Martha Jones is an amazing character that is often unappreciated by the fandom at large. Story-wise, Martha plays a very important role in shaping who the 10th Doctor is. While Rose and Donna are the Doctor's lover and friend, respectively, Martha is his own mirrored reflection. Her journey parallels that of the Doctor's. She is a doctor and a traveller through time and space who survives the brutal extermination and enslavement of her people. She becomes a legend, much in the same way that the Doctor is. Even her unrequited love for the Doctor mirrors his own; while Martha pines for the Doctor, he pines for Rose. However, it is the choices she makes that show us just who she truly is and the strength she carries within her. For while the Doctor must always be on the run - running away, running toward, running off - Martha decides that she is going to stop travelling and take care of her family. It would be easier to continue the cycle, but when the Doctor offers her a chance to escape she declines. She takes on responsibility in ways that the Doctor cannot. She puts her past and her love behind her and moves on with her life, while the Doctor merely attempts to bury his feelings of guilt and grief with each new adventure.

So here is my love letter to Martha Jones, a 50-chapter character study dedicated to the moments that helped create the woman we know and love. I hope you enjoy the story.