Rating: T

Pairing: Zim/Tak, Dib/Zita

Author's Notes: Hahahaha! Greetings my fellow meat-sacks! It is I, Mr. Alaska, here with another update of the best Invader Zim fanfic ever to grace FanFiction! I'm so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so sorry that it's been so long since I've updated. You have absolutely how busy I am now that I'm a senior. Job, college applications, my cross-country vacation, last year of high school! I AM OVER MY HEAD! But, onto other and more important things. When we left off last time, Earth was going all to shit. Irkens have invaded and taken over Earth, invaders and horrific genetic experiments are roaming the streets, and Earth is one it's last leg. So far, the only hope for Earth's salvation lies squarely in the hands of Dib and Zita. They are severely outnumbered and out-gunned. And their only hope of fighting back is to get to Zim's old base. There, they might find a temporary solution to their problems… MAYBE… So sit back, relax, grab something to munch on, and enjoy the insanity that is oozing from my mind-holes! HAIL MR. ALASKA!

Chapter 12: Fighting Back

Dib and Zita slipped into classroom after classroom, heading towards the back of the Skool. Dib had just zapped the Tallest and their guards into unconsciousness two minutes earlier, and it was unsure how long they will stay unconscious… So they were kinda pressed for time

The two ran down low beside the walls of the hallway, low enough so that they were underneath the large windows. Because outside, there were squads of invaders and mutants patrolling the streets. So slowly and quietly, they kept underneath the windows. Dib turned to Zita. "Okay," he whispered, "we'll go and hide out in the cafeteria. When the Tallest wake up, all nearby squads will rush to where they were attacked. Then, we'll sneak out the back of the cafeteria, and hide in a nearby building."

Zita didn't answer verbally. She merely looked up to him with emotionless eyes and nodded. So, seeing as they had a understanding, Dib and Zita continued onward. 'Okay,' Dib thought, 'we are overran with alien invaders and mutants, our military has been defeated and both Zim and Tak, the only ones who actually know something about invaders are gone… I don't like those odds.' The two continued down the halls until they reached the cafeteria.

When they entered the lunchroom, everything was turned over. The lunch tables, chairs, cash register, everything. Apparently, when news of the world "ending" was made, there was some sort of riot here, even though there wouldn't have been kids at the Skool that early in the morning… But Did forgot about that and led Zita to behind the lunch counter. The two slid over the counter and dropped to their knees, staying out of sight of any passing patrol of invaders or mutants.

Now it was time to play the waiting game. Dib let out a tired sigh and slumped up beside the counter, laying his Plasma Rifle on the ground beside him. Then he looked over at Zita. She had been quiet ever since she told him she was tagging along… Though, Dib couldn't blame her. What do you talk about when your planet gets taken over and your parents are killed right in front of you? But, Dib felt that he should at least try.

He let out another sigh and looked to her. "We will have to be quick and quiet when we cross the street," he began, in a voice that was little above a whisper. "Zim's house was also his alien base. Before he left, he gave it to me, since he didn't want it to go to waste." Zita gave him a surprised and curious expression when she heard this. "I'll explain later," Dib added. "But it's about a half mile or so from here, so we have a ways to go still. But if we can get there, I might be able to find something that could help us."

"… Okay Dib," she said, sitting up against the counter beside Dib. Honestly though, Dib didn't think it was as easy as he made it out to be. And he expected Zita to at least suggest something or object to something like she always does. When Dib gave Zita a questionable look, she sighed. "Look, you were right, okay? So seeing as you know more than me about alien invaders, and seeing how serious this whole situation is, you will be making all the decisions." Zita looked at here Plasma Pistol, and gripped it tight. "I just want revenge."

"…" Dib was silent at first. But then he smirked. "Well, if you stick with me, than you can have all the revenge you want… But it will have to wait," he added, scratching the back of his neck. "We can't take them on directly… At least not until we have some numbers of our own. We have to first focus on getting to Zim's house." Understanding what Dib meant, Zita nodded.

