The Dresden Dolls. All beautiful. All full of life. All dead. The Dresden Dolls are gone now. All of them. Chris, Cathy, Carrie, and Cory. All suffered at the hands of a cruel mother. One of them, killed as a child. For the other one, their past came back to haunt her. As for the other two, they lived their lives, in hope of forgetting their haunting past, only to find out that it couldn't be forgotten. Their story has been unheard or forgotten. Their existence has withered away to almost nothing, like dead flowers

I, Jory Dollanganger, am going to make sure that not only my mother but all of the Dresden Dolls are never forgotten. Cory and Carrie. The "devils spawn". "Evil since the moment of conception." Their innocent minds were twisted into believing these lies. They died before being able to fully experience life. My father's death was unfair and undeserved, much like his father's had been. Hit by an ongoing car, while trying to save the life of a stranger. Chris had always been brave, even in the darkest of times. My mother died grieving the death of her one true love, her brother. She had been through so much suffering in her life, she finally let go.

Even though I miss my mother greatly, I know she is happy in heaven. She spoke of what she believed it would be like. She said that she would be greeted by her father, Cory, Carrie, and now Chris. He also knew that she would be greeted by her mother. The mother who was the cause of all of their hardships. The same mother who had died trying to save her daughter's life. He knew his mother would learn to forgive. He knew she would.

My mother didn't speak often of her attic life, but I've read the books. I know how fearful her days were. I know that she could only find comfort in the arms of her brother. I also know of the paper flowers that withered away to nothing.

I often imagine myself in their situation. I wouldn't have been so brave. I wouldn't have survived. They were all put through so much, even Cory, who died before being able to escape. I often wonder how they did it. How did the stay sane? How could they suffer through all of this and turn out to be the wonderful people they were. The still amaze me, years after their death.

I now live in Foxworth Hall, with my children and wife. Bart will not be found in Foxworth Hall anymore. He took his life, months after the death of our mother. No one is certain why he killed himself, but I believe I know the answer. Guilt. Bart never accepted Chris as our father, which made him angry with our mother. He put her through hell, knowing the suffering she has dealt with. I believe that the death of our mother made him realize that he wasted a lifetime being angry. He knew that our mother was gone. He couldn't apologize. He wasn't strong enough to live with the guilt.

My Grandmother Corinne Foxworth wrote that I, Jory would receive the estate and her fortune if something were to happen to Bart before his will was written. That is why we live here. My children play in the gardens and swim in the pool, not knowing this house's evil past. I will one day tell them the story of their grandparents, but now they must be children. They do not need to know these things. They should be living the innocent care-free childhood that my parents never received. Never to be locked away or hidden from the world. Unlike my mother, I color my days yellow. Like the sun, my children will always see. Like the hope I have that my children will be alright. We are not Foxworths but Dollagangers.