Author's Note: Hello all! This is a rather long fanfiction detailing certain scenes throughout the whole Chrono Cross game. There is a reason this is listed under 'Humor', since it's supposed to be amusing. I enjoyed Chrono Cross, but some things bugged me so that's why I'm joking about them here. Please take it lightly and if you can't, then don't read 's rated the same as the game it's self. (Probably for Karsh's and Kid's mouths,) Obviously some characters might be a bit OOC.

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Chrono Cross. If I did, this story would be null and void since I would have spent more time explaining things.

I suppose I should put *Spoiler alert* since this has scenes from the whole game.

But most importantly, I hope you enjoy this!

There was a tower with dragon statues surrounding it. And then there were a set of huge doors, followed by a young woman falling to the ground, and a bloodied dagger…

Serge woke up and frowned, annoyed at that same dream bugging him every night when it didn't even make sense.

He wandered downstairs and ignored the lecture his mom gave about sleeping in late, standing Leena up and a bunch of other stuff about how lazy he was.

He was a teenager; it was his job to be lazy.

But his mother stopped short and peered a little closer, "Serge, you don't look so good…are you alright?"

"It's this dream…"

She sighed, "The same one?"

"Yeah, I'd like to dream about something normal once in awhile…" he complained, rolling his eyes, "This one doesn't even make sense!"

"Dreams aren't supposed to be adequately explained, dear." she said, smiling, "They just are what they are."

He suppressed another eye roll and let her shoo him out the door.

Trying to catch lizards sounded like an easy task, if not a silly one, but it proved much more difficult then Serge first though and by the time he was done, it was well into the afternoon.

Although, considered he hadn't woken up until one o clock…but it didn't matter, really.

Now he made his way to Opassa Beach with the fluffy pink dog, Poshul, at his heels.

As they got there, they saw the beautiful coral scenery and the sound of the waves, but no Leena.

He sighed and wandered out into the sand, yawning. She had said she'd be here, and if he'd known she wouldn't have been, he wouldn't have bothered catching the stupid lizards in the first place.

"There you are!"

Serge turned and spotted Leena at the entrance, hands clasped behind her back.

"You sure took your time," she scolded.

He frowned, "I love how she acts like I was the one that was late to meet here…"

Poshul hopped over, "Leena! Are you and Sergeipoo on a date? Should I reave?"

"Don't be silly!" Leena giggled, "We're not going to do anything!"

Serge rolled his eyes and thought, "We never do…"

Leena came over and he begrudgingly handed her the Komodo scales which she squealed at, "Oh! They look lovely! I should be able to make a beautiful necklace with these."

"Yes, because nothing says romance like scales I skinned myself off of dead creatures I murdered!" he replied sarcastically with a smile.

Really, the latest trend wasn't adequately explained.

She didn't seem to hear him and instead sat down on the sand to stare out at the waves.

He sighed and tried to pay attention as she began to talk, but he wasn't sure what she was going on about. Something about the ocean and memories…


He looked over his shoulder, thinking he heard someone, but saw nothing.

Shrugging it off, he nodded Leena who had asked if they would remember this day in the future.

"Serge…"He looked around again, this time sure he had heard a voice. Again he saw nothing.

Glancing down at Leena, he quickly figured out it wasn't her as she was still babbling.


The third time he turned fully around and Leena looked up, "Are you okay?"

Serge wanted to answer her, but suddenly the waves seemed louder for adequately explained reason and the ground was glowing.

All at once the sand shifted to a swirling mass of blackness and erupted with a spiral of green lights that weaved around him.

Serge felt like he was falling, or being split apart, or both, and then everything went dark.

All for adequately explained reason.

To say things were different in this world then his home world would have been a gross understatement.

Most things were the same, the town layouts were familiar, and the people roughly resembled those Serge was used too.

But there were some things that he just couldn't reconcile.

Like the former fisherman turned…?

"Joy can be found in Mojoy! Let his warmth and love just flood through you! Come on my friend, join with me in prayers! Mojoy! Mojoy!"

Serge backed up slowly and felt around with his foot for the stairs, "Uh, why do you have this basement filled with voodoo dolls? Why not be a fisherman?" he asked.

"Fisherman? Why would I want to do that? I'd much rather stay here, praying to Mojoy for no adequately explained reason," the man answered, continuing his creepy worship, "I can't imagine my life without Mojoy!"

Serge winced and decided to get out of there before the ritual called for a human sacrifice.

They had lied their way up the ladder in the Drowning Valley and now they were standing face to face with the causing of the howling noise.

A skull.

That was talking.

This world was just getting stranger and stranger.

"So, what do you say? Will you help me find my bones? For no adequately explained reason I lost them or something… " the skull said.

