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Summary: Where 6 year old Sana Kurata didn't like sharing her food with the meanie Hayama Akito because all he did was tease her.

Chapter 4: Meanie Akito


The teacher jumped as a shrilling voice called out to her. The 24 year old teacher turned herself towards her first grade class and saw her most boisterous student pointing a finger at the quietest, yet most mischievous child in her class. Her cheeks were flared red and one of her signature pigtails was undone. The child she was pointing at wore a blank expression on his face as he sat with his hand under his chin holding onto her hair tie.

She released a small, frustrated sigh then replaced her frown with a smile. "Yes Sana?"

"Aki is being a meanie! He pulled on my hair and stole my favorite hair tie mama gave me!" she accused as she continued pointing at the boy next to her.

"I didn't steal it you dummy. I have it right here in my hand." He showcased the item in his hand.

"Give it back you big poop head!" she yelled as she lunged towards him to grab her hair tie.

"Why? You look funnier with your hair like that." He replied, still being stoic.

"Grrrrr! I hate you Akito Hayama!" she puffed her cheeks and sat down with tears in her eyes.

The blonde haired boy shrugged his shoulders and turned away.

"Now Akito, would you please give Sana her hair tie back?"

He threw a glare at Miss Mitsuya. "Make me."

She sighed again. He never listened to her. If question didn't work, than maybe a threat would.

"Akito, do you want to ruin the party that everyone has worked so hard for?"

He looked at her, not fazed at all by her empty threats.

"Because we can just not have the party."

The whole class gasped and Sana's mouth dropped.

"I don't care."

Before Miss Mitsuya could say anything, someone else beat her to the punch.

"Akito you meanie! Stop being a meanie poop head and gimmie back my hair tie! I want to have the party!" she retorted.

"So you could stuff your face and become fat?" he replied with a cool smirk. The boys in the class watched in awe. The girls were disgusted as they back up Sana.

"Just stop Aki. Give Sana her hair tie back." A new voice chimed in.

Both figures turned to see Sana's best friend Matsui Fuka sitting in her desk, glaring at Akito. Akito glared back and flicked the hair tie back at Sana.

"Ouch! Pea brain Hayama!" she said as she rubbed the spot the hair tie hit her.

Miss Mistuya hung her head in shame. She was a fail of a teacher.


It was now recess time and the students were out on their breaks. Sana Kurata and her bestest friend in the whole wide world were waking back towards the classroom.

"I hate him! He is such a poop head!" she cried as she crossed her arms.

"We know Sana-chan." Fuka rolled her eyes and patted down her uniform.

"I mean, why does he always pick on me! He's always being soooooo mean! And why does he always listen to you! Whenever you tell him something, he just stops!"

"Have you ever thought maybe he has a crush on you Sana-chan?" Fuka said as she sat down in her seat.

Sana's eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped. "Crush? Like he wants to kill me!"

Her face paled and her eyes grew watery, "But I don't want to die! Fuka-chan! I'm only six! I don't want the meanie Hayama to kill me!"

Fuka sighed and hit her best friend across the head.

"Ouchie Fuka-chan! That hurt!" Sana rubbed the sore spot on her head.

"No you dummy. He doesn't want to kill you." They arrived back to the classroom and Fuka jumped on top of the desk. "A crush! Like he likey youuuuuuuuu!" Fuka wriggled her eyebrows at the now mortified six year old auburn.

"Like! Like! How mama liked that Jiggalo man!" she gasped as she clamped her hands over her mouth.

Fuka smiled and nodded. "Yupp! Just how my mommy and daddy like each other!"

"EWW!" Sana shouted while Fuka winced at the sudden increase in her voice.

"Akito the big meanie has cooties! I'll never likey him!" Her face turned to disgust as she stuck her tongue out at her bestest friend ever. Fuka rolled her eyes and hit Sana once more with her fan.

"Oww! Why'd you hit me now Fuka-chan!" Sana cried with her anime tears.

"Because you're being silly Sana-chan." Sana pouted in her desk as the bell rang, signaling the end of recess. All the students walked back in and Miss Mistuya resumed her classroom instructions.


Miss Mitsuya gave a sigh of relief as her first grade class had calmed down. They were currently watching a movie and it was nap time for the children. What surprised her more was that her most outspoken student was quiet and not quarrelling with her 'mortal' enemy – as she claimed. She smiled as released a troubled sigh. Maybe she was not that bad of a teacher.


Then again, maybe she spoke to soon.

The blonde haired mystery looked up at the screeching voice with a small glare. This nap time was the only thing he actually liked about school, but he could not enjoy it now because of a certain annoying little girl.

He shifted his gaze towards her and glared at her to make sure she knew of his annoyance. She then pointed at him while she stood with a hand at her hip.

