Dean had been about to go to bed when he found the object in his pocket. It turned out to be a rather nice high end smartphone. It definitely wasn't one of his. He briefly wondered where the heck it came from and decided it didn't matter.

The next morning, while he was playing with the device - which he deduced from the saved numbers had belonged to Jensen Ackles - he found a video titled CASTIEL + ASSBUTT = SOULMATES.

Even though the particular day this video ostensibly depicted had been one of the worst if not the worst in his entire life, he found himself laughing his ass off at the video and watching it several times.

Sam and Bobby came into the room with concerned expressions on their faces after he'd watched the scene for the fifth time.

"Is something wrong?" Bobby asked.

"Sam, Bobby, I ended up accidentally bringing Jensen's phone home with me, and you guys have got to see this." Dean replied.

He shifted the phone so the other two men could watch...



Blam. Splatter.

Even though they all felt it was kinda wrong, all three men found themselves laughing, and of course watching it again.