Well, as promised, my attempt at a Halo/Warcraft crossover. There's a few things I have to say about this before I start, though.

First, if any of you have read Freedom Guard's crossover(pretty good, check him out), then you will see some resemblances to that story in this one. There are some things that I pretty much have copy if I want to have the Chief as the main character. I'll try to divert from that as much as I can, but the first few parts of this are going to have some resemblances.

Second, I'm not going to start the story with the Chief and Cortana discovering Azeroth. I'm going to start with them still on the Ark, but I'm not going to change the Halo 3 ending or anything. That means that the first chapter of this might be a little boring. Sorry.

Third, I know that I should have mentioned this in my other story but it wasn't as important there- I'm not the best with Warcraft Lore, and I am open to criticisms regarding said lore. I like to think that I'm at least somewhat okay with Halo's history, but from what I can tell, that's less confusing than Warcraft's. Still, I will try to be as accurate as possible.

Fourth, if any of you were annoyed at how I didn't separate the different sections( like, when I switching people), I don't blame you. I thought that it was putting stuff in between them, as that's what I was doing, but I saw that the stuff didn't show up. Until I find something that will work, I'll just try to put a bunch of blank lines in between the sections. Hopefully, that will work for now and it won't automatically jam them together.

Fifth, the story is going to be set during WotLK. Just a little side note. If the story's successful I may move onto the Cataclysm. Mayhaps.

Funny thing is, I've wrote about three-tenths of the words just in this beginning section than I normally would for an entire chapter on my other story. Just a fun fact there.

Disclaimer:I don't own the Halo series or Warcraft. They belong to Bungie and Blizzard, respectively.

Now, enough of this section!

"I'm getting you out of here." The Chief stated. Johnson shook his head weakly.

"No...You're not..."

The Chief felt the grip of Johnson's hand on his armored glove.

"Don't...don't let her go...Don't...ever...let her go..." The sergeant coughed painfully, still clinging to the small flicker of life inside him.

"Send me out...with a bang..." Johnson said. He closed his eyes, laid his head down...and let the flicker inside him die out.

The Chief was not normally a emotional person. Thirty years of fighting a genocidal collection of alien races, the emotional conditioning that the SPARTAN training hard-wired into him, and the loss of so many people that had become like brothers and sisters to him, had left him about as sentimental as a brick wall. Emotion didn't fit in with the kind of life he led, what with killing being the number one role in his since beyond he could remember. But, now, all of his friends were either dead or missing. Sam. Kelly. Fred. All the other SPARTANs. Jacob. And now Johnson. He knew and trusted Lord Hood, but the Chief viewed him more as a source of orders than a friend.

He drew his focus down to the glowing blue chip in his hand.

Well...maybe not all his friends...

The Chief looked at Johnson's lifeless body below him again before standing up. He walked over to the odd control...console...aww, screw it, he didn't know what it was. He didn't care, either. He held out the chip, and Cortana's form materialized on a ledge in front of him. He didn't look at her, instead choosing a point on one of the far walls and staring it down.

"Chief..." Cortana's voice came from down below him.

"I'm so sorry..." She frowned, hung her head, and made a gesture with her right hand. The Chief heard the sound of the replacement ring's machinery doing something or other. Cortana's form dissipated from the air, and the blue glow returned to the chip in the SPARTAN's hand hand. He slid the chip into the back of his helmet, and he felt the usual icy-needle-poking feeling that he always did when Cortana took residence inside of his brain.

Galaxy, saved. For the third damn time.

He paused.

Doesn't make me feel much better, though.

He took one last look at Johnson's body, and then began to run back to the Arbiter.

"I am sorry, Spartan." The Arbiter said to the Chief. The SPARTAN gave him an acknowledging gesture in response. In truth, he was actually pissed at him, even though he knew there wasn't anything the Arbiter could do.

"But, come." The Chief nodded and took the assault rifle off his back and into his hands, knowing that there would be more Flood soon. And, indeed there were, swarming around a corner that the duo were about to go around. The Arbiter began to fire on one of the two infected elites with a plasma rifle while the Chief popped most of the infection forms that skittered beneath the combat forms. The Arbiter side-stepped a swipe from the infected elite, and quickly responded by clubbing the combat form upside what was left of the former elite's head, penetrating the already weakened shielding and 'killing' it. The infection inside of the elite attempted to claw its way out of its host's chest, but the Arbiter shot it while the Chief took out the other combat form.

