"Beck I need to go." Jade said as the tears started to roll down her face.

"Jade..."beck said surprisingly because jade never really cried.

"Beck I'm moving to Paris." Jade said weakly

"What!" Beck said. Why jade.

"Because my dad got a new job and he really wants me to be there, and a long distance relationship isn't going to work out goodbye Beck."

"Wait Jade don't go!" Beck said, but jade was already running out the door to her dad's car.

Jade pov

When I got home a million thoughts were running through my head, why did I do that I'm so stupid it could have worked.

As I started to finished pack my bag my phone rang buzz beck calling buzz.

I didn't answer it though it was just too painful to hear his voice.

Beck pov

Why didn't jade answer her phone I tried to go to her has but no answer and a for sale sign outside

Damn I'm too late, why didn't I ask jade to move in with me beck said angrily.

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