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The Little Things In Life

Chapter 1: What He Doesn't Hate

Hayama Akito didn't like a lot of things. He didn't like smiling. He didn't like expressing his feelings. He didn't like when his friends dragged him to be places where he didn't want to be. He didn't like annoying fan girls that followed him around and stalked his life. To put it plain and simple, he didn't like a lot of things.

Now if you wanted to count the number of things he did like, one could probably do that by using their fingers. He liked sushi, that's one. He liked karate, that's two. He liked his family, that's three. But what he really liked was something that no one could ever replace.

Or shall we say someone.

He was never fond of girls. He thought they were all annoying, braty, loud, etc. When he was still in grade school, they all hated him because of how mean he was. Very few liked him because of how cute he was at the time for a little boy, but they stalked him to no end.

But that all changed when he met her. At first glance, she was stupid, childish, immature, etc. He thought she was the most annoying girl he had ever met. She butt into people's lives with them not wanting her too and she always did things without thinking. Yet, everyone always liked her.

And somehow or another, he ended up liking her too.

For the longest time, he hated her for not seeing how much he liked her. He hated how dense she was. He hated how she never realized what she meant to him. He hated how she would talk to other boys when he was around. He hated how other boys would flirt with her. He hated how naïve she was to some boys actions. He hated how she blamed herself for things that were never her fault. He hated how she hid her feelings away(that was his job). Yeah, he hated a lot of things about her.

But he loved her.

He loved how clueless she was. He loved how innocent she was. He loved how she never gave up. He loved how she always had so much energy. He loved how she cared for anyone and everyone. He loved how she never realized that other boys were always looking at her. He loved how she never let him fall. He loved her smile. He loved how beautiful she was. He loved everything about her.

And she never knew about how much he loved her until he started dating someone else, who happened to be her best friend, Matsui Fuka. And she didn't realize how much she loved him until he told her he was dating her best friend.

After Fuka and he broke up, they still didn't realize how much they loved each other until he almost died. And dying was something he did not like.

It amazed him how much he grew to love her. She wasn't anything special when he first met her. But after she fixed his family, that he now liked, he saw how special she was.

Yupp. Hayama Akito didn't like much. You could count how much he liked something on one hand. He liked sushi. He liked karate. He liked his family. That's three.

But he only needed one finger to count how many things he loved. Just one thing.

And Sana Kurata was that one thing.

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