Hatter smiled down at everyone from the head table. But only for a brief moment before he tuned back to look at the only girl he had eyes for. She looked so beautiful in her white gown. It was a bit of an odd wedding.

Half normal, half Wonderland. Alice's dress was beautiful like a normal dress, but had Wonderland touches here and there. Duchess was wearing a very Wonderland kind of bridesmaid dress, and Jack was wearing a very normal looking suit.

He had done all he could to make sure he didn't have to wear one of those horrid monkey suits! Instead he wore his usual style in black and silver, but it looked smarter and neater. Carol had made adjustments till it was to her liking. He had to admit, it wasn't too bad.

After their dance he took her out into the courtyard. Duchess's family castle had very pretty gardens. It had been amazingly nice of her to let them have the wedding there.

This was the first moment they had had alone all day. Quite frankly he was tired. But just the sight of his beautiful new wife kept him going.

He drew her into him and kissed her.

"You know, I don't think I could be any happier," he told her. Alice smiled then looked down shyly.

"Then this might be a good time to tell that I'm pregnant," she said.

"What!" he said, not quite sure he had heard her right. "Really, you serous?" she nodded and he felt a huge grin slowly creep onto his face.

Okay… Now he couldn't be any happier!