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Chapter one: "Everybody wears a crown"

He stepped down the halls with his head held high, each leg marched with confidence. His full lips pulled up into his famous smirk every girl in the school swoons over. He snaps his neck and his dark hair flips to the side, perfectly in place, his large hands pop the collar of his football jacket, his shoulders shrugging along.

"Hi Eli!"

"Can't wait for the party tonight"

"Sup man"

"Great game yesterday"

Elijah Goldsworthy. He goes un-noticed by everyone. They all want to talk to him, hang with him, and know him; like he was some kind of legendary celebrity at Degrassi. He's your typical jock:

Hot, popular, terribly cocky and, a man-whore.

"Hey baby" Eli says with suave to his temporary girlfriend-as most people would call her. She looks up at him with her light blue eyes and smiles feeling his strong arms around her. Girls give her nasty jealous glares as they trudge by-she simply ignored them.

She closes her locker and turns back to him to give him her undivided attention. "Someone's ones happy today" She says with a grin on her face, noticing his obvious glow. Although it was nothing new.

"Why wouldn't I? I won the team one of the biggest games ever, and I'm throwing an unforgettable party tonight. "

Her smile quickly fades; disappointed she wasn't a reason for his positive energy. She liked being the center of attention with her boyfriend, but he wouldn't give her that. She wasn't the brightest star in the sky to realize he wasn't fully interested in her. Before she could open her mouth to start a pointless argument with him-

"Jenna!" Her 'best' friend Julia calls out, breaking the couple apart. She approaches them, with a stupid smile plastered on her pale face.

"There you are! I've been looking for you everywhere" Her voice drips with fake worry. She glances at Eli with lustful eyes."Oh hey Eli, I didn't notice you there. Awesome touchdown yesterday"


Two eyebrows that belonged to a blue eyed blonde, pin together with insecurity, as she notices her boyfriend giving Julia a look she couldn't quite describe.

Eli didn't rip his eyes away from Julia, he was reading her. He knew she just really wanted him. Her hints weren't what you would call subtle. When the three of them would have lunch together, she would 'accidentally' brush her foot against his, or when she would pass him in the hallway she'd carelessly bump into him, and drop all her things, accusing her clumsiness for it.

Eli didn't really care, that's for sure. He had just begun dating Jenna-with simple intentions. And he definitely wouldn't mind sleeping with her best friend, who he found semi-attractive. There were obviously better looking girls in the school, but she's one of the girls he hasn't tried yet. Eli knew the drama would be between them.

Classic High School story: Two Best friends. One of the friends start dating the hottest guy in school. The other secretly crushes on him, seduces him and somehow the other friend finds out. She breaks up with the guy, and confronts her ex best friend only to blame her. They call each other sluts, two-faced, and then a hair pulling slap down evolves to entertain the school.

Eli smirked at his thoughts.

The silence became awkward.

"Power squad practice starts in five, so I should probably get going." Jenna breaks the tension, her voice filled with jealousy.

Eli mentally rolls his eyes. He suddenly wondered why he was 'dating' her…oh that's right. She was one of those girls where you have to be in a relationship to have 'relationships'. Nothing new to him, but it gets annoying at times. But it wouldn't be long before he finally gets some.

Before Jenna could walk away he grabs her hand in attempt to relax her already unsure mind about him. "Hey. How about I watch you practice, you know, support you and what not, then we could drive to my place." He whispers sweetly, using his beautiful green eyes to manipulate her.

She sighs.

"C'mon. Not most boyfriends would sit through a whole hour and a half to watch his girlfriend jump around and clap, singing stupid rhyming cheers." He tries to persuade further. Jenna tries not to get offended.

He brings his lips slowly to hers. She closes her eyes, resting into his mouth. "Okay" She mumbles in the kiss. He suddenly pulls away taking her by surprise and looks at her. She was so naïve.

"I'll meet you there" He says with a smirk, and gives her a goodbye kiss before she goes off.

"You guys are cute" A cheery, slightly deep voice catches Eli. Julia. He almost forgot she was still there. But he did realize they were both secluded in the halls. He turns on his heels.

He raises a curious eyebrow. "But you're cuter"

His line was cheesy. And if it were any other boy, Julia wouldn't have fallen for it. But it was Eli. And anything he says would make a girl's panties drop in seconds.

"Am I now?" She steps closer to him with a devious grin on her face. Eli watches her, waiting for her next move. He knows. He's used to it.

Julia brings a single index finger to his chest. "Did you get my text?" She was referring to a message she sent him yesterday, with an offer he simply wouldn't refuse. Her finger slowly glided down the middle of his chest down to his torso to cling onto his belt.

He took one closer to her too." I have a girlfriend" Eli tries to sound guilty, but he was just playing games. Kind of like hard to get. But in reality, he wouldn't give a damn even if he was married to Jenna. He was already getting excited.

"I'm sure what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Besides, I see the way you look at me."

He raises both his eyebrows. " And how exactly do I look at you?"

She tilts her head to the side, getting on her toes. "Maybe I could show you" She whispers erotically against into his ear. He grunts and crashes his lips into hers hungrily. She was a good kisser- he'd give her that.

He pulls away, and grabs her small rough hands, pulling her towards the famous boiler room.


Not too long after they entered the boiler room, they were exiting the place with caution. Eli was completely disinterested right after. They both walked silently towards the gymnasium. He remembered he had to wait for Jenna. Right around the corner before entering the gym, Eli stopped her by the shoulders, turning her to face him.

"This never happened" He said looking at her seriously.

"My lips are sealed" She pretended to zip her lips. He silently laughed at the irony.

They both caught Jenna's eye as they both walked in. She smiled and waved at both of them, but continued to pay attention to Chantay.

"Yo Eli over here!" He turned to the source of the voice to see his two friends K.C and Drew sitting on the bleachers. Julia went elsewhere with a group of friends. Eli smirked and walked their way, bumping fists with them both as he sat down next to them.

K.C and Drew are both on the football team with Eli. There aren't many distinctions between them besides their physical appearance. Drew is way too cocky about his looks, and thinks he can get any girl he wants. K.C is a much sweeter version of a player, slightly aggressive but he knows when to turn on the Charm.

Eli's eyes wandered around the gym, paying no mind to the cheerleaders around them, unlike K.C and Drew who were picking out who's the hottest. He noticed Julia looking at him from the other side of the bleachers and she waved at him with a wink. He gave her a fake smile and a nod.


"Huh?" Eli questioned, obviously lost.

"You hooked up with Julia" Drew stated more than asked.

Eli chuckled. "How'd you know?"

"Dude c'mon. We all know how a girl acts once you've gotten past second base with them." K.C engages in.

Eli nods his head agreeing.

K.C pats his shoulder. "It better have been worth it, because you just walked right into trouble"

Eli shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly "It's nothing new". His phone begun to vibrate, and he checked to see he head a few texts from a few of his little harlots.

While he was replying to a message his phone suddenly almost got knocked out of his hand when K.C shoved him forcefully. "What the hell man" He complained.

"Dude who's that?" He hollered.

Eli rolled his eyes and looked over. "Damn" Was all he said. The three teen boys kept their eyes peeled on the hot new meat.

"Okay everyone this is Clare Edwards. I got her sister to convince her to transfer here and now she's going to be replacing me as captain, since I have to focus on graduating this year. " Chantay exclaimed excitedly.

"So wait. Your Darcy's little sister right?" The dark skinned cheerleader Marisol asked.

She nodded her head.

All the girls were undoubtedly happy to have a new captain. Especially since Darcy's mentioned in Degrassi's hall of fame.

Except one person who stared at her in realization.

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