Another Series Of Unfortunate Events

Book, the Fourth

The Jarring Journey

For Beatrice, I will never forget our journey together; particularly the end where you died

Dear reader,

The phrase "getting away from it all" usually refers to a person's desire to take a trip or vacation away from their ordinary lives and does not in fact mean getting away from it all since doing so would be down right impossible.

The Baudelaires own attempt to get away from it all while onboard the In-Finite Express was neither meant as a vacation or an attempt to escape their ordinary lives since their lives had been anything but ordinary since joining V.F.D. Instead you will find on their journey that they meet up with an old friend they thought might be dead, an old enemy they had hoped would be dead, an accident involving luggage that leads to death and termites.

It is my task to chronicle the Baudelaires' journey accurately as it took place, but you can instead get away from it all especially this story and throw yourself from any mode of transportation should you feel the need to do so,

With All Due Respect,

Lemony Snicket

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