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Chapter II: We'll be alright…right?

"Oh god this is just ridiculous Finn" she said.

"It's not" Finn stated looking to the couple in front of them

She just stared at him in shock.

Last week, Santana and Sam got together, like really together as far as Finn and Quinn knew. Both of them had their own particular reaction. Quinn, well, she didn't said too much about it, but her face was all a mixture of confusion and joy with a shade of jealousy, as for Finn everything was…ok.

It's not like he didn't care about the positive elements of the new couple in Glee, but he knew that the problem with Sam was there, even if Santana was with Sam, Finn had issues to talk about with Sam. Since the night he tried to talk to Sam, Finn couldn't think of anything else but Kurt's voice repeating constantly on his mind "You don't want to be like Puck", and it was true, he knew how betrayed Sam felt when he found out about his friend being with his girl.

And then, there they were, looking Santana and Sam making out at the other side of the corridor, both trying to figure out how this could be beneficial.

"Is it weird?" Finn asked.

"The what?" she asked not looking away from Sam and Santana.

"That we're looking at them while they make out"

"Not weird at all" she said firmly with conviction on her voice.

"Well I gotta go to class" Finn said looking away and turning on his heels.

"Ok" she said just standing there while Finn walked away.

"Am I dreaming or miss 'look at me I'm all extravaganza' is throwing a party this Saturday" Santana said skeptically.

"Nope, she's actually doin' it" Puck said smiling at her.

"Woah, I thought Rachel was the good girl on school" Sam said confused

"Looks like someone wants some rebellion"

"Don't think so" Puck stated "she was hard to convince"

"But she's gonna get some booze to the party, right?" Santana asked.


"Are we going?" Sam asked Santana.

"Well, I guess we could make out on her couch if the party turns out to be a shitty one"

"Got it" Sam stated.

When the conversation was done, Puck, Santana and Sam stood there awkwardly waiting for the other glee clubbers to arrive to the choir room. The first one to arrive, as if it was surprising, was Rachel, followed by the powerful couple of Finn and Quinn. Both Sam and Santana felt uncomfortable when they sat behind them. The rest of the clubbers arrived seconds later, followed by Mr. Shue.

"Ok, guys, today I want you to make groups of three" Mr. Shue indicated.

"Why?" Mercedes asked.

"Well, lately I've seen some trouble between you guys, and we're near to regional's, so I want to make some bonding between you"

"Doesn't make much sense" Artie said to Mr. Shue

"I'm not over"

All the members of the glee club shared confused looks.

"This is just a little dynamic, nothing too fancy"

"What is it?" Tina asked anxiously.

"You just have to sing a song with your team members"

"That's all?"Finn asked


"And how does that gonna help us to improve the bonding"

"That's the second part of the task, I want you guys to find out how this assignment will improve your bonding"

"Ok…" Brittany said looking awkwardly to Mr. Shue.

"You'll see, you just have to work on it" Mr. Shue said enthusiastically "Understood?"

"Yes" all said at unison.

"Now here's the bad news" Mr. Shue said looking all the clubbers with excitement on his eyes "I'll pick the teams!" he exclaimed.

All stood there silently looking disappointed by Mr. Shue's announcement.

"I can see your happiness" Mr. Shue said sarcastically"anyway, Tina; Mercedes and Lauren will be a team"

The three of them just waited to the other announcements with relief on their expressions.

"Mike, Artie and Santana will be other team"

"Yay" Santana said with fake enthusiasm

"Rachel, Quinn and Sam"

Rachel just looked at her teammates in disbelief.

"And then we have Puck, Finn, and Brittany"

"It's ok, we'll solve our problems" Brittany said innocently to Finn and Puck.

The Saturday arrived, and with it the Rachel's party arrived too. All of the members of the club were on Rachel's basement getting drunk. The party was getting chaotic, but they were all getting some fun. Not mentioning all of them were already dizzy for the alcohol on their systems.

While Brittany was getting undressed for Artie, and Santana was fighting with Lauren, Sam was dancing lamely all over the place not caring about the others on his way, so he eventually hit somebody. Both Sam and Finn fell on the floor, Sam on top.

"Watch out dude" Finn said trying to get up from the floor.

"Oh, I'm sorry dude" Sam said half conscious getting up from the floor to a standing position and turning on his heels ready to walk away, when the information sank in

"No prob" Finn said behind him.

Sam just turned around again and stared at Finn.

"What's wrong?" Finn asked, evidently sober than Sam.

"What do you think it's wrong?" Sam asked in an angry tone.

"Hey, relax dude" Finn said

"Don't tease me or I'll kick your ass" Sam stared at Finn furiously.

"I'm not teasing you, I'm just telling you to…"

"Shut the fuck up" Sam yelled, but one seemed to listen due to the music.

