For DirtyLittleGleek, who asked for just a bit more.

Reckless: Part 2

She takes a deep breath. She's not sure what's going to happen. She may just lose her best friend. Might lose her family. Lose everything that she's ever cared about. One stupid mistake might make her suffer like nothing else.

And, to top it all off, her skin's crawling again. She scratches, scowling. Today's fucked. Is she sure she want to do this today? No, she's not. But this is how it's going to be every time that she tries, so it's better to get it all over with.

Knocks on the door tentatively. Her best friend/cousin opens the door, smiling carefreeasyouplease. Invites her in, doesn't even notice her scowl until they're perched awkwardly on separate couches in the living room. He's not here, she's noticed. Here goes nothing.

Tears crawl fierce paths down her cheeks. The air bites with chilled teeth. She watches as the doors slammed in her face. Wellthatwentwell. Not even sarcasm is helping.

She's just lost her family, she knows it. She helped kill one of the best relationships that she's ever seen. And for what? A one-night stand that she knows didn't mean anything to either of them?

Sobs sound from inside. Great, she made her best friend – her cousin that's basically her sister – cry. Feels horrible. She doesn't even like him, so why the hell did she sleep with him?

At least…she doesn't think she likes him. She doesn't like him. Right? Of course not! That's…absurd? Or is it? Now she's confused. She's known him, what? Twenty-something years now? And she's always hated him. So why would she even consider liking him?

Her thoughts are blurring together. All she knows is that she's pregnant with a bastard child, and she's probably going to be disowned. Why is she so reckless?