This is my first chapter of my very first story! I really hope you like it. I have been thinking about doing a mix with these two mangas cause they are just so different. Anyway this takes place in Vampire Knight, right after Ichiru comes back, the chairman works out to have him live with Zero and they are working on their issues; with some other minor tweaks as well. As for Ouran Host Club, pretty much just anywhere I guess you could say definitely after the twins' "fight," cause Hikaru has already taken a jealous stance as far as Haruhi goes.

"It is a charming boarding school, financed by both the Kuran and the Ichiou enterprises," Kyoya was briefing his club mates on the latest fantastical scheme from their fanatical leader.

"Kuran and Ichiou?" Haruhi questioned, wondering why the names were so important. It wasn't like Kyoya to put in useless trivia.

"Yes, they are apart of the big four companies here in Japan, along with the Ootori and Suou companies. It's ok notto have known of them Haruhi, they work more behind the scenes and rarely participate in co-opt investments unless it is with one another."

A cheapened grin formed on Hikaru's face, mirrored perfectly by his twin standing beside him.

"So what you're saying is, when Tamaki decided to go away for a semester with the club," Kaoru began.

"You made sure that Cross Academy made its way to the front of potential schools."

Kyoyagave an enigmatic smile, "If nothing could come from this silly idea, at least the opportunity to form closer connections with some other top companies will be taken."

"This guy," Haruhisaid under her breath, looking at the dark-haired boy in disbelief.

"Hey!" Tamakicalled indignantly, gettingup from his piano seat, "I had a large list to pick from; Cross Academy just seemed more fitting. Quiet and out of the way, plus it's a boarding school so Haruhi will not have to feel embarrassed about having to stay with one of us." He ended with his hands on his hips, proudly gleaming atHIS reasoning.

Haruhi's eyes narrowed on the boy as she spoke sarcastically, "Gee thanks, Tamaki-senpai."

The twins easily picked up on this, grinning at the chance to tease their leader.

"Good going boss." Hikaru ebbed.

"Yeah. Insulting Haruhi is way better than feeling embarrassed."

"What?" Tamaki voice lost its melodic quality as he questioned meekly, "Offend my precious little girl…"

Haruhi's irritated expression darted to the twins as they carelessly winked back. In another second Tamaki was upon her, nestling her head under his chin and patting her hair.

"No! No! I would never try to embarrass daddy's girl. Please Haruhi you must forgive me, don't hate me!"

Still clutching the girl, he turned to look at Kyoya, who was fixated on his notepad.

"Oh mommy, dear, please tell Haruhi I was only trying to help her. Tell her not to be angry with me. Please!" Tamaki wailed.

"Well, the truth is Haruhi would have been able to afford a standadhotel for the time needed, I am told they even offer a complimentary breakfast these days. Judging by the Fujioka's tax returns, that wouldn't have been financially taxing in the least."

Kyoya spoke smoothly, as if knowing about Haruhi's financial situation was common knowledge.

"Damn rich people," the girl muttered as she tried to separate herself from the babblingblonde.

"Haruhi, don't be angry I only wanted to do this for you, so you can have at least one semester to be a girl." the boy begged.

"Pervert." the twins condemned.

Tamaki yelped in surprise feeling himself being lifted and separated from his precious girl. Once back on the ground he turned sharply to find Mori staring frankly at him. The stoic boy lifted his finger to his lips and shushed him.

"Mitsukuniis still takinghis nap," he stated simply nodding his head to the abnormally small boy on the couch, cuddled up with his special bunny Usa-chan.

"Kaien Cross you can not be serious. Visiting students coming to stay here, in the Moon dormitories?" Kaname Kuran was leaning over the Headmaster's desk, studying him closely. Great, he was serious.

"Oh come now Kaname-kun, it will only be a few of them, I trust you have a few nobles who are up to the task. It will be a great opportunity for the pacifist's movement to spread faster beyond the academy walls. Think about it, a generation, not just students from the academy, who will know and understand that coexistence is possible." His eyes shone brightly as he tilted his head to the ceiling, breathing in the strength of this great destiny.

Kaname sighed; he knew how important the coexistence of vampires and humans was to the former vampire hunter. He firmly supported it, not just because of his relationship with Yuuki, but because he truly believed that it would be for the betterment of mankind and vampire kind.

He groaned softly, he was especially against this particular group of students. He just knew that both the Ootori and Suou boys would be pining for his and Takuma's attention. Kyoya Ootori was proving to be quite an adept businessman; absently Kaname wondered if that was why they had chosen Cross Academy in the first place. It didn't matter really, as long as they did nothing to destroy the sanctuary he had created for he and Yuuki, he had no concern what motive they had.

"How many?" he asked softly, taking a seat in one of the chairs facing the desk.

Headmaster Cross practically squealed in delight as Kaname sat, elegantly submitting his defeat. "Just two, Kaname-kun," he gleamed, pulling out the files of the two young men.

Kaname sighed for the umpteenth time as he gazed at the names on the portfolios, Kyoya Ootori and Tamaki Suou. He resigned to give the Suou boy, knowing him as the overly cheery boy from a gala opening, to Takuma. In addition, the reserved Ootori boy went to Hanabusa Aido and Akatsuki Kain. Speaking of reserved young men.

"Oh and Cross, I wanted to ask you about Ichiru-kun, I am under the impression that he and Kiryuu-kun are sharing the same room. Do you know how they are fairing?'

Cross openly smiled at the pureblood's interest in the silver-haired twins.

"Well I believe it was rocky at the beginning but they seemed to have worked enough out to be civil with one another."

"Good." Kaname said more to himself. He understood why Cross had been so adamant on the boys staying together. Nevertheless, Kiryuu could be so easily agitated and even worse, distracted by his brother; both being qualities that hurt the boy's focus. He needed him in complete control if he was to be Yuuki's shield.

"May I see the other files?"

Kaname perused over each, slightly interested in who would be coming to visit. Hm, he thought, the Hitachiin twins, no doubt Shiki and Rima would be upset knowing they missed the chance to be the first to greet the sons of one of their favorite designers. Mitsukuni Haninozuka and Takashi Morinozuka, surely Takuma would enjoy sparring with the best in all of Japan. He hadn't really had a chance to practice his katana skills lately. Hmm, Haruhi Fujioka, an interesting girl, no doubt. She had been riding up the ranks at a steady speed after entering Ouran High, a human commoner no less.