So here we go...A new story from the Geek Princess. Apparently, I'm not dead. I know I'm not the first to novelize a dating sim, but I hope I can entertain a few people with this little story of mine!

So this is the first page of my diary, huh? Well, I guess it's good I found this lying around. When this is all said and done, it'll be nice to have proof that this isn't a dream.

Before I go any further, though, I think some introductions are in order. My name is Nicole Green, ace college student, ace comic book geek, ace gamer, and hopefully one day, ace writer. I've gotten quite used to people calling me Nickey, though. And I'm a Psces, for what it's worth.

Joining me in my adventuring party in this RPG we call life is my best friend Michelle Kent, otherwise known as Mickey. She's an aspiring artist, kind of the Steve Ditko to my Stan Lee. Except without the militant objectivism and the partnership-crushing creative differences. She was born during the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

The two of us have been best friends since we were little girls. I can't remember a time when we weren't together. Well, that's a lie; I can, I just choose not to. Those were not fun times.

Our period of inseparability ended after our high school graduation. I was going off to the city to study at X University, while she was staying back in our hometown and attending Y Community College. That's not to say we completely left each other behind. We still talk on the phone and online as much as humanly possible. And then we have breaks, when I come back to the suburbs and we get to do some actual hanging-out.

Specifically, this little adventure of ours began on Spring break of our sophomore year of college. And we were having a blast!

Now I know what you're thinking, and no, it wasn't one of those kind of Spring breaks. I'm afraid the two of us just aren't cool enough to be invited to any wild drunken beach parties. No, we were in the gameroom at my parents' house, blazing through Book II of Legacy of Ys. And, as seems to be a prerequisite for me and dungeon-crawling, my love life invariably gets brought up.

"So how are things going with Mr. Perfect?" Mickey asked.

I nearly drop my DS in shock at the mention of my boyfriend. "Mr. Perfect...isn't."

"What're you talking about? Of course he is!" Mickey insisted. "He's rockin' that Poindexter look we both love, he's obviously really smart, he's the president of the gaming club at your school...Girl, he took you to Barnes and Noble for your second date!"

"Yeah, well...The guy that I've been gushing to you about since you met him at YukiCon apparently isn't the same guy I've been dating."

"Wow, someone sounds bitter! What went down?"

"You think you know a guy, Mickey. You think you've got a connection with a guy. You think you've got such a connection to this guy that you're willing to overlook the fact that he said his spirit animal would be an octopus if he were into that kind of thing. But then he gets all passive-aggressive on you; starts pushing for more than you're ready to give, and insinuating you're only gonna ever get anywhere on your looks." As I spoke, I began getting so angry that I was coming close to shaking my DS each time I slashed at an enemy.

"Oh my God, Nickey!" Mickey gasped. "I'm so sorry!"

"You haven't heard the deal-breaker," I said. "He actually implied that he wanted to do...things to me involving tentacles."

"But you told him your hangups with stuff like that like, before you two even started dating!"

"You know that, and I know that. Apparently, he forgot," I huffed.

"So what're you gonna do?"

"Already done it. I broke the hell up with him the Friday before I came home."

"Awww..." Mickey pouted. "I wanted to get in on the breakup action."

"Maybe next time," I said.

"But seriously, I've been there and back. Good for you for nipping him in the bud."

I nodded. "Thank you. And we totally need to have some post-breakup celebration later."

"No doubt," Mickey said. "Maybe we could go to the comic store and pick up some guys, now that we're both single again."

I shrugged. "Eh, I don't know if that's me right now. I mean, don't get me wrong, I won't say no if some cute guy's interested, but I won't be lookin' for a while."

"Oh, come ooooon," Mickey said. "You gotta have some ideal of what you want now that you've gotten out of a disaster of a relationship. Maybe someone younger?"

I gasped, beginning to blush. "Mi-Mick, you know I'm not into shota!"

Mickey rolled her eyes. "Suuuure you aren't. Now what were you saying about Carlos from the Magic School Bus?"

"Agh!" I lashed my foot out at her, missing by a couple of inches. "What about you and Xiaolang Li?"

"Okay, okay, fair enough," she said. "I wasn't even talking that young, anyway. I mean, think back to high school. Who were your two favorite boyfriends?"

"Well that's easy. Kevvy and Mike, from junior year."

"Who were both freshmen when you dated them."

"Yeah, but...they were both diamonds in the rough. They were so sweet and quiet and intelligent...Younger guys are usually all immature and pervy and stuff."

