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Jason had opened the footlocker at the end of his bed- the one he kept locked at all times. In it was...

A survival kit. Food, stimpacks, an old pistol, some ammo, and a pair of brass knuckles. He put on the brass knuckles, and holstered the handgun, in a hip holster he had taken out. The Ghoul tossed me a backpack, that he filled with food, water, etc. Of course. I had to do the heavy lifting.

"What's the plan?" I asked, worried. Every second the gunfire grew closer, louder. It was eerie, frightening, and really starting to get on my nerves.

"To leave." he answers.

"The bunker? What? No! Th-the Wasteland is out there! What if w-"

"Stop it, Smoothskin. Come with me outside, or I guarantee you're dying in here. I don't know what's going on, but it can't be good. "

I nod at him, agreeing (for once). He waves his hand, motioning for me to follow his lead. Crouching down, he makes his way over to the door- I mimic him, albeit in a less swift, graceful manner. Looking up through a window, he deemed it clear, opening the door and making his way through it.

I tagged along, before I remembered something- something important. Lara.

"Wait, Jay! We have to get Lara out! She might still be okay!" I said, pointing to her door- right across the hall.

He grunts, shaking his head. "No way, Smoothskin. Me and you hit the road. No girly."

I narrow my eyes, frowning at him. "You don't wanna go alone, do you?" I ask, my hand tightening around my lead pipe.

Shaking his head again, he walks over to Lara's door, glancing through the window. "Nice one, Smoothskin. Your girl is in the spot where the gunfire is REALLY close to. Instead of our 'Escape' plan, looks like we're going with the 'turn to swiss cheese' one. Damnit." he whines, opening the door.

I glare at him, swiftly passing him through the door. The gunfire grew louder, and louder, and I heard screams now. People yelling, dying. I clenched my teeth. Where is she? Is she dead? What if I die? Is this worth it? These questions wouldn't just... leave me alone.

Suddenly, I heard a voice I recognize- one that has brightened up every day for the past fifteen years of my life. But it was...

Distressed. A plea, a cry for help. Fuck. I decided to be an idiot, and, well...

I ran towards the cry. Like an idiot. I was thinking with my pipe, instead of my head I guess, because looking back, the only thing I really remember about Lara...

Are her brains splattered all over the floor. Towering over her was a beast of a man, a huge handcannon in his hand. I had made it in time to see him cock back the trigger on his revolver, press it to her cranium, and spray brain-goo all over the floor and walls. It was...

Horrifying. Turning around quickly, I vomited, my stomach acid coating the floor. The man looked at me, and I couldn't move- at least, I couldn't until two bullets buried themselves into the floor below me. Sprinting back towards Jason, who hadn't followed me towards the sound, I yelled, screaming my head off like an idiot- and maybe like a little girl.

I don't remember.

Anyways, I recall glancing back a few times- and the third or fourth time I glanced back, he was running at me, levelling a shot. One that would have hit- if not for my vomit on the ground. Look at me, thinking ahead and puking.

Oh wait. That was because of Lara. Technically, she saved my life. This prompted me to nod a silent thanks to Lara- or at least, it would have been silent had I not been wailing about being shot at.

Reaching the point that Jason was at, I was huffing, and puffing. And I must sweat a lot, too, because my clothes are soak-... Oh, wait. I pissed myself.


Jason looked at me, and stifled his laughter- he knew it wasn't the time, or the place. But I would never hear the end of it after this...

If there was an after for us.

"Smoothskin. You alright?"he asks, placing a hand on my back. I shrug it off, spitting- to get the taste out of my mouth.

"I-I think so..." I stammered out, blinking away tears. I straightened my back, Jason beginning to kick back into action. "There's a guy back there.. he... He shot Lara. He'll be here soon. We should go."

He nodded in agreeance, the two of us beginning our race down the hallways, and winding corridors. The Ghoul seemed to know where he was going- except I was noticing that there seemed to now be multiple directions the gunfire was coming from. One form behind us...

The other up ahead. Shit. I also noticed something else. Jason had withdrawn his pistol, meaning he knew something was about to go down. "Jay.. what're you gonna do with that?"

He just nods his head- really all I needed to know. The Ghoul obviously knew what he was doing- what I wanted to know was -how- he knew. I remember, he told me once Ghouls live a long, long time. Maybe he had done something earlier... I don't know. I'll make sure to ask him, later.

Oh. There I go again, assuming we have a later. How silly of me.

Right before we rounded the corner, he stopped me, pressing his back up against the wall. He pushed me up against it, and I stayed there.

Placing a finger in front of his lips, I got the message- stay quiet. Alright. It was then that I noticed some people talking...