After five more minutes of waiting, their moment had finally come. The squads of invaders and mutants stopped in their tracks and reached up to their headsets. Then, they all started running towards the front of the Skool. "Now, now," Dib hissed, grabbing Zita by the hand and leading her out the back doors of the cafeteria. They didn't have much time for stalling, so Dib didn't even bother to look outside before dashing outside, nearly dragging Zita behind him. By sheer dumb luck, there were no patrols of invaders or mutants in that immediate area.

"In there," Dib said, pointing at the abandoned Stop n' Eat (Equivalent to a Mom n' Pops or a In n' Out gas station) across the street. "We can hide out there for now." The two dashed across the street and made it inside the abandoned gas station.

It was a complete mess inside. All of the shelves were overturned, junk food littered the whole floor, the cash register was on the floor, emptied out, and all the windows were busted out. And the back door, leading into the alley behind in, was broken down. 'Another riot,' Dib thought, picking up a few bags of chips and putting them in his backpack. He then walked to the refrigerators where all the drinks were, and saw that nearly everything was emptied out. But thankfully, there were some bottles of water left. 'Wow… This is almost just like in Fallout 3... Minus the nuclear holocaust and zombie-fied people.'

When Dib turned to Zita, he was mildly surprised at what she had done while he was getting chips and water. She had managed to push up some toppled shelves and push them in front of the broken windows, making it so no one would be able so see inside without coming in through the front door. But when he was about to say something, another voice was heard.

"Hold on Glishik, I'm hungry." At the sound of the unfamiliar voice, Zita and Dib both dove behind the counter, right before the a mutant walked in through the back door from the alley behind the store. The mutant looked like a cross between a leopard and a human, standing around 6'2". He had a slender body, which was covered in the fur of a leopard. He was wearing nothing but a pair of black combat pants, which was decorated with grenades of different types. As he held his Plasma Rifle in one hand, he reached up with his other hand so he could continue talking into his headset. "Sure, I'll find something for you if I see something… Fine, something meaty… Alright."

The mutant turned off his headset off, he started sniffing around. "Hmmm… I smell something," he growled aloud, turning his attention to the counter in the far side of the store. He took a couple of more sniffs, and licked his lips. "Whatever it is, it smells good." Unfortunately for Dib and Zita, there was a pack of hotdogs opened up on the counter they were hiding behind. The mutants placed his Plasma Rifle on the ground and walked over to the counter. He reached out and grabbed the hotdogs, when he smelt something else. Curious as to what the smell was, he peeked his head over the counter. All of a sudden…


Before he could even react to seeing the two kids, Dib thrust his staff into the mutant's chest, resulting in the mutant sliding forward and falling behind the counter with Dib and Zita, unconscious. Dib quickly patted the unconscious mutant down and took off of his grenades. He had four Plasma Grenades, two Poison Gas Grenades, and a Plasma Pistol. Dib divided up the grenades evenly with Zita, and took the Plasma Pistol. "Take the Plasma Rifle," Dib said, pointing at the Plasma Rifle the mutant sat down, "and get on the right side of the back door. I'll be on the other side, and I want you to tell me if you see anything."

Zita nodded her head, picked the Plasma Pistol up, and made her way to the back door. When Dib got on the other side, Zita peeked outside. There weren't any invaders or mutants on her end. But when Dib peeked out his side, he saw a large shadow coming down the alley. He started taking steps backwards, and motioned for Zita to do the same thing.

"Chitagich! What is takin' you so long?" Hiding behind shelves that were still standing, Zita and Dib watched the second mutant walk in. This one was like the first one. Except he was taller, and had a more muscular body. He looked around, wondering where his comrade went. "Chitagich? Where are ya?" When he didn't get a answer, he sniffed the air. He caught his friend's scent, and ran over to the counter. When he looked over, he saw Chitagich, unconscious. "What in the..?"


Dib charged forward and jabbed the staff into the mutant's back… But for some reason, he didn't fall. Glishik turned around abruptly, reaching down and grabbing Dib by the neck, lifting him into the air. "Well, well, well… What do we have here?" He asked aloud, tightening his grip around Dib's throat. "I see you manage to get Chitagich with that little staff thing… But I've been zapped by that thing so much, I'm immune to it… Sucks for you, huh big-headed human?" Then, after licking his lips, Glishik opened his jagged tooth filled mouth, and prepared to bite down on Dib's head. Then…



A plasma blast flew past Dib's head and connected with Glishik's. When the plasma blast struck the mutant's head, it pretty much exploded, sending bits of brain and skull all over the store and Dib. Dib, covered in blood, fell to the ground when the headless body released it's grip on him, and in turn, fell onto the unconscious body of Chitagich. The force of the dead body falling on him woke Chitagich. The mutant shot up to see his friend's headless body laying across him. "Oh my..!"



