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Chapter 1: The Odd One Out

Prologue: It was the Time of The Silver Rain in the year following the War Of The Ember. With the Tree now led by King Soren and Queen Pelli, the peace they had fought so hard to regain had settled over all the Kingdoms like the insubstantial mist of the island itself.

All had been well in the days since the Pure Ones were demolished in Beyond The Beyond. The night of Coryn's death was made a special holiday in his honor, and also for the other animals that had given their lives on that bloody night. Many new families have been forged in these recent months.

All the new families dearly hoped for eggs, since the Egg Festival was but three moon cycles away. Two of the daughters of the King and Queen have recently found mates, along with many other Guardians. A sense of pride and general joy resided in nearly every Guardian's gizzard and heart, except for one. And this hard fought and hard won peace was not to last.

The three B's were in their own hollow, since their Mum and Da now had their own private sanctuary at the base of the Tree. They now had reached maturity and sported feathers tinted like honey, the same color as their Da's wings, and a light sprinkle of black spots reminiscent of their Mum's face.

They were reading a book entitled Siv: A Queen's Tale under the river of glowing moonlight pouring in from the opening, when Soren and Pelli flew into the hollow, smiles on their faces.

"Hello children, have you enjoyed this new hollow so far?" Pelli asked.

"Yes Mum, but it was a lot more cozy with you and Da in here with us." they all replied somberly.

Pelli gave a churr and glanced over at Soren.

"Don't worry dearies, you'll get used to it. We will always come to visit you, just so you won't feel so lonely." he added.

Their faces lit up and seemed to flood the space with a golden aura. Soren nuzzled closer to Pelli and she gave a small nod.

"Me and Pelli have both agreed to try for new owlets this year, so you will have new siblings to watch over very soon."

"Really Da! I can't wait! I will never forget watching the egg that was Bell hatch. She looked so funny without her feathers!" Blythe and Bash exclaimed.

"I did not look funny. Mum said I was adorable even with out my down!" Bell retorted.

"If I looked funny, then so did you two." Bell added, glaring at her sisters.

"Now now you three, no more teasing. You won't get to watch the eggs hatch if you keep fighting like that." their Da declared.

"We're sorry, Da." they said, hanging their heads.

"Apology accepted, dearies."

He then turned back to Pelli.

"Well dear, it looks like it's time for breaklight."

"Indeed it is, Soren. Would you care to invite three special owls to eat with us before bedtime?" she replied.

The faces of Blythe, Bash, and Bell turned to Soren, their midnight orbs casting a pleading look.

"I don't see why not. Come children. Let us all have breaklight together in Mum and Da's hollow." Soren concluded, and five gleaming white owls flew out of the port and spiraled down to the base of the tree.

Upon entering the orange hollow lit by two small torches, they commenced feasting on a tasty meal consisting of grilled mice, milkberry tart, and lovely milkberry tea.

After they had finished, the Three B's whispered, "Good light, Mum and Da." for their parents had settled down in their nests and quickly entered the realm of sleep.

Bell, Bash, and Blythe were soon resting in their own moss-lined nests, but their quivering gizzards prevented them from sleeping. They were simply too excited.

"Maybe we will get a baby brother this time. I want one really bad." Bash declared.

"What is that supposed to mean, Bash? Do you not love us because we're your sisters?" they asked, a hint of frustration in their twin voices.

"No, I don't mean anything like that. I love you two very much. It's just that it would be nice to have a brother." she countered.

Blythe and Bash gazed at their sister.

"Maybe you are right. Having a brother would be different. We could tease him when Mum and Da aren't watching!" they said with a churr.

The three owls soon dozed off, hoping silently for a brother to tease, and a brother to love.

Upon the setting of the sun that evening, the tree began to bustle as its resident owls awoke and carried out their daily preening and washing.

"Is it time for tweener already?" Bell asked in a drowsy voice.

"Almost, Bell." Blythe replied.

"We still have a few minutes to straighten out our feathers..." she added, running her beak through Bell's feathers, and then moving on to Bash.

Once they were finished, they hurried down to the dining hollow and quickly slowed down, for they would have barreled into Martin and Lydia, who were already perched before Mrs. Plithiver.

"Sorry we're late. Bash's primaries were messy and crooked..." said Bell.

"Don't worry, there is still enough room for you three. We saved just enough spots for you." Digger replied, while he scooted closer to his new mate, Sylvana.

As the seven owls munched on delicious vole meat, Bash made an announcement after swallowing a chunk of the delicious meat.

"Guess what I heard from our parents yesterday, before tweener. They-"

"Is it good news or bad news? Does it have something to do with the printing chaw? I can't stand hearing about it. It's so booooring..."

"Hush, Digger. Let her finish." Sylvana scolded, and Digger shut his beak with an audible click.

"It has nothing to with that, Digger. And yes, it is good news."

"Well, what is it?"

Martin, Sylvana, and Lydia asked, shuddering visibly with anticipation. Mrs. Plithiver sensed what was coming.

She had felt the waves of elation floating up from them the night before.

"Soren and Pelli are planning to have more eggs this year!"

She could barely contain her joy, and her two sisters smiled at her as she finished.

So this is what I felt coming from their hollow yesterday, the blind snake thought.

"Well, that is wonderful, Bash! Have they told anyone else yet?" they asked, gazing at each other.

"Not yet," she replied, "I don't know when they will announce it, but please don't tell anyone else."

"Word of this news will not leave our beaks."

They all held one talon over their beaks for emphasis.

As the seven owls finished eating, they flew off to the meeting places for their respective chaws.

Bell and Bash were led out to fly in a moderate storm on the coast of Tyto Forest, while Blythe went with the colliering chaw to a brush fire on Cape Glaux along with Lydia. It was a tough flight for Bell and Bash, and they could not wait for the eastern sky to fill with gold streaks from the rising sun.

Blythe flew skillfully in the fire as well, being congratulated by Lydia on how many glowworms she caught.

All the owls returned their hollows exhausted, but the notes of the grass harp helped relieve them of that feeling.

"I saw Thomas flying the scuppers in that storm earlier, Bash. He was so handsome..." Bell said in a drooling tone.

"Well, you should have seen Jasper fly through the cyclone before we came back. His wingwork was amazing..." Bash responded.

"How did it go in the fire out in Ambala, Blythe?" they asked, turning to their sister.

"I caught a few glowworms thrown from an updraft. Lydia said I was a natural."

Bell and Bash noticed that Blythe did not sound positive despite what Lydia had said about her.

"Is there something wrong, sis?" Bell asked as she walked up to her and touched her with her wing.

A small tear dropped from her eye and stained the floor of the hollow.

"I have been so lonely lately. I wish I had a mate that I could admire like you and Bash do..." Her voice trailed off.

Bell and Bash replied, "We are sorry that you haven't found a mate yet. But you never told us, so we didn't know."

"I know," She answered. "I thought you would make fun of me. I know how much you like to joke."

"We would never do that to you, sis. We will help you find a mate, if you want. Maybe we could go ask Mum and Da for help too." they said.

"Oh would you?" she replied, drying her tears and hugging her two sisters.

"Yes...we...will. Uh, Blythe, we can't breathe..." they choked out."

She released her sisters and muttered, "Sorry. I didn't know I was squeezing that hard!"

They all churred for a moment before retreating to their nests to be swept away into sleep by the soft plucking of the harp, the notes cascading throughout the tree just as the waterfall did at the Palace Of Mists.

Maybe, with the help of my sisters, and Mum and Da, I won't be so lonely anymore...