"So was the guy you just broke up with, and he was six years older than you. Even if you did get an immature younger guy, he'd at least be acting his age." She smirked. "Besides, when younger guys do start acting mischevious, the fun is all in punishing them for being such bad boys."

"Oh my God, are you projecting, Mickey? Is someone becoming a cougar before her time?"

"Hell no! You know what kind of guy I like. He's gotta be really smart and cool, with a sweet pair of glasses."

"You just dexcribed what I just broke up with."

"Without all the pervyness and misogyny."

"Yeah, well, this time around, I know what I'm gonna be looking for."

"A man who cuts to the chase and just starts hitting on you?"

"Oh my God, you don't even know what you're talking about! The only man I've known who can pull off being a shameless flirt without getting an immediate 'Hell no' from me is the Amazing Nightcrawler, who, unfortunately for me, is not real." I sighed. "Seriously, though, I really want someone really sweet and gentle; you know, a guy who's not afraid to show his emotions and stuff, but one that's willing to stand up and protect me when it's called for."

"So you want a big brother," Mickey smirked.

"Hell no! We do not roll with incest up in here!" I cried.

"I kid, I kid," she assured me. "So you're looking for a guy that you can bring home to the parents?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's not ask for miracles here," I said. "I mean, my mom, sure, but I think Daddy'll only be happy if I brought home like, my school's quarterback or basketball team captain or some other guy I'm never gonna actually meet."

Mickey shrugged. "More likely than what you described. I mean, seriously, you'd think you'd realize that guys that perfect don't exist."

"I can hope!" I protested. "Besides, look at you, miss Tall Dark and Dorky."

She sighed. "You're right. Maybe we're better off marrying the guys we used to have LAN parties with in middle school. I mean, at least you have Max; he was so crushing on you."

I looked up from my DS, my face a stony glare. "No." Elaborating, "You know how I feel as a rule about the childhood friend cliché. It's trite and disturbingly overdone in our society's media. And it has some creepy incestuous overtones to it, to boot. Besides, I set things straight with Max four years ago, in case you don't remember."

"Just a suggestion," she said defensively. "So we gonna go out for our night on the town any time soon?"

"I wanna finish up this dungeon. We'll go as soon as we find the—"

"Boss door!" Mickey exclaimed upon sighting our target. We quickly saved and entered.

"Oh my God, what is that?" I cried.

"Who cares what it is? Commence the killin'!" Mickey immediately started shooting fireballs at the giant skull-head.

"Too close for magic; switching to swords." I got in close and started slicing at the thing, until it opened its mouth. "Eee! Now it's shooting some worm...snake...What the heck is this thing?"

"I dunno, but it just killed you,"

"Avenge me, my sister!"

And several shots of magic later, she did, by the skin of her avatar's teeth.

"All right!" I high-fived her over our game systers before we saved once more and shut them off. "Now we can leave." I reached behind me to grab my purse. "Where did I...?" I groped around the couch for a few minutes before remembering, "Duh! I left my purse in my room. Be right back." I sashayed down the hall, singing as I went. "We're going to the comic store. There'll be cute nerdy boys galore. Don't got a boyfriend anymore. Me and my girl are gonna score. WHOA!"

I guess it worked that 'whoa' was the next word in the song I was spontaneously parodying, but I was seriously was surprised. Well, you would be too if you were just innocently walking into your bedroom when some chick in a dress and some floaty-mouse-thing fell out of your closet.

"We did it, Princess~!" the floaty mouse thing said. "We made it to the other world unharmed~!"

The girl got up, rubbing her back tenderly. "Speak for yourself, Kip..."

When I saw her face, I cried out, but couldn't think of much to say.

The woman looked exactly like me. Well, her hair was a bit longer, and she didn't have glasses, but hair color, eye color, facial structure...She was an exact duplicate!

"What the f...Who are...?"

"Oh!" My double acknowledged me, curtsying. "I am Princess Nicolea Crown of the Flower Kingdom. Very pleased to make your acquaintance."

I stuck out my hand. "Umm...Nicole Green. Call me Nickey."

The princess looked confused at my gesture for a few seconds before the little mouse thing flew in between us."And my name is Kip Hamoon Sallon the 777th!"

The princess pushed Kip gently out of the way. "My tutor. Just call him Kip."

"The 777th? Isn't that a bit ludicrous?" I asked.

"Ah!" Kip's face brightened. "It's actually quite a fascinating story! It—"

"Can we skip to the part where y'all decided it'd be a great idea to bust out of my closet?"