Another plasma blast shot out and struck Chitagich in the head, having the same effects it had on Glishik. Startled, Dib turned around, to see Zita holding a steaming Plasma Rifle. The purple-haired girl looked at Dib and shot him an innocent smile. "What? My dad used to take me hunting with him."

"…" Dib just stared at her for a second, before chuckling awkwardly. "H-hehehe… Lucky me, eh?" After brushing the blood off him, he thanked Zita, and continued doing what he was trying to do before Glishik showed up. And thankfully, the sounds of a Plasma Rifle wasn't loud enough to attract any unwanted attention, because there wasn't any invaders or mutants coming from his side. And when Zita confirmed that her side was clear, the both slowly got into the alley and walked over to open the door on the opposite side. (Basically, there are buildings lining the street. And behind those buildings, there are another line of buildings facing the street in front of them. Does that paint a better picture?)

The building behind the Stop n' Eat was a pizza place called Hartmann's Pizza Paradise. It, being a restaurant, wasn't ransacked like the Stop n' Eat. It only had it's windows broken and it's cash register cleaned out. After closing the doors behind them, Dib and Zita slowly made their way to the front counter on their knees. They were on their knees because they knew they weren't alone.

"And I said that not a Sachishian Slithering Weasel in my pocket, I'm just happy to see you!"

"HAHHAHAHA! Man, you're too funny. I wish I could've seen her face." On the other side of the counter sat two Irken invaders, sitting at a table eating a pizza. They were supposed to be on patrol, but, like every Irken, they had a thing for snacks. So, they went to Hartmann's and decided to take a break. "So what did she do then? Did you mate with her or what? Spill it man," continued the second invader, as he took another piece of pizza.

As the two continued the conversation, Dib slowly and quietly opened up his backpack, quiet enough so it wouldn't alert the Irkens near by. He pulled out a bottle of water, took a big gulp, and gave the bottle to Zita. When she got what he was getting at, she nodded her head and took the bottle. After taking a mouthful of water, they both crept their way to the end of the counter.

But when they were about to spring their ambush, one of the Irkens stood up. "Well, I guess we should get back to our post before Jargious finds out we're gone," the invader sighed, picking up the Plasma Rifle he had leaning against the table.

"Yeah," agreed the second one, grabbing his Plasma Pistol, "if he finds out we abandoned our post, he'll skin us alive." And with that, the two invaders walked out the door to return to their patrol route.

Seeing as attacking them was now uncalled for, Dib and Zita gulped down the water in their mouths. "Damn," Dib sighed, leaning against the back of the counter, "this is gonna be harder than I thought." When Did wiped the sweat from his forehead, he looked down at his blood-stained clothes. Then he sighed and looked up to Zita. "Thanks for saving me back there…"

"You're welcome," Zita replied, peeking over the counter to see if there were anymore invaders or mutants roaming the streets. There were still invaders out there, patrolling the streets. "There are still aliens out there," she announced, turning back to Dib.

Dib took a second to look around the pizza place. He knew the owner Roy Hartmann lived in his restaurant. And after scanning the back of the kitchen, he saw a door was opened in the back, with a flight of stairs leading upward. "There," he whispered, pointing to the door. "If we get onto the roof, we could jump from building to building, covering more ground."

Thinking that it was a good idea ( and the fact she didn't have one of her own ) Zita nodded her head and followed Dib up the stairs. They crept as slowly and as quietly as possible, not knowing if there would be anything up there or not. Dib pulled out two Plasma Pistols, and charged them up in between steps. Zita followed, with her Plasma Rifle fully charged as well. Before reaching the final few steps, they both stopped and listened closely. And after 20 seconds of listening, and NOT hearing anything, they continued up the stairs. But when they walked through the doorway, however….

