This piece was inspired by 'A Drop of Pure Innocence' by A Fallen Rose X. I noticed Hatter had barely been written into it. It's mostly Duchess and Jacks reaction. So I wanted more Hatter in there… see what he thinks when his fiancé drinks too much innocence!

Here is a link to Fallen Rose's original:




Despite everything that had happened here in wonderland, Alice still loved it to pieces. Not long after Hatter had come through after her they had begun to build there lives both there and here.

Back on her side they lived together in an apartment that Jack used to own. Hatter was posing as Jacks little brother 'David Chase'. And they owned a Tea shop together. The teashop was a big business. Hatter sold packets of every tea imaginable and it was like a tea café. People would come in with their friends and get tea and cake.

Not only that, but they were a gateway between the worlds. The upstairs section of the building had been turned into a motel of sorts. The Looking Glass hung in a big room and people could go through freely so long as they had a passport. They would house the Wonderlanders and help them out.

But the both of them loved it here too much as well. They had redone Hatters tea shop so it was back to its original state. Hatter ran his tea business here too, and she ran self defence classes.

But what they earned the most off was pizza. After trying it Hatter had become obsessed and learned how to make them. They now sold them in the tea shop. Borogove Pizza was the most popular. Seriously, people here LOVED it!

They would spend three months on her side, then three in Wonderland. Occasionally they would bring her mother who they had ended up telling the truth a few months later. It was fare to say she was shocked but she handled it very well.

They would visit Charlie often and Jack too.

He had married Duchess with in the year and they lived in the castle that had been built over the casino ruins.

Duchess was expecting their first child… she had to admit, her sexy clothing style didn't quite work so well when she had a small baby bump!

Hatter really wanted a kid. He hadn't said anything, but she could tell. His beautiful chocolate eyes would light up every time a kid was mentioned.

She smiled as she looked down at the simple but beautiful ring on her finger. If anyone had told her two years ago that she would so easily say 'yes' she would have laughed. She could still remember when Jack had given her the ring. She'd pushed him out faster than she would run from a Jabberwocky! But when Hatter proposed she hadn't even let him finish speaking before she said yes.

Today she was at the castle for a visit. Hatter had been busy and was meeting her here later. Jack and Duchess were also busy with their duties so she began to explore.

She'd never really been around much of the castle before. And she found herself going deeper and deeper. Not only had they built this castle horrifically like a huge skyscraper, but it burrowed deep into the earth as well. In total it had well over 2,000 stories!

Two of them were occupied by half the contents from the Great Library. She'd spent some time in there reading about Wonderlands history.

She wondered deeper and deeper till she came to what must be one of the lowest levels, about 100 levels below ground.

She went to turn into a room and ran into a crazy looking man who looked at her in panic and clutching the bag tighter to him, ran off, the bag jingling as whatever was in his bag knocked together. Looking at the door she noticed that it had been broken off its hinges. She looked back at the man who had run off, but he was far too far away.

"Hey!" she yelled at him but he just ran faster and disappeared round the corner. Cautiously she walked into the room and gasped.

In front of her, row after row, were bottles of Emotion Tea. She thought hey had been destroyed two years ago!

She put her glass of water down on a table and walked through the room. Curiosity was driving her like she'd drunken a whole bottle of the stuff. There were even more vials than she knew existed. It had to be everything from Hatters old shop, the Casino and what they could get from the raids.

Why hadn't it been destroyed!

She went to pick up her drink again but stopped when she noticed there were two. She'd accidentally put her drink down right next to someone else's. she looked at the two of them, they were more or less exactly the same. Though one looked a little murkier than the other. One was crystal clear, it hat to be the fresher one. She picked it up and took a big gulp. And she began to gag and dropped the glass. It shattered on the ground.

That had not been water. It was sweet… far too sweet. It was like she'd been drinking highly concentrated syrup!

She coughed for a moment then froze. She felt oddly light, like she had no trouble in the world. She was happy and free s she had been when she was a little girl…

Perhaps this tea really wasn't so bad.