I thought about this after seeing MegaMind with my family. It has nothing really to do with MegaMind other than probably a few lines. Set in the first season during the 30th English dubbed episode and 34th Japanese.

Spear A Life

By Sailor Phoenix1997

Serena looked up at the fire swirling around the elevator wire.

"Sailor Moon could get us out of this. But then Darien'll know who I really am. There's no other choice. No fun getting toasted." Serena raised her fist to her chest. "You're going down big time Zoicite!"

"Huh?" Darien turned towards her.

"MOON PRISM POWER!" In a matter of seconds Sailor Moon stood in her place. Darien was unable to believe his eyes.

"Meatball Head's Sailor Moon? There is no way this is real. That's it I'm dreaming."

"Yea. You can believe that if we make it out of here alive." Sailor Moon pulled off her tiara."MOON TIARA MAGIC!" The tiara turned into a golden light and clashed with the fire and extinguished it. The tiara broke through the ceiling causing an explosion. A few rocks landed at the feet of Zoicite. Serena knew the woman thought them dead.

"Are you nuts?" Serena slapped her hand over Darien's mouth.

"Be quiet you idiot. She thinks we're dead. Just stay out of my way up there alright. You're hurt enough." The elevator leveled with the floor.

"I'll just tell Queen Beryl it was an accident. She won't mind with all seven crystals."

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Sailor Moon exploded.

"Who's that?" The smoke cleared to reeal the blond Scout.

"Takes a lot more than a measly fireball to get rid of me you stupid hunk of NegaScum. I'm Sailor Moon enemy of the NegaVerse. And that means you." Zoicite chuckled.

"How ironic. It isn't you I want but your pal Tuxedo Mask."

"Oh cut it Zoicite. He's no where near here. You took me and now I'm seriously ticked off. Just grow up and fight already. Or are you going to run away like normal?"

"Um Sailor Moon. I'm right here." Serena snapped her head around.

"Didn't I tell you to stay out of my way? That includes distracting me. I know Zoicite. She'll-" Serena stopped short when Darien pulled a blood-red rose from his jacket. "He really is Tuxedo Mask. Unbelievable." Serena's hand tightened into a fist. "I can't believe this."

"You should get out of here Sailor Moon. This fight doesn't concern you anymore."

"If you think that's true for one second you're dead wrong. You're the handicapped one here. What with that shoulder of your's. Let me handle this. I'm not just a crybaby you know." Tuxedo Mask grabbed her arm.

"Just stay back." His tone told her there was no other option. She stepped behind him and snarled under her breath.

"Are we doing this or what?"

"We're doing this. But you've got to promise a fair fight and Sailor Moon's safety first."

"Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way." Zoicite's hand moved behind her leg. But the tiny movements weren't missed by Sailor Moon's keen eyes. She looked behind her out of the corner of her eye. A crystal spear hovered in the air. A scheme already forming in her mind. Zoicite smirked and released the spear. Tuxedo Mask turned around.

A/N: Sorry to eat the first chapter on such a cliffie. But I just couldn't help it. I'm evil. Or so my sister says. I deserve it more than likely. I've called her "Curly Fry Head" ever since I first heard Meatball Head. So her whole life basically.