CLICK! CLICK! "Okay alien scum, prepare to d…. What the hell?" All of a sudden, Roy Hartmann dashed from out of nowhere and shoved two 9mm Glocks in Dib's and Zita's faces.

Roy Clay Hartmann was a large/well-built man with a white Horseshoe mustache, weighing close to 250lbs and in his early 70s'. The reason for his fitness for his advanced age was because he was a World War 2 veteran who fought Hitler's army in Germany. Being of German descent himself, and hearing Hitler claiming anyone of German blood are the master race, Roy thought the best way to say "Screw you, Hitler," would to go and fight against him. So, even after the war, he kept himself in reasonably good shape cholesterol and blood-pressure wise. He was wearing military issued combat boots, with a Ka-Bar Knife attached to each one. He also had on a pair of camouflage pants, a bulletproof vest with a camouflage jacket over it.

Squinting at the two children, Roy took his guns out of their faces. "What are you children doing out here, brandishing those alien weapons?" He asked, putting his guns on "Safety" and putting them in the holsters attached to his belt. "Don't you know it is more dangerous than D-Day out there? You both could've been killed."

To be 100% honest, both Dib and Zita were still in a mild case of shock from have a gun in their face. But after realizing they weren't in danger from the old man, sighed in relief. "We escaped from the aliens who captured us. We've been ducking in and out of buildings trying to get to my base? And when we came h…"

"Wow, wow, wow," Roy interrupted, "did you just say your base?"

Nodding, Dib sighed, knowing that he'd have to tell him the ENTIRE story of Zim.

One Long Explanation Later

"Okay, let me get this straight," Roy said, lighting up a cigar. "This "Zim" came to Earth to conquer it for his leaders, these "Tallest" guys, right?" Dib nodded. "And you've been fighting this Zim alien for nearly a year now?" Again, Dib nodded. "Then this female alien…"

"They're called Irkens," Dib corrected.

Roy raised a eyebrow. "Right, right…. So this female Irken, who you and Zim beat once already, comes back to kill Zim again. Then, it erupted into a comedic prank war between the two for some reason…. Which ended with a near fight to the death? Then, this "Tak's" weird robot exploded, nearly killing them both, courteous of their back-stabbing leaders?" Dib nodded again. "Then they sent that giant lizard-man-thing to Earth to kill them both, which ended with Zim killing it instead. And before they both left Earth forever, Zim gave you his base and all its secrets as a peace offering for all the times you two have fought. And now you two are trying to get back to the base without getting caught in hopes of finding a way to combat this alien invaders? That's what you're trying to tell me?"

Dib shrugged his shoulders. "Well, there is more dept to the whole story. But I gave to the summery of it…. So yeah. That's the story."

There was a long, awkward silence between the three, with Roy staring at the two as he smoked his cigar. Then, in a puff of smoke, Roy hunched his shoulders and sighed. "Hell, with all the shit happening nowadays, I can't honestly tell you you're crazy. The fact that we're being invaded by aliens, and the fact you seem to know specific stuff about them makes it hard not to believe you."

As Roy put out his cigar on the floor and began walking to the closet in the far corner of the room, Zita cleared her throat. "S-so, umm…. W-will you help us?" She asked nervously.

Roy opened his closet, and pulled out a Saiga Shotgun. "Well, seeing as I'm the only responsible adult available at this point, I can't let you two kids venture out on your own, can I?" Needless to say, Dib and Zita were surprised to hear the old man agree to such a outrageous request. And when Zita was about to question him, he interrupted.

"I've lived a full life," he began, in a soft, wise voice. "I've married the woman I've loved since high school, had five sons, fought for my country, came out of it, started this restaurant and lived a happy life. Now my possibly last responsibility in this life is to keep you two safe," he loaded his shotgun, "no matter what the cost." He took a deep breath, and finished. "I believe we were put on this Earth for a purpose. Mine? I believe I was put here to help the next generation survive, no matter how old I get. Now, with our world being invaded, I take it upon myself to finish up my purpose."

"…" Dib and Zita were struck speechless by what they just heard. They have just met this man no more than five minutes ago, and here he is, ready to die to protect them. To hear this man they've just met say he'd make sure they survived this ordeal was… sobering.