The two continued until the outside of the control room was visible. The Chief was surprised at how quickly activating Halo had changed the ring- the sky was already red, and the Ark above them looked purple from their perspective.

"Even in death, your sergeant guides us all." The Arbiter stated, as he saw that the piece of ice shelf Johnson had fired the Spartan Laser from had fallen a bit, allowing the two a way up.

Cortana then spoke up.

"The Dawn...of course! The Frigate! We still have a chance!"

A red dot appeared on the SPARTAN's motion tracker. He turned around, expecting the Flood, but instead saw that it was a sentinel, with several more floating behind it. The Chief began to fire on them while heading up the the the slope onto the ice shelf. The Arbiter saw what the Chief was firing at, and quickly joined in, his plasma rifle draining the sentinels' shields considerably faster than the Chief's assault rifle. John noticed this, and instead turned his attention to the Flood on the ice shelf. Cortana's voice chimed in his ear.

"Head for the doorway in the cliffs, Chief. The Dawn is on the other side!" A blue waypoint appeared over an entrance into the next valley. The Chief and Arbiter proceeded along the ice shelf, mopping up the few Flood combat forms that were in their way, and managing to outrun the sentinels that they didn't immediately shoot down.

As soon as they got inside the doorway, the two realized that both the sentinels and the Flood were fighting each other. If it were any other situation, John wouldn't have alerted the two factions of his presence until they were done fighting it out with each other, but the fact that the ground beneath him would most likely explode in a matter of minutes made the situation a bit more time-pressing.

The Arbiter began to fire on the sentinels overhead while John took out the Flood who weren't attacking the sentinels at the moment. After eliminating a fair amount of each faction, a dull throb came into existence in John's head, as the Gravemind used his telekinetic abilities to communicate with the Chief.

"Resignation is my virtue. Like water, I ebb and flow." Thankfully, the Gravemind wasn't yelling at him like it was when John had gone to rescue Cortana. At the moment, it sounded...sad. Defeated, even.

"Defeat is simply the addition of time, to a sentence I neverdeserved..." It continued. The pain in his head increased slightly.

"...but you imposed." The pain went away. Mostly, at least.

The two proceeded down the next hallway, 'popping' the carrier forms in it from a safe distance before killing all of the infection forms that spewed out of said carrier forms once they exploded.

Around the next corner was a ramp, with a large number of infection forms coming into view. A quick burst from John's assault rifle and the Arbiter's plasma rifle took care of all but two, which they ignored.

"There! Johnson's warthog!" Cortana said as the vehicle came into view. The Arbiter got into the back seat with the M41 while John climbed into the driver seat. The super soldier wondered if the Arbiter actually knew how to drive a UNSC vehicle. He smiled to himself as the picture of the Arbiter trying to work a stick-shift came into mind. That would have been interesting, to say the least.

The Chief began to drive out of the snowy area and onto the ring's unfinished portion. The metal plates beneath him, which he guessed were the places where the artificial environment would have gone once the ring was finished, were the only things that were keeping him from falling to his death-and, as one of the plates literally exploded upwards right next to him, he became sure that this escape was going to be at least somewhat...eventful.

The two were now at a large, circular platform, segmented into different sections by large columns. Flood came spewing from the center of the platform, though the Chief just avoided what the Arbiter didn't kill with the M41.

And so it went, with the Chief driving and the Arbiter gunning (and Cortana flipping out so much about the SPARTAN not driving fast enough he thought she might have been going into rampancy on the spot). The unfinished ring blew up around them, and huge pillars came crashing down onto the metal plates and took down several Flood forms at the same time. The sentinels attempted to destroy the Warthog by using the beam emitters constructed into their body, though the M41 on the back tore through their shields faster than the other weapons they had used. Eventually, as the two made a huge jump that looked like it could have been part of an action movie or video game, they spotted the forward section of Dawn sticking out from behind a rock face, with the ship's name printed on the side in large white letters.

"Eighty percent charged!" Cortana said, reminding the Chief yet again that he was on a clock. The Arbiter stopped firing the turret on the back so he could reload it. The SPARTAN noticed, and attempted to drive as smooth as possible, but that was kind of difficult. The two rounded the rock face and were onto the "final stretch", with the Dawn at the end of it. A nearby, oddly-shaped pillar collapsed, taking several combat forms and even a sentinel with it.

"Ninety percent-firing sequence initiated!" They were now on a downward slope, with nothing separating them from the Dawn's open hangar bay. Well...nothing except for a 230 foot gap.

