My Little Girl

I don't own Danny Phantom. That belongs to the talented Butch Hartman.

This is set in a world without Phantom Planet having happened.

Danny Fenton was outside Nasty Burger with his friends, wondering where Dani was, a thought that crossed his mind often.

"Why is it that Skulker hasn't been around, lately?" Tucker mused, eyes not leaving his P.D.A. screen, "He's usually here every other day, trying to get your pelt."

"Maybe he realized that Vlad was a halfa and decided his pelt might be easier to get," Danny replied hopefully.

Suddenly, Danny's ghost sense went off and he saw Skulker chasing a familiar black and white blur.

"Danielle!" Danny screamed, recognizing his clone. Noticing the crowd, he watched, waiting for Valerie to turn up to get Skulker. Unfortunately, she wasn't showing up, as she had left for the week with her father. When Skulker had Dani cornered, something in Danny snapped. Without a thought about the large crowd that he was directly in front of, he transformed, his eyes flashing green much stronger than any other time.

"Skulker!" he shouted, "get away from her!"

"No," Skulker replied, grinning darkly, "she's much easier prey."

When Skulker said that, Danny flew hard into Skulker, blasting him with very strong ectoblast.

Skulker was shocked that the halfa wasn't trading banter with him, as was the usual ritual when Skulker invaded his town or threatened someone he cared about. He fought as hard as he could, but Phantom was vaporizing his armor so quickly that he couldn't even release a missile.

Suddenly, he was only his small ectoplasmic form.

"Danny!" Sam yelled, seeing the murderous intent in Danny's eyes. Danny stopped and pulled out a Fenton Thermos, sealing Skulker inside of it. He then turned to Dani and instinctively gave her a gentle hug, which she returned.

"Let's go home," he said tenderly.

He lifted her up taking her to his house, ignoring the crowd still staring at him.

"Are you okay?" he asked, her, still holding her when they made it to his house.

"I am now," she replied in a slightly tired voice.

"Good," he replied, sighing in relief.

"I guess I'll be going, now," Dani said, getting ready to fly off.

"No," Danny replied firmly, hugging her tightly, "You're not leaving my sight ever again."

"Why not, I'm just your clone," she replied sullenly.

"You're more than just my clone," he replied, when he suddenly got a phone call. Dani was alone in the room, thinking about his words.

'More than his clone…' she pondered, 'could that actually mean that he cared about her?' He did always seem rather protective of her when she was in danger.

Meanwhile outside, Danny was talking to Sam over the phone.

"Why would you do that out in the open?" she asked.

"Do what?" he asked, confusion in his voice.

"Reveal your secret in front of everyone," she replied.

"Everyone was watching?" he asked, his voice getting panicky.

"Yes!" she replied.

"Well, we'll deal with that later," he said, "right now, I've got Dani to worry about."

"Okay, but call me back," she replied.

After the call ended, Danny waited outside of the room for a little bit, thinking about what had just happened. He'd blown his secret, but had been reunited with Dani, as he thought about it a bit more, he realized that he would have done the same if he HAD know that everyone was watching. There were few things that he would blow his secret for, and if he were to list them, Dani was on top of that list. He wanted to always protect her and keep her safe from any harm.

He walked into the room and saw Dani sleeping peacefully.

He kissed her forehead, promising not to let her ever get hurt again, she was, after all, his little girl.