"Hey, Nickey, are we goin' or what?" Mickey entered the room, but stopped in her tracks when she caught sight of my unwelcome guests. She turned to me and murmured, "Why is there a furry and a clone in your room?"

"They were just about to explain," I told her. Turning back to the princess and Kip, I continued. "Weren't you guys?"

"...Who is she?" the princess asked.

"She?" I glanced at Mickey. "She is Michelle Kent, my best friend in the whole world. Anything you can say to me you can say to her."

"Okay..." the princess sighed. "You see, every year, my father hosts a party called the Ball in Saint-Lyon. He keeps playing up the importance of this year's ball, and how it's imperative that I dance at it, but...I can't dance."

"So the princess and I searched for the loooongest time for a solution—and we found one!" Kip continued.

The princess proudly displayed a rather archaic-looking key. "This key is the solution to our problems. When used on a door, it will create a portal to the corresponding location in an alternate world. And fortune of fortunes, you're here when we need you most!" She said this next part rather quickly, like verbal fine print. "I need you to take my place for a month."

"What? Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up! Why should I do anything for you people? I don't even know you! And you're all breaking and entering in my parents' house!"

"Pleeeease, please, please, please!" the princess begged. "I can't dance to save my life! And I'm no good with princes!"

"Princes?" I repeated.

"Did she say princes?" Mickey's face brightened.

The princess nodded. "Six of them. I'm supposed to choose one to dance with."

"Hmm...An alternate universe where I'm a princess...And six princes...Are they handsome princes?"

"I would imagine so..." the princess said.

"Well, I do suppose flirting with six handsome princes is preferable to going back to school next week and dealing with statistics class...Okay, I'll do it!" Mickey's jaw dropped, before I added "On one condition."

"Yes, yes, name it!" the princess, sonding rather grateful, nodded.

I glanced back at Mickey. "My girl Mickey has to come with me."

Mickey's face brightened, but the princess and Kip looked unsure.

I placed my hands on my hips, noting their expressions. "Mickey and I've done practically everything together; shared practically everything. We both had dreams of going off to a magical world and being princesses, and now that it's actually happening, I'm not about to leave her behind. Especially when she's been wanting this even more than me."

The princess mirrored my stance. "My father will notice that there are two princesses."

"Leave that to me. I'm excellent at talking authority figures down. One of the powers associated with being a teacher's pet." When she didn't back down, I played my trump card. "Listen. Your daddy's party is kinda resting on my shoulders, right? I don't go, you have to dance. You dance, you fail. And I will not go without my friend."

The princess huffed. "Fine. Let's hope that you're as good with words as you say you are..."

I smiled and winked. "I won't disappoint!" I turned to Mickey. "Ready?"

"You know it!" The two of us fist-bumped.

"Kip..." The princess looked at her tutor pleadingly. "Do what you can."

Kip nodded, then turned to us. "This way, ladies." He opened the door to my closet, revealing what looked like a big swirly screensaver.

The two of us nodded to each other, before running into the portal, only barely aware of Kip crying "Hey~! You're supposed to wait for me~!"

We came out on the other side in a very lavishly-decorated bedroom, done up in a very aesthetically-pleasing pastel pink theme.

"Wow..." I gasped. "Sweet room..."

Mickey ran to the window. "Wow! This place is beautiful!"

I joined her, taking in the picturesque scenery and people dressed like Ren Fest regulars. "Wowee...You're telling me! Just like in those fantasy novels we were obsessed with in the fifth grade!"

The smile fell from Mickey's face. "Except for the people in fursuits."

"Ack!" I cried out upon noticing them. "Why here too?"

"Why are you both so surprised? Of course they're wearing suits! And dresses too."

We both turned around, shocked, to see Kip floating before us, folding his stubby little arms.

"Thanks for waiting for me, by the way," he said sarcastically. "Anyway, don't animals in your world talk and walk upright?"

"Well not really..." I began.

"There are people who dress up and pretend to be animals..." Mickey said.

"Really?" Kip asked. "Well here, animals naturally walk and talk just like humans."

"...Well this'll take some getting used to," I said.

And now there are people knocking at my door. Apparently, we're supposed to get ready for some big party. Like, right now. I'll write more afterwards!

Well, what'cha think? I hope I can get some feedback on this one! I might also wanna make this a bit interactive. I already know the guys I want for the girls, but if there are any scenarios anyone wants me to put into prose or any possible pairings that might happen, mention it in a review! Also, I'll definitely need y'all's help in future chapters, since I might be taking this story in some weird directions. But until then, this is the Geek Princess, signing out!