"Th-thank you, Mr. Hartmann," Zita stammered, not believing her own ears. Up till now, she questioned if she and Dib would even make it to Zim's base. But now… she had a little more hope.

With a tired smile, Roy looked down at them. "You can call me Roy. And you're both welcome." Roy turned to the closet to collect the rest of his weapons into a gym bag. It all consisted of a box of smoke, flash-bang, and M67 grenades, a Dragonov Sniper Rifle with 100 additional bullets, a Saiga Shotgun, a simple Slingshot with some small metal pallets, binoculars, night-vision goggles, and some throwing knives. When he was all packed, Dib and Zita stared at him, shocked to see how many weapons he had on his person.

"What can I say?" He asked. "I've been collecting weapons for damn near 20 years. I have a storage locker with more, but seeing as it is nearly three miles away, I can't see the possibility or reason to try to get there now." After putting the straps around his shoulder, Dib cleared his throat.

"Umm…. If you want, you can use some of our weapons," he offered, handing him a Plasma Pistol. "They might help you more in case we do have to fight, you know?"

Roy smiled as he led the two up another flight of stairs, leading to the roof. "Thanks, but no thanks." Hearing this confused the two kids. "If there is a fight between me and those freaks out there, I want to send a little piece of Earth to them… one bullet at a time. And besides," he said, opening the door that leads to the roof, "you both know how the saying goes, right?" Dib and Zita looked at one another, not knowing what he was talking about. So Roy specified. "The saying goes, "A old tiger sensing his end is at his most fierce," or something like that…"

But now that they were atop the roof, they had to get serious and stay quiet. Getting into the prone position, the three slowly made their way across the top of the building. When they made it to the edge of the building, Roy motioned for the two to stay down. Slowly and cautiously, Roy peeked his head over the edge of the rooftop, and scanned the streets below for any invaders or mutants.

And unfortunately, there was, in fact, a squad of seven Invaders marching down the street that the building overlooked.

'Aaahhhh…. This brings back some memories,' Roy thought, reaching down to his boot to get to one of his Ka-Bar Knives. Using the sharp metal knife, he managed to gouge out a whole brick from the chimney they were next to. 'I remember pulling this trick off in Germany. Those Krauts didn't know what hit them.' Dib and Zita watched in confusion, wondering what the elderly man could possibly be up to. Then, on his back, Roy extended his arm and with a mighty heave, sent the brick soaring across the sky, over the Irkens' heads, and into the windshield of an abandoned car across the street from them.

And just as Roy predicted, the startled aliens made they way towards the abandoned car with their weapons drawn, not knowing what broke the windshield. "Now, now," Roy hissed, signaling the children to jump onto the next building. Not hesitating, Dib and Zita leapt onto the other building, with Roy following afterwards. Taking another peek, Roy saw that the Invaders were still fixated on the car, who's alarm started going off. "Keep going," he whispered, "while they're still distracted."

So the three scurried across the top of the second roof as quickly and as quietly as possible, before leaping onto the third rooftop.

But as he, Zita and Roy made it onto the third rooftop, something finally hit Dib. '…. Wow…. This is really happening,' he thought, realizing the overall severity of the situation. 'This isn't like when I fought with Zim…. This is life or death. If we screw up, we're dead…' Dib glanced at Roy, who took yet another peek at the Invaders across the street. 'And this guy is acting as if this is nothing. He's not panicking, nervous, or even scared at the fact that his planet was being overran by alien invaders…. Is this guy for real?'

"Dib?" His thoughts were interrupted by Zita, who was poking him in the shoulder. Dib shook his head, clearing his mind. "Dib, did you hear Roy?" She asked.

Dib shook his head. "No…. Sorry, I was spacing out."

Roy crawled up to the two. "I said there is another group of aliens coming to join the first group. We should hurry before they decide to investigate." So, instead of jumping to the fourth rooftop, Roy lead Dib and Zita towards the fire-escape on the other side of the building. As they near the ladders, Roy turned to Dib. "Tell me what the base looks like." The request confused Dib, but nevertheless, he gave a good description of Zim's base. "Oh yeah, I've passed there many time," Roy said, "so that's an alien base?" Dib nodded his head.

