This is my first story so plz enjoy!

Chapter 1:First Day

"GOHAN TIME FOR SCHOOL!" Gohan heard his mother's voice and got up .He went and got ready for school. Today was his first day at Orange Star High and he didn't want to be late. So he told his mom and brother goodbye and flew to school.

"Ok Nimbus. You can land here. "Nimbus drop Gohan in front of Satan City. "You should see this dad. They named a city after ''.Gohan looks in the sky and headed to school.

When he got there, he went to the main office. ''Excuse me. Can I get my schedule? My name is Gohan Son. ''The lady looked at him and gave him a piece of paper .He looked at the paper and headed to his 1st period class.

In class…..

"Ok children. Today we have a new student .That's your cue my boy" ,the teacher said. Gohan walked in with the happiest smile on his face. ''Hi my name is Gohan. I like to study and train in martial arts.

"Gohan here passed the entry exams with flying colors. You could learn a thing or two from him. Now Gohan go find a seat so we can begin class."Gohan nodded his head. He searched the room to find a seat and saw a blond-head girl showing him one. He quickly went to his seat.

"Hi! My name is Erasa. These are my friends Sharpner and Videl."Gohan greeted them. ''Hey Gohan, You want to know who Videl's dad is? She's the daughter of ."Gohan paused for a moment and started to laugh. This made Videl mad. "You did it now nerd boy",Sharpner said as he looked at Videl.''DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE MESSING WITH?MY FATHER IS THE GREATEST!HE DEFEATED CELL!",Videl said. That only made Gohan laugh even more. "Oh so what is so funny about my father?"Gohan looked at her and said, "He's not that strong." That statement echoed in Videl's head for the whole day.

It was the end of the day. Gohan was walking home. Little did he know that a certain dark-haired girl was following him. "He say he lives far away but why is walking home?" Soon Gohan stopped and said, "I know your behind me Videl."Videl was shocked and came out of hiding. "Why are you following me?'' Gohan asked."Cuz…I wanted know why you said my father wasn't that strong."

Gohan ingnored her and started to walked. No matter where he went, she was right behind him. Gohan got tired of it and started to stop. "You have 3 seconds go stop following be or else".Videl started to get mad. "Or else what?" Gohan looked at her. He holded both hands in front of his face. "What is he doing",Videl thought. SOLAR FLARE!''AWWW!",Videl said. She couldn't see anything. After a moment, she saw that Gohan had left.

"Where did he go?," Videl started to look for Gohan's ki.''I know where I'm headed next." A big wind surrounded Videl as she powered up. She formed a big tornado and headed for West City.

Well that was Chapter that the story was short. I will try to make it longer.


"Videl, how did you get here? Better yet, how did u find me?",Gohan asked. "Easy. I sensed your ki."This shocked Gohan even more.

''What is going on in here?", Vegeta asked as he walked in. "Prince Vegeta! It's a plaesure meeting you", Videl said as she got to her knees. Vegeta was shocked. ''How do you know I'm a prince?" Videl got up and said, "My mom told me stories about you."

"Who is your mom?''