Hellooo there. This is probably going to be a very short story, only a few chapters at most, along the lines of my fic, FML. Like FML, this was inspired by a website. :] In this case, Wrong Number Texts, a new offshoot of Damn You Auto Correct!

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, FML, Wrong Number Texts, or Damn You Auto Correct.

Wrong Number Text

Part 1

She's driving me crazy. I need to break up with her before I end up killing something.
- I.

For whatever reason, Kagome couldn't pry her eyes off the message on her cell phone's screen. The phone number was not one programmed into her address book, so it was obviously an accident that she'd received it. Would he text again if he didn't receive a response? What was his girlfriend doing that was so bad? He sounded like he had an anger management problem…

Then again, "I." could be a she.

Feeling a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, Kagome chided herself silently for automatically assuming it was a boy talking about his girlfriend. She'd been raised more open-minded than that. Or at least, she strived to be. But anyway—

"Kagome…" she heard someone breathe, very quietly, from the desk next to hers. "Kagome," the voice repeated, more urgently a few seconds later when she failed to look over.

Kagome lifted her eyes— wide blue ones rimmed with thick lashes and no makeup— to her left, seeing her best friend Sango urgently flicking her own eyes back and forth between Kagome and something at the front of the classroom. Finally, Kagome followed Sango's line of sight and saw their teacher at the front of the room watching them both with a stern expression on his face, his mouth set in a tight, thin line.

Oh, yeah, no cell phones were allowed in school.

Quickly, Kagome shrugged innocently at her teacher and slipped her phone back into the pocket of her uniform's blazer. Technically, she'd looked at the text message when it had buzzed before class had started. She must had been reading and rereading it for long enough that it had crossed the line of "between classes" to "class has started, all cell phones MUST be put away."

Once her lessons had ended for the day, she anxiously took the phone back out and sat at her desk, not bothering to gather her things yet. Around her was a flurry of movement as her classmates packed up their bags, loud conversations over her head about what everyone was doing that night, how difficult the homework would be, and did you see that new movie that came out over the weekend?

"What's it say?" Sango asked from behind her, peering over Kagome's shoulder with intense brown eyes. After she'd read it, Sango scoffed good-naturedly. "Sounds like a train wreck. Who sent it?"

"Dunno," Kagome explained. "It's a wrong number text. Think I should tell them that?" As Sango pondered her question, Kagome slipped her arms into the blazer hanging off the back of her chair and started to put all her notebooks and papers into her backpack. Once it was zipped shut, she stood up and stretched her arms over her head, reaching for the ceiling and arching her back, stiff from sitting for hours.

"You could just respond with something real quick. It should come up as an unknown number on his phone, and he'll get that it's a wrong number. I don't even understand how people do that anymore. Doesn't everyone preprogram all their numbers these days?"

"It's a new phone," Kagome reminded her, shaking said phone in her best friend's face. "Well, to me anyway. I bought it used downtown last week. I wiped the address book clean. Maybe he's trying to text the previous owner?"

"Probably," Sango agreed. "Yeah, that's it. Text back."

The two girls swung their backpacks over their shoulders and trudged out the doorway, heading toward the stairs that would take them to the courtyard in front of their high school. Within a few minutes, they were on the sidewalk, walking home amiably, catching up on family drama.

"And then he fell on his butt at the bottom of the stairs," Sango was saying, chuckling. "Kohaku looked like he couldn't decide between laughing and crying!"

Kagome was having the same problem, giggling so hard that a tear trickled from the corner of her eye. "Your brother should know better than to try to rollerblade in the house," Kagome pointed out with a loud guffaw. "Sometimes I forget he's the smart one when compared to my brother."

"Souta's not that dumb," Sango defended the younger Higurashi but had trouble keeping a straight face. "Okay, he's a little bad. But what do you expect? They're in middle school. They're supposed to do stupid things."

"Speaking of stupid, what should I text back?"

For several minutes, they argued back and forth, trying to decide on something polite that was somewhere between "Dude, wrong number" and "Hey, maybe it's your fault that you're having girlfriend problems."

Sorry to tell you, but wrong number. Good luck with your girlfriend issues.
- K.

Hitting send, Kagome smiled at Sango. "That oughta do it," she said happily, tucking her hair behind her ears. "But honestly, I kind of wanted to know more."

"You're so nosy," Sango pointed out, coming to a standstill at the foot of her driveway. Kagome walked a bit further before swinging around, continuing to walk backwards away from her friend with her hands clasped behind her back and a wide, mischievous smile stretching her face.

"Eh," she said noncommittally, knowing that she was a bit of a busybody. Kagome blamed her mother, a sweet woman who could weasel anything out of anyone with just a kind smile, even strangers who visited the shrine her family ran just up the street. "See you tomorrow!"

"Yeah, see you," Sango said with a wide smile. "Don't go texting any more strangers."

Kagome winked and turned around, heading toward the massive set of stairs in the distance that led uphill to the shine and her family home. "I can't promise anything!" she shouted over her shoulder. "You know me, always up for an adventure!"