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Chapter 1: Shock Collar

Danny's whole body was aching in pain; he was strapped tightly to an examination table in his parent's lab in human form! He knew this was going to happen, and even so he told them, he told the best ghost hunters in the world that their own son, Daniel Jackson Fenton, was actually the ghost boy they had been hunting down for so long, that their son was actually Danny Phantom.

The pain he was feeling was of the several shocks of electricity he had received from his parents, or former parents for that matter, for his refusal to go ghost so that they could start their experiments. Maddie stared down at him in amusement and forcefully made him look at her in the eyes.

"Now Danny, cooperate and we might actually consider using anesthesia." Maddie said her smirk widening, Danny gulped but glared at her in hatred, Maddie slapped him hard and then pressed the button and Jack and her laughed in amusement at the ghost boy, Danny wanting the pain to just stop transformed and the shocks stopped. Maddie approached him and stroke his face

Mockingly, Danny started to cough out blood and some of it got on Maddie's hand, she put it into a small cylinder and turned abruptly slapping Danny hard. Danny could only flinch and yelp as it made contact.

Maddie then put a shock collar on Danny's neck and turned to her husband.

"There, now that we can ensure that the specimen won't run away, we might as well go somewhere else to make a fresh start, a new place with an anti ghost cell would be perfect, do you have any ideas?" She inquired, Jack thought for a minute, but then a light seemed to go on.

"I know! Let's move to Antarctica! They say that it's so big I would be able to shout my head off no one would hear me!" Jack said going over to Danny.

"Ooohhh! So if we need to make an autopsy, no one will hear him." Maddie said, Danny's eyes widened and he started to strain again, Maddie released him with an amused expression on her face, Danny painfully scrambled to his feet and went intangible trying to get away, but then an intense shock of electricity overcame him, he reverted back into human form and pulled

Desperately at the collar. Over his own screams of agony he could hear Jack and Maddie laughing at him. He let himself fall to the ground completely and gave up. Maddie approached him and knelt beside him and pulled his head up by his hair.

"Good boy." She said her evil look terrifying Danny. Then

Danny winced at the sudden bright light that filled the room. Then the room filled with GIW agents who grabbed Maddie and Jack.

"Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, we will be taking custody of Danny Phantom." Agent K said as he injected Danny with a sedative.

"But you can't take him! He, he, he, he is ours! We captured him!" Danny could hear Maddie protest. Agent O grabbed Danny harshly and handcuffed him from behind and through him at the others.

"Yes and we thank you for it, you made this job so much easier, now like I said we will be taking him, and there is nothing you can actually do about it." Agent K said with a smirk at the growling pair. And they left as Danny lost conscousness.

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