Serge shrugged, "I guess, I have no adequately explained reason to say no…I don't really have an adequately explained reason to say yes, but whatever. Hop on!"

"That's that then. We're going to have to sneak into Viper manner!" Kid announced.

Serge blinked, "Why?" he asked, completely confused.

After all, there was no real reason to go there, especially since it seemed this 'General Viper' wanted to capture him.

"For no adequately explained reason. Now come on mate!" she explained briskly before grabbing his arm and hauling him towards the city's gates.

Serge felt a little odd watching Glenn and Lady Riddel finish out their prayer and ceremony, even if he had given them the Bellflower they needed.

It was almost like being a stalker.

"You would think they would have given us a free invite to Viper Manner…" Kid complained behind him, kicking dust up with her foot.

He shot her a look and then noticed that their subjects were starting to leave, although Riddel thanked them once more.

However, for no adequately explained reason, instead of walking on the clearly marked path, both Glenn and Riddel walked underneath the hut and then up a bush covered embankment to leave the area, probably snagging clothing on brambles and tripping on the uneven ground.

"What was wrong with the path?" he asked, gesturing to it.

Kid shrugged.

The wall flipped over, dumping them into a cage on the other side with a bang.

"Told you so!" Serge snapped at Kid, who removed the Dragoon helmet and rubbed her head, "Ah, shut up mate!" she retorted, "I didn't know it'd be a trap. At least we got the loot!"

He rolled his eyes and stood, "Oh, because that's going to be so helpful now that we're trapped inside this cage!"

Nikki had been annoyingly quiet, especially since he had agreed with Serge it was a bad idea to grab the shiny object on the wall.

But once they both looked at him, he pointed through the bars and they both looked over to see a woman in lab attire staring at them.

"Oh, ho ho ho!" she said, chuckling.

Then she walked over and studied them before opening up the door. "I vnow that you are vot Dragoons," she stated, "but kom out,"

They did so, and Serge shot one more glare at Kid, who ignored it.

"So, now what?" the girl demanded.

The woman gestured to a plant creature and said, "Now you will fight this monster for no adequately explained reason."

Serge groaned out of annoyance and he and Kid quickly struck the monster down while Nikki stumbled to get his guitar out.

They turned to the woman and she went over to write something on a clipboard.

They waited, and waited, and finally Serge frowned, "And?"

"Oh, you may go," she replied without looking at them, "I have nothing else that I need you for."

They walked to the door and Serge muttered, "For no adequately explained reason…"

They were approaching the last section of the manner when a shadow dropped in front of them that formed into the shape of a female jester wearing a ridiculous outfit in red and blue.

"Ello, I am zee right-hand jezter of monsieur Lynx, Harle." she said, bowing.

Serge made a face, "…Okay…why?"

"…Why what?" she asked.

He shrugged, "Why are you wearing that crazy costume? Why do you have a French accent? Why are you here? Why anything, actually…"

She just laughed, "You are funny…and to anzwer you'r queztions, for no adequately explained reason, it iz not important that you know ze things."

He sighed, "Of course…"

"Also, for no adequately explained reazon I find you attractive and I'm going to stalk you for ze rest of you'r life."

Serge rubbed a hand over his eyes, "Great…"

Kid looked at the glowing object on the desk, "Is that the Frozen Flame?" she asked in awe.

But leaning closer she shook her head in disappointment, "Nah, that ain't it…"

She turned to look at Serge, "Seems this whole trip was a waste of time,"

"Great…" he mumbled in a bored fashion.

The wall behind them opened into a secret room and an older man stepped out looking regal.

"Who might you be?" he asked, seemingly unconcerned with the fact that they were in his office.

Kid launched into a speech about how she was mad at him or something and Serge stared at the blue glowing thing on the desk.

It looked like a badly crafted glass vase.

Then another figured stepped out and spoke in a raspy voice that made everyone look over at him.

"Lynx!" Kid declared, drawing her dagger, "I'm here to get revenge!"

"Just how many people is she out to get?" Serge thought, rolling his eyes.

He was sick of not knowing what was going around him.

If only someone would explain something.

They ended up getting into a fight, and Kid demanded that he help her even though he honestly just wanted to leave because cats creeped him out.

Afterwards they learned in was only Lynx's shadow and then he said, "Hey, look into this blue glowing thing!"

…At least, it was something along those lines, Serge couldn't remember because he was too busy being entranced by the object.

He saw visions when he looked into it, things he felt he should know but couldn't grasp, and along with it came a splitting headache.

He'd never done drugs, but he suspected this is what it probably felt like.

As Serge feel to his knees, Kid asked if he was alright.

"Does it look like I'm alright? Gosh…you sure are pretty but man are you stupid!" he thought to himself.

Lynx grinned, baring his teeth, "Yes, look into the Dragon's Tear…"

"Dragon's Tear?" Serge managed to ask, confused, "What is it and where did it come from?"