So Roy took point with his Saiga Shotgun, slowly leading Dib and Zita down the fire-escape. Thankfully, there weren't any Invaders or mutants patrolling this street. And the second the reached the street below, they immediately ducked into the dark alley between the two buildings. Roy glanced down the street from behind the building, and saw two lone Irken soldiers making their way in their ( Dib's, Zita's and Roy's ) direction. 'Damnit,' Roy thought. But after glanced at the incoming invaders a few more time, and looking at Dib and Zita, he discovered they were almost the exact same sizes.

So, Roy motioned for the kids to stay down, while he stood up flat against the building, with his two Ka-Bar knives drawn.

After about ten seconds of waiting, the two unsuspecting Irkens finally passed where the three were hiding. "Man, this patrolling stuff is so boring," one Irken commented. "I mean, were is the excitement? All of the humans are either captured or dead. All the fun is g…!" The soldier was never able to finish his sentence.

In a flash, Roy lunged out and drove a Ka-Bar into each of the alien's necks, and yanked them into the alley. Blood was gushing out of their necks, and they tried to scream for help, but Roy won't allow it. He placed his hands around their throats, silencing them as they slowly bleed out. "Take their uniforms," Roy whispered, taking off his jacket to mop up the blood that was oozing towards the street. "Their helmets might be too big for your heads, but the uniforms should fit you both."

Slowly and timidly, both obeyed and started undressing the two dead soldiers.

As the two started stripping the dead aliens of their uniforms, Roy continued to keep a lookout for anymore unexpected guests. And, to their surprise, Roy was dead on about their sizes. While it was a little tight on both of them, the uniforms did somewhat fit their figures. And because of the smooth material they were made of, the aliens' blood slid off without a trace. And while the helmet was a little big for Zita, Dib's helmet fitted perfectly. '… I guess my head is big,' Dib thought.

Now both Dib and Zita were disguised as two Irken Invaders.

After disposing the dead bodies into a nearby dumpster, along with his bloody jacket, Roy took a knee so that he was at eye level with them. "Okay, here's the plan," he began, after looking around to make sure they were still safe. "The base isn't that far from here, right?" Did nodded. "Good. Now, I want you two to pretend to be two aliens on patrol. Since you look damn near exactly like one of them, they won't suspect a thing. I will, however, be with you." Hearing this, Dib and Zita looked at each other suspiciously. "You two captured me while on patrol, and are bringing me to the center of town with everybody else. But instead, when we near the base, we sneak into there and figure out what to do."

When neither said anything against the plan, Roy handed Dib his bag of weapons, and had Zita behind him, with her Plasma Rifle in his back. "Keep your answers short and discreet. If things get bad, I want you two to book it towards the base." He motioned downward, and both Dib and Zita saw that attached to the back of his belt were two Beretta Tomcat handguns with silencers on them. "If anything, I could cause a commotion and get their attention while you two make it back to the base."

Zita looked up at the man, wide-eyed. "B-but what about…?"

"I told you before," Roy stated, raising his hands into the air, as if he was being held up, "I know my time is running out. But you two are young, and are the future of the human race. One old man dies, and two children live? That sounds like a even trade if you ask me."

Zita was about to object, but Dib stepped in. "How about all three of us make it to the base in one piece?" After a few seconds of silence, Roy nodded. "Okay," Dib breathed, "here we go."

Dib, disguised as a Irken, marched out into the street. Roy followed behind with Zita behind him, also disguised as a Invader, how had the barrel of her Plasma Rifle pressed against Roy's back. As he saw a Irken patrol coming their way, he took a deep breath, hoping for the best. As they neared the incoming squad, the leader looked at the three suspiciously. But Did, using a low voice, said, "We found him hiding in some Earthling restaurant. Takin' him to the center of town with the others."

A few seconds of dreadful silence followed, before the squad leader nodded his head. "Very good, soldiers. Proceed." So the three stepped aside while the squad passed by, continuing their patrol. Relieved, the three continued down the street until finally, Zim's base was in sight.

