No hips. A totally nonexistent waist to top it off, too. The complete lack of curves...a boyish figure, not too different from his...I mean, there really is no other way to describe it.

It's like a straight line really, almost more like card board as opposed to the shape of what was supposed to be woman... I mean, she really has nothing to show for. Nothing to broadcast, she was never really that beautiful outside her face.

And her lips! I mean, talk about the lack of! Her lips are totally too small to ever be attractive. I mean, she might need ten pounds of collagen to even make them look near normal.

Stubby, short and muscular looking legs from all that soccer she played at a kid (and sucked, she wasn't really athletic, really) can't add to her overall sex appeal, either. When she stands, she looks like an infant next to me, she looks inferior in all aspects..and I love it.

Oh, and I can never forget or stress about the complete lack of boobs. I mean, it's like there's none at all. None, flat chested, straight edged... none.

And don't get me started on her ass. I mean, it's not like I could since she doesn't have one.

Oh my God, you should see her when she wears a's kinda pathetic really, pancake boobs and flat asses never really helped with sex appeal, right?


I mean, I'm better looking than her. For sure. My legs are definitely better, I mean, I actually have them. Not to mention my beautiful hour glass shape, I mean, I had the best body on the fucking, I have the best body. There is no disputing that. I have boobs. I have an ass. I have luscious, red lips. I have curves... I am a woman.

I mean, it's definitely better than hers. For sure. One wonders if she even went through puberty, Ha.

When I wear a dress, no matter how ugly or unflattering it is, I always look like a fucking dime. Like, I'm the hottest woman on earth, cause that's what I am. A fucking bitch. A cunt. A sexy ass piece of meat that no one can just have.

And she's just an average girl who could never get the guy she liked to look at her.

But for some reason I'm here. Sitting in the corner of my room crying because I have absolutely no one to show this amazing body off to. Absolutely no one

She took him away from me... she took him away! The flat-chested-no-curve-having-stubby-girl took him from me..from me?

Why? How? Seriously, in the real world, a bitch like that could never knock someone like me off her pedestal...I had it firmly, I had it. I was it. I was that girl she wanted to be. I was that girl. I was it, dammit!

Why can't I be her again?

She doesn't deserve him! She can't! She isn't a woman! She isn't good enough for him, she can never match his glory, and she knows it!


Sick things run through my mind when I'm angry, and despite the fact that I was pissed beyond belief, I could not help but laugh my fucking ass off.

Of course, she's stuck with her body... but so is he!

He deserves to look at me every day and remember what he has to be with, what he was meant to be with. A "woman", who isn't actually shaped as one.

Good luck with a no-boob having wife, Sam. Damn, that must be complete hell for a man...

Oh and did I mention she has no ass?