"Do you like me? Like likey likey?" The whole classroom went wide eyed, especially Fuka, who incredulously gasped at her best friends forwardness. Miss Mitsuya giggled a bit. She always assumed the young blonde teased Sana because he liked her. Now they will see if it's true. Even the infamous Akito raised his eyebrows to her question. This was interesting.

"Are you stupid or something? Of course I don't like you." The atmosphere changed and the class sat dumbfounded. Everyone could have sworn that Akito Hayama liked Sana Kurata. Fuka gaped at his answer. She was so sure of it!

Sana turned bright red and began to sputter. "Bu-but yo-you always make fun of me-e! And always call me meanie names! And you always do meanie things to me!" She said as she tried defending her question.

With the movie long forgotten, everyone stared at the two. Hayama stared blankly at the auburn girl.

"It's called me teasing you." He replied. "I don't like you at all. You're too annoying for me."

Sana's frowned deepened and turned dark red. That was it! Hayama was going down! "MEANIE POOP HEAD HAYAMA!"

She then took out her special hammer and charged towards him. Hayama quickly moved at barely missed the wrath of the hammer. He moved swiftly as she attempted to swing at him. He smirked at her, pushing her frustration further.

"NO ONE WOULD LIKE A DUMB BOY LIKE YOU! I BET YOU HAVE A LOT OF COOTIES!" she screamed as she chased him around. His smirk still played on his lips while he easily dodged her attempts to hit him.

"Children! Children please!" At this time, the whole classroom turned upside down and everyone was running around, screaming. Miss Mitsuya attempted to control the students, but failed.

"Please everyone! Sit down and watch the movie!" She cried slightly as her students continued to ignore her.

"All the girls like me." He replied as Sana continued chasing him.

"YEAH RIGHT! YOU FAT HEAD! HOLD STILL!" her last attempt to swing at him resulted in her tripping over one of the blocks, making her land right on top of her cursed enemy.

She rubbed her head as she sat up. "Ouchie, that hurt."

"Oi fatty. Get off of me." She looked down to see Akito under her. She glared at him.

"I'm not fat!" she countered while yelling at him.

"You weigh like a cow." Flustered, she reached for her hammer and went to strike him, only for her hand to be caught by his. Sana looked at him with a glare. He smirked- unknowingly, that smirk was going to be his main attraction when he got older.

"Nice underwear. I didn't know you like care bears."

Sana turned pink, then bright pink, then turned red as she sat mortified by his comment. She couldn't believe the words that just came out of his mouth. She gritted her teeth and yelled at the top of her lungs.

"YOU PERVERTED MEAT HEAD!" She breathed fire out of her mouth as she threw her tantrum, giving Hayama the perfect chance to escape. He smirked as he escaped her claws of death.

It was fun teasing her.



After a long, stressful morning, the afternoon finally came and it was party time. Sana finally cooled down and was excited to eat!

"PARTY TIME!" she yelled, giving Miss Mitsuya quite a scared.

"Please Sana, quite down a bit." She nodded her head with a grin, but Miss Mitsuya knew better than to think she would actually lower her voice.

All the drinks and snacks were being set up and the kids were anxiously waiting for their food. They couldn't be more excited.

"Now kids, you will need to stand in an orderly fashioned line and go one by one so it goes smoothly- oh you students aren't listening to me are you?" She wailed in misery as she realized her students attacked the table and ignored her instructions. She didn't understand where she went wrong.

"I'll take that! And that! And that! Oh! And that too!" Sana lunged towards the food area and grabbed anything that seemed edible.

"Pig." The young auburn turned her head to see the evil Hayama next to her. She backed away immediately.

"Pervert!" She than waked away, leaving Hayama standing on his own.


The brown haired girl turned and smiled as Sana came running towards her, food in hand.

Hayama stood and frowned at the girl retreating away from him. She was so stupid. He didn't understand how some of the boys in the class liked her.

"Why are you so mean to her Akito?" Tsuyoshi Sasaki, only best friend of Akito Hayama, asked.

"Because she's annoying." His brown haired best friend sighed.

"Geeze Akito, for not likey likey her, you get really grumpy when you're not around her." he commented. Hayama threw him a glare.

"Do not."

"Than what are you right now?" he pushed while he wriggled his eyebrows.

"I'm mad because now you're annoying me." He shoved past his best friend and walked out of the classroom, ignoring his pathetic excuse of a teacher's calls.

"Where'd Aki go?" Fuka asked.

"Who cares! Let the meanie bo beanie leave!" she responded as she stuffed her mouth with food. Fuka shot Sana a look.

Sana held her gaze but finally succumbed to Fuka's silent gesture.