'Almost there,' Dib thought. 'I just hope there's something useful for the situation we're in.' They passed by a few more patrols along the way, and they all asked the same thing. So, Dib gave the same answer, which they all believed. Then finally, they made it to the base. There were no mutants or Invaders around, thankfully.

So when it was 100% clear, Roy gave the signal. "Now." Without missing a beat, the three dashed into the front yarn and onto the porch. Dib remembered the code to the base and entered it in. when the door opened up, they all dived in as if they were being shot at, and the door closed behind them.

"Yes! We made it," Zita cried, overjoyed that they actually made it. She pulled off her helmet, flung it onto the couch, and started hugging the floor. Looking at this, Did couldn't blame her for being happy. Before Zim left, he also mentioned that if the Tallest invaded Earth, his base would be same. He said he placed a cloaking device in his base, so that his Irken technology couldn't be detected.

So, as Zita continued hugging the floor, Dib turned to Roy, who was sitting on the floor, catching his breath. "We're safe here," he stated bluntly. "The Invaders can't detect the technology here, so virtually, we're just another house to them…. Now, we need a…"

All of a sudden, a video monitor came from the ceiling. "Aw, greetings master Dib," Computer greeted. "I see you're still alive and well. And that you've brought some company with you. Does anyone need anything?" Before the invasion, Dib altered Computer's demeanor. Now, instead of being smug, sarcastic and sometimes lazy, he's obedient and helpful, almost like a butler.

While Roy and Zita looked at the monitor in surprise, Dib took off his helmet and sighed. "Yes," he answered, "I need you to take us underground to the lab. And if you detect any activity outside, alert us immediately."

"Very well, master," Computer replied, as three holes opened up in the living room floor. Then, three giant tubes came out and sucked Dib, Zita and Roy up.

Down in the Lab…

"Aaaaaagh!" *Thump!* Roy was the first to make it to the lab. He fall out of his tube and fell onto the ground, landing on his back. 'Getting too old for this crap,' he though, as his tube retracted into the ceiling. But as he was trying to get up.

*Thump!* Another tube came out of the ceiling, and Dib came out, landing on Roy's stomach, getting a hard "OOF!" from the older man. "Hehehe," Dib chuckled nervously. "Sorry about that…. Hey, has Zita's tube got h…!"

"Eeeeek!" *Thump!* Finally, Zita's tube appear and she fell right atop of Dib and Roy, getting another "OOF!" from the poor man. "That was fun," Zita said obliviously, as she hopped off the two. Dib rolled off Roy, and helped the poor man up. When Zita saw what she did, she scratched the back of her neck and giggled nervously. "Hehehe… Sorry bout' that."

'Damn kids,' Roy thought, getting pulled up to his feet with the help of Dib. "It's alright."

But with all the antics aside, Roy and Zita looked around in amazement. The scene around them was like a scene from a science-fiction movie. Control-panels, giant computer screens, mechanical arms, wires, flashing buttons, the whole shebang. "Welcome to my base," Dib stated, taking a seat at the large table in the middle of the room. He sounded tired. "We will live down here. Computer can help you if you need anything."

Without missing a beat, Roy asked. "Is there a place for me to sleep? After today, this old geezer needs his nap." He chuckled a little at him referring to himself as a "old geezer." Before Dib could answer, Computer came from the ceiling again.

"Most certainly. Please, follow me." Roy raised an eyebrow, but sighed, then followed after the computer monitor.

Now there was just Dib and Zita.

Even though there was a ton of stress lifted from her mind, the situation was still painfully clear to Zita. Their world was being overran by aliens, and nothing can stop them. "D-Dib?" Zita stammered, getting Dib's attention. He had his face in his hands, trying to think of what to do next. "Wh-what will we do?"

Dib looked at her, knowing she was scared. Hell, so was he. In one day, they both lost everything. Her parents were dead, and he didn't know if his father or sister were still alive. And now, their entire planet was taken over…. But he knew that if he wanted that to change, action was called for. And he knew exactly what kind of action was called for. As of this day forward, he was no longer a boy…. He had to change.