"Hey, calm down Sam, you're drunk"

"What about it?" Sam asked defiantly.

"You're upset because of the alcohol" Finn said staring at the floor

"I think you know why I'm upset" Sam said clenching his fists and leaning closer to Finn

Finn stepped back "wait, we can't fight"

"You weren't drunk when you made out with my girl, so why should I wait?"

"Hey, why don't we talk about this Sam?" Finn asked when he reached the wall behind him

"Talk?" Sam laughed bitterly "now you wanna talk"

"I wanted to talk to you since the other day, but you didn't let me"

"There's nothing to talk about Finn" Sam said in a sudden tone of sadness

"Of course we can talk" Finn said walking near Sam

Then, Sam ran upstairs. When Finn ran behind him, no one noticed their absence.

Finn looked all over the house for Sam, but he couldn't find him until he heard sobs coming from a room. He slowly opened the door, the lights of the room were off, but he saw Sam's silhouette because of the light of the moon slipping through the window. He was sitting on the bed staring at the front when Finn sat next to him. The sobs decreased slowly, and when they were almost a whisper Finn talked.

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be, I don't want your pity" Sam said bitterly.

"I didn't mean to do it"

"Is that your apology?"

"I don't know what else I can say"

"Of course you don't know you selfish douche"

"Look, I'm sorry ok, I didn't mean to, but I'm not gonna be apologizing for ever, so can we just get through this once and for all"

Then Sam looked at Finn for the first time since Finn arrived to the room.

"You know" Sam said cautiously "I thought you were my friend"

"I am"

"You're not my friend Finn"

"Dude, you're overreacting"

"Am i?" Sam said staring right to Finn's eyes

"Dude, I'm really sorry, can we just move on?" Finn said staring back to Sam's eyes "please?" he asked.

"I can't Finn, I can't trust you"

"We don't have to be like bff's or stuff, we can be just friends"

"No Finn, we can't" Sam said walking out of the room.

The next morning, Finn woke up with a headache, lucky for him it was Sunday, so he just went up for some breakfast and returned to his bed. He spend the day doing nothing until the night fall. It was 00:04 on his nightstand clock, but he wasn't able to sleep. Despite the fact that he didn't do anything the whole day, he couldn't stop thinking about last night, and how Sam looked so hurt, even if he was drunk, Sam was really hurt, and Finn knew he was responsible for it.

Finn could understand why Sam was being so rude with him, he did what Noah didn't. he apologized. But maybe Sam was right on him, being sorry wasn't enough. He started to remember the time when he was on the same situation. He wondered how he would have reacted if Puck asked him to apologize him, of course it wasn't enough to apologize, but he surely wouldn't be so damn rude with Puck.

Would he?

Without hesitation he took his phone and texted to Sam, not thinking to much on it.ç

To: Sam

Sorry for last night and everything.

He wrote simply that, but unlike last time he wasn't expecting Sam to respond the text. So he was frankly surprise when his phone buzzed and showed Sam on the display screen

"Hey" Finn said simply.

"Stop it, I don't want your apologizes, just…let's pretend we never met alright, maybe one day I'll forgive you, but not now"

"But Sam..."Finn tried to say, but Sam was already out of line.

Next day, at the start of glee club, Quinn, Rachel and Sam were already in the front of the class getting ready to present their song, but Mr. Shue asked them to explain their improvement.

"Well" Quinn started "I think everyone here knows we've been having trouble" she said referring to Sam and Santana "but we found a song that, like us, tells something about what we can do if we just start to learn how to tolerate each other somehow"

"That's right, we've learned some stuff from each other while we were at rehearsals and found that we can actually get along easily, even when Santana starts with his bitchy attitude" Sam said smiling at Santana

"We simply learn he are here for each other, at the parties or the club but we're here"

just smiled.

We are young, we run free
Stay up late, we don't sleep,
Got our friends, got the night,
We'll be alright

They started to sing, while Sam was playing the guitar too. Finn just stared confused at the musical selection of the team, thinking about the truthfulness of Santana's and Sam's words.

Feels like aaaaaaa
(Yeah, feels good don't it)
Aaaaaa (do-do-don't it)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah we'll be alright
uh huh!

Everyone was just singing and dancing along them, while Finn was just sitting there, waiting for something, Sam noticed Finn sitting there quietly while he was singing, and by the end of the song he looked to Finn's eyes, and their glances met while Sam sang the last line of the song.

We are young, we run free
Stay up late, we don't sleep,
Got our friends, got the night, we'll be alright
Throw our hands in the air, pretty girls everywhere
Got our friends, got the night, we'll be alright.

Both, Finn and Sam, somewhere inside of them really wanted to believe everything was going to be alright.

None of them were sure about it.


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