"Fine! I'll go get him." She grabbed her food in the process of getting up. "But I'm taking my food with me!" Then proceeded to walk out of the classroom.

"Wait! Sana! Please come back!" the twenty-four year old teacher cried out.

Sana walked quietly down the hallway of the building while looking for the evil Hayama. Why did she have to find Akito? He would probably fight with her some more and 'tease' her again. Stupid jerk.

But Hayama had his good points- sometimes. He wasn't always bad. He stood up for her subtly and was always there for he somehow or another, especially after she found out that her mama wasn't her real mama. He was actually a very good friend! Just sometimes really mean.

Sana felt like she was walking for hours and ate her food slowly. She was growing tired and was about to give up until she saw a small leg sprawled out on the floor. Her eyes glowed and she beamed when she realized that that was his foot!

"Akito!" She yelled out as she raced towards him, a smile lit on her face.

The golden eyed boy looked up to see his 'mortal ' enemy- again, as she claimed. He was kind of surprised to see her out of all people to search for him, then again, he wasn't. They had this strange bond that no one but them two could understand.

"So this is where you've been! Come on! We gotta get back to the party!" she reached for his wrist and attempted to pull him up, but she failed. She pouted and put her plate down. She then grabbed his wrist with both her hands and tugged fiercely.

He smirked and shook his head. "Don't even try Kurata. I won't budge. I have too muscle."

Sana rolled her eyes. But at least he was calling her by her name now and not just throwing insults at her. "Oh please Hayama! I bet Mr. Tanaka has more muscles than you do!" she challenged as she grabbed her hips.

He twitched. Mr. Tanaka was the classroom across the hall from them and Miss Mitsuya's lover. Everyone knew though they always tried to deny it. But he didn't like being told he was weak, especially compared to that weak teacher.

"I bet he doesn't. I know I can beat him up." He commented. Sana giggled and decided to sit down next to the estranged boy.

"Maybe when you get older!"

Hayama smirked at her comment. "I'm going to be big and strong when I'm older watch."

"And I'll be pretty and amazing like my mama!" Sana said as she grabbed food off her plate.

"Whatever you say Kurata." She giggled and he gave her a soft smile- a true smile. She didn't seem to notice it, but it was there.


Both children stopped talking and looked at each other. The sound came again. Sana panicked and threw Hayama a frightened glance.

"What the heck was that!" Hayama embarrassedly reached for his stomach and patted down on it.

"Looks like my stomach's hungry." He replied coolly.

"You didn't eat?" He shook his head and briefly explained that he walked out before he could get food.

"Well then that's your fault then!" Sana said to him as he reached for the remains on her plate.

"Come one. Don't be fat and stubborn. Just give me a little bit."

Her face went red once again and she thwarted away her plate from his greedy hands.

"No! Especially after calling me fat!" she stood up and stepped away from him.

"Share Kurata." She shook her head. Hayama lunged towards her and she quickly dodged. He tripped on his own feet and fell against the wall.

"That's what you get for teasing me all the time! Now I won't share my food with you!" she than struck him on the head with her hammer, catching him completely off guard and proceeded to stick her tongue out at him. She sped off and left him thinking in his own words.

He then smirked. He would never stop teasing her.


Ten Years Later


"AHHHH! I HATE YOU AKITO HAYAMA!" The sixteen year old known culprit ran across the hallway as a heavy smirk played on his lips while a very livid sixteen year old Sana Kurata chased behind him with her hammer.

It was a free day in the high school because exams were over and that meant summer was coming soon so the homeroom class of A-2 decided to throw a small party. It was going great, until Akito Hayama decided to poke fun at Sana Kurata and accidently eat the food on her plate because he thought it was his.

"COME BACK HERE YOU LECHEROUS JERK!" He turned around and stuck his tongue out at her, causing her raging fury to increase.

"You still can't catch up Kurata? Here I thought you've actually gained some speed." He teased as he ran further down the hall.

Sana growled and quickly sped up, causing Hayama to worry a bit.

"When did she get so damn fast?"

He then turned and ran to the empty side of the school that was currently being remodeled. He jumped over the caution tape lines and landed on his back heels. He looked up at saw the draped plastics and the various amounts of paint everywhere. There were machines and equipment left behind by the workers and overall it just looked like a huge mess.

"AHA! I got you!" Hayama was taken aback by the sudden weight he gained.

Sana successfully jumped on him and she cheered in triumph internally. She was finally going to give the idiot what he deserved! She was about to too until she felt themselves falling forward. Sana went wide eyed and braced herself for impact.

There was a loud crash and the paint went flying and spilled everywhere. Sana squinted her eyes shut and rubbed her back.

"Oww. I really got to stop doing that." She then felt something went on her face and looked down at her uniform. It was covered in white paint!

