Chapter 10: Rediscovering Feelings

"Ne ne Shihoudani?" The redhead poked the blond who was facing away from him, still not in his princess clothes.

"What do you want Mikoto?" The blond princess asked sharply. He was lost in his fantasy land and just when he was about to kiss his blue-eyed angel, Mikoto had to step in and ruin everything. He was still facing away from the redhead or else he would have seen the Student Council President standing behind the Western Princess.

"Shihoudani Yuujirou-kun, I hope every thing is fine." Arisada's voice made the blond jump in his seat and he stood up in courtesy.

"Kaichou?" He said, looking at him questioningly.

"We will be going to get our transfer princess today so I want to make sure you princesses are ready on time." He said at which the blond princess nodded. He had indeed forgotten the whole deal.

"Hai!" With that said, he walked over to one of the changing rooms and reluctantly started dressing up. Ever since the bluenette had left them for Hashiba high, which was not twenty-four hours ago, he had been feeling a little depressed and the mere thought of someone replacing him even for just a few days seemed unacceptable.

In Hashiba High:

The two princesses along with the student council president stood in awe as the blue eyed, blue haired beauty walked out of one of the changing rooms wearing a Kimono of the deepest colour of blue. His obi, the colour of cherry blossom flowers in their full bloom. The long blue silken strands tied in a traditional bun over his head with a few locks left to create a halo around the angelic face.

He had yet to apply makeup but on the Kaichou's suggestion, he dropped the idea overall.

The dude looks prettier without any additives, the steely eyed president thought looking at the bluenette from head to toe.

"Right then, Takahashi-kun, I assume you will teach Kouno-kun everything there is to know about the students here and his duties as well?" Isao-Kaichou said his eyes still fixed at Kouno Tooru which was not really a surprise.

The double black princess just nodded and held the baby soft hand of the blue haired princess in his hand leading him outside, all the while ignoring his seething boyfriend. He knew he was in for a rough night anyway so why not make his crime worth the pain… and the pleasure.