Hi! Sorry for the long update. Been busy with band camp. Anyways im out of ideas for this story so this is the final chapter. I know its sad but im working on a new Gohan and Videl fanfic. So its not the end. So enjoy!

Chapter 8: A Happy The End

2 years later….

"Come on Videl push!" the doctor yelled. After the fight with Vegeta and Videl, Gohan and Videl graduated high school and got married. Since Goku saved the world so many times, he got some credit and was able to come back alive. Everyone was so happy to see him again. Right now Videl is giving birth to her first child.

"You did good Videl. It's a girl and a boy." The doctor said. He handed the boy to Videl and the girl to Gohan.

"I'm proud of you son" Goku said.

"I FINALLY HAVE MY GRANDCHILDREN!" Chi-Chi said while crying.

"They are beautiful Videl," Fasha said. Too bad your dad was too busy to be here."

"What should we name them?" Goten said.

"Videl if you don't mind, can we name our son Gohan Jr.?" Gohan said.

"I think that's a wonderful idea as long we name our daughter Pan."

"Ok well its decieded. Welcome to the family Gohan Jr. and Pan." Gohan announced. Everyone cheered in joy.

"Just what we need. More Kakabrats!" Vegeta said.

"Hey dad where do babies come from?" Trunks asked with Goten beside him.

"Well…" Vegeta was cut off by Bulma and Chi-Chi.

"Don't tell the boys that!" they yelled.

"Whatever." He said.

"Hey Vegeta." Fasha yelled.

"What?" She pulled up her sleeve and smiled.

"Best Saiyan Friends Forever" he thought.

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