked in soft tones and washed one another slowly, relishing their time together.

She made him breakfast and put a large glass of water in front of him. Afterward, they lay together behind the mosquito netting in the bedroom and talked.

She gave him his second shot four hours after the first. They made love in the little house by the beach one last time and then got their possessions together. They beamed back to the Starbase and then back down to the embassy. Their time together was almost up.


They spent the rest of the day together at the embassy and spent their evening at dinner with Spock's parents. His parents were both overjoyed since they already knew the couple were officially bonded. Word would spread quickly about them, now.

They retired to their room together that night. And Nyota was already agitated. She wanted to cry and beg him not to go. But she had already refused to do something so beneath her. She wished she could.

They got ready for bed in silence. Even though he needed much less sleep than she, he crawled into bed next to her. It became clear after less than ten minutes that Nyota was not only not sleeping, but trying her best to make sure he could not hear her crying.

"My Nyota," he whispered into the darkness. "Please, do not cry."

She threw her arms around him and the words 'don't go' almost escaped her. But she didn't say it. When she was finally spent with tears, he stood and told her, "I shall return quickly, Nyota."

True to his word, he was back within seven minutes. He was carrying a lyre, but it was not his. "My father has consented to loan this to me this evening," he said as he sat on the bed next to her.

She watched him tune it in the almost darkness and then listened as he began to play the same haunting melody he had played for her in the terrible days after the whole Graham Mickelson debacle.

Love for him washed over her anew and she wished he didn't have to go. A new spate of tears took her, but they were silent and she was able to force herself to listen to the melody being played for her. She relaxed and allowed his mind and music to soothe her to sleep.

She awoke the next day and he was already gone. She knew he was gone from her for good, or at least until he came back home. "Come home soon," she whispered. "Please."

Her lip trembled as a new set of tears met her eyes as she heard him answer within her mind Never and always, my Nyota…

A/N - The next story in this series is going to be called 'In Limbo', a one-shot short story. I was going to make another short story after it, but I've decided to just go onto the longer story for them that comes after 'In Limbo' and incorporate it into that. And I promise, that longer story is going to be longer than any of the others I've written for them, so I hope I don't bore you all with it.