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Chapter 12:

The Titans and Brave made their way through the jungle, Brave skipping and skirting along effortlessly while the titans struggled with the seemingly endless branches that seemed to want to smack at their faces as they went along.

Eventually they arrived at a clearing in the middle of the wilderness. It was vast and it was filled with fog and mist. The sky had turned dark and stormy, thunder echoing through the sky as lightning lit up the sky and made the Titans cringe.

Brave turned to them, his face suddenly serious and grim. The Titans stopped behind him, waiting.

"What you are about to see, isn't pretty. Danny suffered a lot in a very short amount of time, and he lost a lot in a very short amount of time. I'm sure all of you can understand this, as all of you have suffered similarly." At this Robin raised his eyebrows and Brave smiled knowingly.

"You aren't the only ones gaining information. We've been gathering a lot from you, a secret for a secret. Don't worry though; you can trust us." Brave smiled then stepped back gestured to the awaiting fog. The Titans stared at each other; hesitant to see whatever it was that Brave wanted to show them.

"It isn't too late to go back you know? I could get you out right now, no harm done." Brave suggested. Robin stared at him for a moment, before turning to his fellow team mates. They all had determined looks on their faces and they nodded to him.

With that they stepped into the fog and into Danny's memory.

A man and a woman stood by a huge contraption in a laboratory, proudly exposing it to three teenagers. Plugging it they watched is the machine gave off a disappointing spark before smoking. The adult left looking disappointed.

Danny stepped forward, pulling on a white hazmat suit before entering the machine, intent on fixing it for his parents. His screams pierced the air as the machine turned on, with Danny inside of it. A whole dimension worth of power, ripping him apart before spitting him out unceremoniously into the lab.

Robin stood, suddenly alone in a living room. It was a small place, with old couches and an old TV. A man and a woman sat together on one couch, and Danny sat on the other his eyes nervous and his posture tense.

"Danny sweaty, is there something you want to tell us?" The woman's eyes were wide with concern the picture of a concerned mother, asking her son to confide in her.

"You can tell us whatever it is that is bothering you sport." The man mirrored his wife's expression perfectly. Both of them were the perfect picture of what parents should be, honest, concerned, and always there for their children. And yet… there was something sinister about it.

"Well… actually there is something I have to tell you guys."

About the way there were odd bulks in their hazmat suits that hadn't been there in previous memories, about how they sat, tense and ready to pounce. Robin saw in that moment what Danny had failed to see in that crucial moment in his life that had tipped the balance and sent him spinning into hell.

"What is it? Is it a ghost?"

Danny's parents had known. They had known what Danny was and even before he told them they had been willing to attack their own son, and were even allowing him to tell them so that they could spring on him.

"Yeah actually, it is kind of ghost related… it would be better if I showed you since it's kind of hard to explain."

Danny never had a chance.

Danny sat huddled in a corner of the destroyed, flaming ruin of the Nasty Burger. He smiled blissfully. How beautiful the flames seemed. At least this way he would at least still believe that they loved him. The flames around him drew near to his prone form and he couldn't help but allow a tear to slide down his cheek.

"Jazz… Tucker… Sam… I'm sorry…"

The fire grew and closed in on him and his scream echoed through the darkness, despairing cries of agony as the flames engulfed his soul and he broke.

Raven's eyes widened as the darkness reached them, the memories flickering out of existence as broken records might. She turned and her eyes narrowed as she saw a small figure huddling in the darkness. She approached him carefully.

Her eyes widened as she watched him. His body had become little more than a shadow in the fog, kneeling with his head looking up at the blackness. His features had disappeared, leaving his face blank and black like a sheet of paper. Yet she could see streams of grey tears falling from the place where his eyes should have been.

Soft cries of despair filled the air and his body began to fade away.

"STOP IT!" Raven cried as she ran to him and grabbed him by the shoulders shaking him.

"You don't have to do this, stop hurting yourself and listen to me." Danny screeched his body going upright. The Titans stood around him, watching in horror as he convulsed in midair.

"This isn't your fault! None of this is!" Beast Boy yelled over Danny's screams trying to come near him.

"Yes it is… I'm a monster… I'm a freak… why else would they do what they did?" His voice echoed in the darkness, pleading in despair.

"Friend Danny, you are not a Monster or a freak you are special, like us, a hero." Starfire moved forward only for a wail to push her back.

"No… I'm not… I did so many things I now regret… things a real hero would never do." The voice sobbed, his shape now fading into the darkness.

"Everybody makes mistakes Danny, everybody has regrets." Raven neared him, her hand reached for his and then he grasped it. Danny's shape went limp and the Titans rushed to catch him. Suddenly the tears stopped and his features returned, the colors coming back.

He stared at them sadly and a small smile lit up his face as he stared up at them in new found adoration and love.

"Thank You" He whispered, and for a while everything was alright.

The End

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