"Oi baka." She looked down and saw the infamous playboy Akito Hayama under her. Suddenly the rage she had inside her appeared once more.

"A-ki-to!" she seethed threw her teeth as she went to hit him with her hammer. He caught her wrist and pulled her close to him.

"Now this is familiar isn't it?" she blushed madly and attempted to pull away, but he wouldn't let her. He sat up a little with her still on top of him.

"I see you update to lace? If I remember correctly, it was care bears?" The smirk was still playing on his lips. Sana exploded with anger and immediately jumped off of the pervert under her.

"You PERVERT!" she was blushing madly and flustered.

Hayama hauled himself off with that smirk still on his face. His gaze turned intense as he stared at her dismantled state. Her beau- no her auburn hair was tainted with white paint and her face was smeared in the substance. Her white button up uniform shirt was also splashed with the paint and her light blue skirt also earned a bit of white paint too. But he couldn't help but feel attracted to it all.

"What are you staring at you baka?" she asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Just how beautiful you look."

"Just how stupid you look covered in paint." Her cheeks puffed out.

"You're not looking to good either buddy." He frowned slightly and looked down at himself. Sure enough, she was right. His white uniform slacks were covered in paint and his light blue uniform shirt had blotches of white paint smeared on it.

"But the white paint does your face well." She counted with a smirk.

He stood there with his now wild golden hair creamed in white and his face also smeared in in white paint. She couldn't help but stare at his raveled state. She blushed as he caught her gaze. She turned away quickly. She huffed and tightened her grip around herself.

"It was just food." He sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck.

She shot him a look. "Yeah! MY food! You could have got your own! Or stole it from someone else! But of course, you just HAVE to get mine!" she retorted.

"Cuz you're the only one who blows up when I do."

"Because it's mine!" she yelled as she walked closer to him. He smirked.

"You're going to gain more weight if you keep eating Kurata. Wouldn't want the critics to judge you on a magazine would you?" he poked at her. She continued to glower at him.

"Oh I'm sorry I can't be perfect like you with devilish good looks and a perfect sculptured body Mr. Egotistic bastard!" Sana's hand shot up to her mouth and went wide eyed at her last statement. He was never going to let her live it down. Never.

"Devilsih good looks and perfect sculptured body? So I did grow up to be big and strong huh?" He smirked as he grew closer to the auburn haired girl. She gulped and back away a bit, but Hayama put his hands on her hips and kept her in place.

"I uh- oh man!" she bit her lip as her heart began to race. She clenched his shirt in her hands and gazed straight into his golden brown eyes.

"And you grew up to be more than just 'pretty' and more than just amazing."

"Hey! Who's in there!" Sana's face turned to fright as the footsteps grew closer. Hayama took a hold of her hand and hauled her behind him.

"Wahh! Akito!"

"Hold on." He gave her a reassuring smirk and fought his way through the draped plastics. Sana followed behind him and laughed as they escaped from possible punishment.

They eventually made it out and ended up at the back of the school, away from teachers, staff, students, and anybody who could catch them.

"That-wa-was-so-much-fun!" Sana cried out as she held onto her stomach as she laughed. She fell back against the wall and wiped the tears away from her eyes.

"Glad you approved." Hayama commented as he slid down next to her.

"Kami we look horrible right now!" A genuine smile crossed her lips as she pointed between her and him.

"But I still look good." he smirked once more. Sana rolled her eyes as she giggled.

"Still full of yourself." The silence grew and they sat there, enjoying each other's company. Though they constantly fought, they were the best of friends. Everyone knew that.


The auburn immediately turned, not only because he called her, but because when he calls her Sana, he often has something important to say.


Her eyes went wide at what he did next. His lips covered her own as he kissed her. Her stomach did summersaults and her chest exploded. Her head went dizzy and she then screwed her eyes shut. This wasn't the first time he kissed her though. He's kissed her plenty of times and at the end of each kiss it was always "Just to get you to shut up." But this one felt different. And she wasn't talking this time, so what was he going to say?

He pulled away and Sana felt the heat rise to her cheeks. His cheeks were also tinged with a bit of red and she realized that this was something more than just a "to get you to shut up" kiss.

"A-Akito?" she squeaked.

"There's my apology for eating your food." Sana was stumped. "That's it?"

He then got up and proceeded to walk away. She was left feeling dumbfounded and confused. That was his apology?

"What kind of apology was that!" He stopped walking and turned back towards her. He flashed her that rare smile of his. She was taken aback and the blush increased. He seemed like a totally different person when he smiled. But… she liked it.

He turned around and continued walking away. Sana than raced after him while shouting his name. But inside, she felt happy.

He continued teasing her and stealing her food, but in the end, she didn't mind. His apologies always made up for it.

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