"Oi, Red, you said we di'n't need t'kill e'r'body. Happy y'lied, man, D'ja see what I did to th't guys face?" one voice says, laughing.

Another voice, presumably Red responded, "Yeah, man. Damn, you sprayed his head juice all over the fuckin' wall. I ain't seen anything like that since I was a Merc, man."

"Y-yeah, B-billy. I w-wish that I c-could be half as g-good as you..." a third voice chimed in. Ugh. Great,we got stuck with a bunch of... I don't even know. Whackos? How can you describe people like this...

Morons. Yeah. Anyways, back to their conversation.

"Yo, d'ja see wha'I did to th't one bitch? She was fine. An'er insides looked pretty good, too." the first voice brags, cackling.

"Y-yeah, B-billy. Th-that was a-awesome. C-can you teach me h-how to d-do that thing w-with the machete?"

"Yeah, Billy. You should teach me and Fix that." the second voice said.

"Def'n'tl-" the first voice was cut off.

By me sneezing. Fuck.

Jason's eyes, widen, as he cocks back the hammer on his gun- as quietly as possible.

"Wh'th'fuck was that?" the voice slurs, his question followed up by footsteps. Jason nods at me, and waves his hand- motioning for me to get down. So I do.

The first man rounds the corner- he was dirty looking, covered in grime, blood, and sweat. I also noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt- and in one hand was a mean looking gun, in the other a huge machete. It looked like a fucking sword.

Before the man could move, Jason was on him. The Ghoul pressed the barrel of his gun to the man's chest, and pulled the trigger three times, spraying crimson blood all over the walls. The man, who I'll refer to as 'Grimy', fell- and he fell hard. I barely noticed that the bag on my back was shaking, and moving. A lot. In fact, I just thought it was me.

Anyways, Grimy hit the floor with a wet slap, prompting Jason to continue his killing spree. Fix raised his gun- a small revolver- and took aim at Jason. Firing off a salvo of rounds, Jason barely managed to sidestep them in time. However, the moment he did, the muzzle of his gun flashed one more time- no more Fix.

Red, however, wouldn't fall so easily. Jay had shot a few more times, maybe twice, and both of the bullets slapped into the guys belly. He didn't even flinch. Sprinting towards Jason, the monster of a man tackled my friend, smashing him into the ground. I cringed- it looked like it had hurt. The two were now wrestling, the gun discharging a few times as they tried to force it out of the other's hand. It appeared as though the Ghoul was losing. Shit.

I decided I had to act fast- if I didn't, Jay would get crushed. Hefting my pipe up over my head, I charged in- I didn't even have a goal in mind, to be honest. This was probably a really bad idea.

But, I didn't care. Grabbing onto the huge man's collar, I heft my makeshift club up over my head, and bring it down- right on the man's spine. Now, I don't care if I'm not the biggest guy in the world- if you get hit by a pipe, it's gonna hurt. Or at least, it should. This guy...

This guy didn't even care. He shrugged it off, like I had just hit him with a fucking Styrofoam tube, or some shit. Turning around, while he choked out Jason, he growled at me- one hand shooting out towards my throat.

It wrapped around it, and he began strangling both me and my friend the corpse.


My airways were being crushed, alongside Jason's. I was beginning to black out... in fact... Was I still conscious? My back was shaking, trembling... In fact... it felt like the trembling was travelling down my body, going along my arm...

Suddenly, I heard a yelp, and felt the pressure on my throat fade- followed by four gunshots. My eyes were open for a split-second, long enough for me to see Grubby nibbling on the giant's head, and the huge man fall. I then promptly lost consciousness.


The first thing I remember is how... bright it is. And the smell. My eyes slowly fluttered open, and I realized something...

There was no ceiling. None. Nothing. My whole life, there had been a ceiling. And Artificial light. Something was comforting about it- and I found the lack of a ceiling to be...


I looked around- Jason was to my left. Had he carried me?

"J-Jay...How'd I get here?" I asked.

"I carried you." he answered, simply.

Thing is, though, not only did he carry me out of the bunker...

He carried me far enough away that we could be hid in a makeshift shack. Standing up, I looked around- puzzled by the fact that we were... far. Far from anything I knew. I closed my eyes for a second, remembering what happened- I felt sick after I realized something. Not only had I seen Lara die, I watched my friend shoot and kill two men.

Friend. I just called Jason my friend. Ugh.

This day just keeps getting worse, and worse. I already miss the bunker. I doubt we have enough supplies to last us very long- I'm starting to wonder just how this is better than dying back at the bunker. I looked over at Jason, who had dozed off, Grubby on his lap.

And my only company was an annoying, murderous corpse, and an insect.

This day just kept getting better and better.

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