Lynx shrugged, "As if I know. It's not really important, that's why it's not adequately explained."

Serge groaned and it had nothing to do with the headache.

Lynx took another step forward, droning on about time and fate and other stuff that Serge wasn't listening to.

He was busy looking behind him as the length of balcony was slowly inching away.

He was both worried and annoyed at Kid, whose fault this whole thing seemed to be, and right now the cat-man's voice was bugging him.

"Enough with the vague foreshadowing speech!" he said, stopping Lynx in his tracks.

"What do you mean?"

Serge rolled his eyes, "Just tell me what, exactly, you want from me instead of going on about things that make no sense because nothing is adequately explained."

There was a pause, and then Lynx took another step forward and ignored the advice.

"Chrono Trigger!"

Serge sighed and jumped off the balcony, almost hoping to die because he didn't have a clue what a 'chrono trigger' was and he wasn't sure he really wanted to find out.

Even though they had limited time to get the Hydra Humor to make an antidote, Serge stopped off in Arni village to assure everyone that he was alright. Surely they must all be worried since he, literally, vanished into thin air.

His mother wasn't home, however, so he headed to the docks to see Leena.

She was watching the kids again, and that same boy ran off the dock and splashed in the water.

Sometimes it felt like time just repeated it's self…

Serge ran to her side and opened his mouth to give a hastily thrown together story about what happened since he didn't think she would believe the real one.

But she just turned and smiled, "Hi,"

He stopped, "Uh, hi?"

"Sorry I can't do anything today, I got stuck babysitting again." Leena explained with a sigh.

Completely dumfounded, Serge held open his hands, "Weren't you concerned with where I was?"

She blinked, and then a slow realizing came across her face.

"Oh! You mean at the beach?"

He nodded and she giggled, looking back to the water, "Don't worry. Even though you vanished into thin air with a swirl of darkness and green light right before my eyes for no adequately explained reason, I wasn't worried."

He stared at her, mouth agape.

"That's it, you weren't worried? At all?"

She put her hands on her hips and turned back to face him, "I said no silly!"

"But it wasn't adequately explained!"

Leena shrugged, "Well, your back now, right?"

Serge just slapped a hand to his forehead and wondered, not for the first time, what was wrong with everyone around him.

When they had first met Greco, Serge had been too busy trying to figure out what a masked wrestler had to do with exorcisms and ghosts to know the man had talked about. But he did tune back in right as Greco said, "For no adequately explained reason I would like to accompany you."

Serge blinked, "…Then for no adequately explained reason I'll let you come!"

Serge was wondering why everyone talked in front of him but never seemed to notice he was there.

Maybe everyone was right. Maybe he was a ghost.

Right now Glenn was talking at the flower shop owner about the Fort Dragonia and how odd everything was and then mentioned something about a boat.

Serge figured that since he was probably going to head for the docks on the west side of town, that he would step out of the way to make room.

However, the knight in training instead walked up a set of boxes onto a ledge, then walked across the ledge and leaped over a flower bed, landing on the other side and continuing to head for the docks.

All for no adequately explained reason.

"Seriously!" Serge asked no one in particular, "Does that guy have an aversion to walking on the designated walkways?"

Kid had recovered from the Hydra Poison and now she and the others were gathered in the Doc's house to talk things over.

She stared at the Astral Amulet, "I guess you found a way back to your world, huh?"

Serge nodded.

"Well, then I suppose you've got a choice to make; go home and live the life you were suppos'd too, or stay in our world and find out why Lynx is looking for you." Kid said determinedly.

Serge nodded again and then looked thoughtful before replying.

"Even though I had a perfectly lovely life back home, and even though in this world I've met nothing but hardship along with a mad cat-man trying to find me and others trying to kill me, and even though nothing has gone right since I ended up here and even though I don't really have any clue whatsoever to what I'm getting in involved in, for no adequately explained reason I'll stay in this world."

Everyone nodded and murmured as though they understood his decision perfectly.

They had just finished fighting the pirate captain Fargo and Serge was suddenly feeling a bit light headed while his arm felt sort of numb. He glanced down and saw something tiny embedded in his forearm.

"Jellyfish stingers!" Fargo told them gleefully.

Serge made a face, "You shot us with jellyfish stingers? Why?"

"Who knows? For no adequately explained reason, I suppose. The important thing is, your about to pass out!" he answered, laughing.

"For no adequately explained reason I have used the Dragon Tear to somehow switch bodies with you!" Lynx said, laughing.

Serge, now in Lynx's body, couldn't do much about it since he had just been badly injured so instead mumbled, "It makes no sense…"

Lynx grinned evilly, "I know! That's why it's inadequately explained!"

And that was the last Serge heard as the room swirled into darkness.