"We survive, Zita," he answered, in a way that had a lot of emotion behind it. "We survive to fight, to save our planet…. We survive for our race." When Zita allowed for what he said to soak in, Dib continued. "We need to start a resistance. A small one, but one that cane get stuff done. Maybe if Roy feels up to it, he could teach us some stuff he learned in the military."

After cleaning his glasses, he continued. "It won't be easy, but we have to try. From what Zim mentioned a while back, the Tallest make slaves out of the habitants of any conquered planet. So little by little, we rescue people and bring them into the resistance…. Zim left me some blueprints on how to make more advanced Irken weapons with materials found on Earth. So we can also make our own weaponry…." Then, after another pause, Dib finished up. "Zita…. I don't know how this will end. But I need you to be strong, and help me save our world."

Zita looked at him with wide, frightened eyes. "…. I-I'm scared, Dib," she confessed, holding back tears of fear. Dib looked at her. Zita's eyes were watery, signifying she was trying to keep herself from crying. Her arms and legs were shaking. She was gripping the side of her skirt, nervously clenching her hands down harder and harder. She was scared.

Then, without warning, Dib stood up and caught Zita in a soft embrace. Her body stiffened when Dib continued hugging her. "I know Zita, I'm scared too," he assured, using a calm voice, "but I need to be strong now. I can't let fear stop me from trying to save my planet. We're on our own right now, but soon, we can possibly make a difference…" Dib looked at Zita, almost pleadingly. "Will you be strong for me?"

As Dib refused to break the embrace, all Zita could do was think about what he said. She looked deep into his eyes, and she could tell he was terrified about this too. But here he was, telling her everything can be different. And after thinking about it, she decided he was right…. She had to be strong. She had to survive. If she wants revenge for her parents, she had to grow up faster and take her problems on head-on.

Then, Zita wrapped her arms around Dib and hugged back. Despite her world being taken over, despite her parents getting killed right before her eyes, despite everything that went wrong, for the very first time that day, Zita felt safe, being inside Dib's arms. Slowly, she brought her arms around Dib and started hugging back. "Okay Dib," she whispered softly, "I'll be strong… for you."

Then, something inside Dib snapped. As she hugged back, he felt his heart start to beat a little faster. It hadn't dawned on him that he was hugging Zita, and that she, in fact, and hugging him back. What made it stranger was that neither of them had the urge to stop. As they locked gazes, Dib also felt that his cheeks were getting significantly hotter.

He was blushing…..

He wanted to turn away, but then he noticed something. Zita was smiling at him with a half open gaze, and her cheeks also had a pinkish shade to them. Dib was about to say something, but Zita stopped him by placing her finger against his lips. "Dib, please shut up before you ruin this."

Then, Zita closed the gap between them and softly pressed her lips against his.

Dib's body stiffened as Zita pressed her lips against his in his first kiss. His mind went blank, his body went numb, and the only feeling his had was the feeling in his lips. '…' Dib struggled to come up with a single thought, but when Zita pressed her lips harder against Dib's, it just wasn't possible.

Finally, giving up on using logical thinking, Dib allowed his instincts to take over. His body relaxed, almost melting into the kiss. He pulled Zita in tighter, further intensifying the kiss. Zita let out a soft moan as the kiss finally came to an end. No words were spoken. The two just looked into each other's eyes, until Zita merely rested her head on Dib's shoulders. Feeling like talking would ruin the moment as well, Dib also kept quiet, enjoying this new feeling.

In the shadows, Roy leaned against a wall, smiling. "The next generation lives on," he mumbled to himself, before making his way to his room. "I guess this old dog has some more fight in him…. Might as well let him off his leash."

The End…?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! That's right all my readers out there! That's the best kind of cliffhanger any writer can give! Note between chapters, but between TWO SEPARATE STORIES! HAHAHA! I know some of you are probably wishing for my horrible death, since I haven't updated in so long, and when I do, it was to unexpectedly end the story! BUT! Before you kill me, there will be a part two! So rejoice! But before I say farewell for now, let me make some things clear.

Roy Hartmann is actually my grandfather, Roy Albert Hartman. He did, in fact, fought in WW2. He fought the Japanese, and was apart of the A-Bomb bombing. He died shortly after my dad did, so I thought I should honor him in my story. Sweet, huh?

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