Introducing Harry Potter as John Lennon

As many writers' creed is based off work of another, consistencies appear throughout literary history. Jo Kathleen Rowling is no exception. Many believe she took her scripture's fantastical elements straight out of Tolkien and Lewis's classic tales of frolicking hobbits and satyrs. But I'm here to set you straight.

She did not, under any circumstances, manipulated or not, base Harry Potter off of fantasy series like Lord of the Rings or Narnia; au contraire, she looked deep within the psychedelic life of John Lennon and formed it into a hallucinogenic world of children's fiction.

Alas, the truth is told. There are uncanny similarities in the life of Rock and Roller John Lennon and Spell Caster Harry Potter.

Take, for instance, their childhood. John Lennon, British and a troubled youth, was raised by his dear Aunt Mimi and Uncle George. They looked after him and disciplined him well. Mimi even took away Lennon's guitar when he started failing school.

Harry Potter, also British and rather troubled, was brought up by his relatives, too: Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. They had no fear of kicking him while he was down. They disciplined him well. They hid his possessions in a closet when his magic was getting out of hand.

When John Lennon finally met his mother Julia, she had red hair and brought him into the new world of Rock and Roll.

Harry Potter, although his red-haired mother Lily died when he was little, was brought into the new Wizarding World.

These raisings and rebirths of Lennon and Potter parallel each other. If this is no proof of Rowling stealing straight from the life of one of music's most beloved icons, fancy this: Lennon had screaming girls after him in the masses once he hit the fame of his Beatlemania, and Potter did too after officially being dubbed "The Chosen One." Every spell Harry Potter casts is every song John Lennon ever sang. Both wore glasses and had dark hair.

Each had killers after them and died because of them. I like to think Harry Potter coming back from the dead is like a second chance for John Lennon.

Harry Potter had a crush on Cho Chang and even dated her. Similarly, John Lennon married Asian Yoko Ono. Harry Potter meeting and marrying Ginny Weasley later in life was like meeting his mother after her death, Lily/Julia, what with the red hair and all.

And all the magic in Harry Potter? Besides representing the music industry, magical creatures were the drugs John Lennon and the Beatles took over the tenure of their career. You don't think they hallucinated?

So, if someone ever argues that Harry Potter is just a rip off of other, older fantasy novels, you just tell them, "No. It's a conceit of John Lennon's life."

They'll feel so foolish.

A/N: I'm tired. I like weird essays.