Dramatis Personae

Jedi High Council

Luke Skywalker, Master Jedi (Grand Master of the Order)

Shelley Harris Skywalker, Master Jedi

Saba Sebatyne, Master Jedi

Cilghal, Master Jedi

Kyp Durron, Master Jedi

Corran Horn, Master Jedi

Kenth Hamner, Master Jedi

Kyle Katarn, Master Jedi

Octa Ramis Durron, Master Jedi

Kam Solusar, Master Jedi

Tioone Solusar, Master Jedi

Jaina Solo-Fel, Master Jedi (Sword of the Jedi)

Leia Organa Solo, Master Jedi

Support Council

Ben Skywalker, Jedi Knight

Han Solo, Captain of the Millennium Falcon, Retired General G.A.

Wedge Antilles, Retired General G.A.

Jagged Fel, Head of State to the Galactic Empire, Head of State G.A.

Alliance Forces Command Staff

Admiral Chase Cracken

Admiral Gilad Pallaeon

Admiral Traest Kre'fey

General James Fissure

General Callie Johnson

General Marcus Jackson

General Kaser Krasov

Alliance Command

Master Shelley Harris Skywalker, AKA The Mistress, Commander and Chief of Alliance Forces Fleet.

Bail Organa, Head of State of the Alliance

Destiny's Crew

General Everett Young

Major Matthew Scott

Major Tamara 'TJ' Young

Lt. Ronald Greer

Captain Vanessa James

Airmen Darren Becker

Airmen Craig Dunning

Dr. Nicholas Rush

Eli Wallace

Chloe Scott

Varro James

Camile Wray

Dr. Dale Volker

Dr. Lisa Greer

Adam Brody

Atlantis Expadition

Dr. Rodney McKay

Dr. Carson Beckett

Dr. Jennifer Keller-McKay

Colonel John Sheppard

Lt. Col. Evan Lorne

This story has three different crossover, Star Wars-Stargate: Universe - Stargate: Atlantis