"Gun it, Chief, floor it! Jump! Straight into the hangar!" Cortana screeched frantically into his ear. He didn't need encouraging. The pedal was being pushed down so hard by the Chief's boot that he was afraid it might break off or something of the like. The Arbiter ceased firing as the Warthog went airborne. For a short moment, there was almost complete silence, the only noise being the Warthog's wheels spinning madly.

And then they landed.

Or, perhaps the better word would be crashed-the Warthog landed on its passenger side, flipped onto its back, and slid along the Hangar floor. The Arbiter and Chief began to pick themselves up when a Scorpion tank began to slide towards him. He took cover behind a pile of crates in the corner. Chief, now standing, quickly jumped over the crashed Warthog to see if he was still alive. Thankfully, a second later, the Arbiter began to claw his way out of the pile of crates. The Chief gave him a silent nod, which he returned before making a dash for the bridge-unlike the Chief's MJOLNIR, his armor was not vacuum-sealed. The Chief ran over and plugged Cortana into the hangar's holotank.

"Hang on!" Cortana fired up the Dawn's rear thrusters, causing the Chief to grab onto one of the metal bars next to the holotank. The pull of gravity was increasing, though, as Cortana angled the Dawn upwards. The Chief risked a glance behind him. The only thing that he could see was the ring exploding in a brilliant array of colors. He looked forwards again just in time to see the Warthog that he had drove into the hangar on collide with his face.

"Chief!" Cortana said desperately. The blow sent the SPARTAN tumbling down the Dawn's hangar until he punched a hole in the floor only a few feet from the entrance. He looked up, seeing a large dot on his motion tracker, only to discover that the dot was actually the Scorpion that had nearly crushed the Arbiter.

What's with our own vehicles trying to kill us today?, he wondered before flattening out his form as much as possible to avoid the 66-ton hunk of metal careening towards him. He just barely managed to do so, as the gap in between the tank's treads was just large enough for him to avoid being hit in the face. Again.

He slowly began to climb his way upwards, with the Ark and replacement installation exploding beautifully behind him. By this time, he was exhausted, as he hadn't slept after he had arrived at the Ark. Granted, SPARTANs could stay awake for days at a time, but that didn't mean that they weren't affected by sleep deprivation eventually.

As he pulled himself up to look at Cortana, the Chief could have sworn that he had seen something in her smile besides her usual playful attitude. Still...he didn't pay much attention to it. He pulled himself up, took out Cortana's chip, and sat against the now empty holotank.

"If we don't make it..."

"We'll make it."

"...it's been an honor serving with you, John."

The Chief closed his eyes and set his head against the holotank as blinding white light flooded the hangar.

"Chief? Can you hear me?"

The Chief cracked his eyes open, and immediately noticed the fact that he was floating. He checked the pressure meter on his HUD, which confirmed the fact that he was in a zero-gravity environment.

"I thought I'd lost you too." Cortana sounded quite relieved. The Chief spotted his assault rifle floating nearby, and quickly snatched it and put it on his back.

"What happened?" The Chief asked.

"I'm... not sure. When Halo fired, it shook itself to pieces. Did a number on the Ark. The portal couldn't sustain itself. We made it through just as it collapsed."

The Chief looked out towards the end of the ship. It had been sheared neatly in half.

"Well...some of us made it..."

The Chief arrived in a large room, with a row of cryotubes on the wall.

"But, you did it. Truth, and the Covenant, the Flood..."

He slid the blue chip into the room's holotank, and Cortana's avatar appeared before him.

"It's finished."

The Chief smiled slightly behind his helmet before agreeing with her.

"It's finished."

The SPARTAN then put his assault rifle on one of the racks on the wall.

"I'll drop a beacon, but...it'll be a while before anyone finds us...years, even."

The Chief climbed into a cryotube, and the door began to close.

"...I'll miss you..." Cortana's holographic form looked down at her feet.

"Wake me. When you need me."

She looked up at the Chief, and smiled the same mischievous little smile that she did when they were still at the Ark.

She may not have seen it, but he returned it.

Alright, I guess I don't blame any of you if you don't even read this part, considering the fact that most of you probably know what happens, but I wanted to do it anyway. I don't know why, I just felt like doing it. And it's too late for me to change it, anyway. But, if you did read it and didn't like it, I believe that the rest of the story will be better, seeing as how I'm going to be able to come up with what the two do and not have to go by the book, so to speak.

Well, that about wraps it up. Hasta la vista, mah peeps.