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This is what I think should happen in the next book after jealously.

I have my own room now in the school surround 24/7 with guards, Benjamin and Leon will answer to my every call now was past the guard trials. God that was one hell of a week , all I wanted to do was look for graves but Christophe said I'm not going anywhere until I'm properly trained and have decent protection just in case . He kept revering to last time and me almost getting kill, if it was not for ash protecting me.

So here I am a month later still training. Christophe has me fighting someone he knows will beat me if I don't try, I'm surprised he hasn't run out of competitors yet. I've been going at it really hard hoping that they all think I'm mad or crazy and not want to fight , as it is one on one combat I've left a lot of people with a memory of me . At the start I might have bitten someone, because I can remember the taste of blood in my mouth then I blank out, Christophe says it's because I'm getting close to blooming, but won't tell me if I really did bit someone. As I walk in to the gym now for my training , I normal have to listen to a briefing about if things get to much for me , I should stop because he doesn't want to push me to hard , just before I bloom .

So when I walk in and see Christophe leaning against the wall just outside the sun's rays I know something's up, normally he would be telling my challenger if they left me permanently damaged, he would personally rip their hearts out, with that charm, I wonder why people want to fight me at all, when they could lose their lives doing it, but of course I'm the new head of the council and the only svetocha.

I walk over to Christophe taking in his expression he look like he was trying to decide something then the door slammed close behind me , his head shot up in a somewhat surprised manner . His expression changed now turning in a small smile , he doesn't smile very often unless it's to cheer me up or he knows I'm going to land on my ass in a fight , so why is he smiling now .

"Why you looking so happy? finally ran out of people who don't want their ass kick by me !"

I asked his mouth, turned more upward now looking at me with more of a grin that smile.

"No but Benjamin thought we should give you a rest for a while, considering you're so close to blooming"

The look on his face look like he already knew what I was thinking , what the hell ,Benjamin might watch me most of the day and night but how would he know how hard I'm pushing myself, the quicker I learn to fight , the more chance I have of saving graves in time .

"What would Benjamin now about how I fight, I bet I could kick his ass if I tried"

His faced light up like he just got an idea

"I'm sure you could but then who would protect you if you beat up your guards?"

"Well I have to find someone who can't beat me then wont I"

The way he was looking at me was like he thought I might actually be serious about this , of course being followed around by four huge men wasn't enough, one of them had a sense of humour that drives me crazy , with knock jokes every five minutes.

"How do you know there no one here that can beat you?"

"Well because you've had me fight the people you think can beat me, and I haven't lost"

I said he always brings my competitive side out like I feel I have to prove something.

Just as I finish my sentence, he says in a whisper "yet"

He pounces of the wall and come straight towards me. My first instinct was to get out of the way, go for defence, I would of in any other situation, but I was going to prove I can beat him. Just as he was about to impact I slide to the side just in time to watch him land on his feet swivel around and face me.

His eyes are going darker from the normal colour of sky blue, because of the adrenaline pumping through his veins, his smile turn in to a grin as he said "still think you can go undefeated?"

I was taking this as a challenge If I one he couldn't protest anymore about more not being able to protected myself and we could go looking for graves so I took the challenge

"I could kick your ass with my eyes closed!"

He seemed to find this funny because he gave a short laugh then lunges at me again only this time I went with my instincts and back up waited for him to land , then brought my leg up to kick him in the stomach , but before I could , his hand shot out and push my foot away with such force it caught me off balance and I only regain my balance in time to see him coming to towards me , before he grabbed my wrist so I was off the ground and daggling in the air , I used my legs to flip out his hands kicking his chest before landing on my feet . His expression gave away his total surprise by my actions , we stared at each other for a while circling daring each other to make the next move , then he broke the silence by saying "you really should flick you ankle more when you kick ", pointing to his chest "is not going to leave a bruise "

That did I took about two seconds to decide my angle the lunged with all my force in to punching his brains out , as I was about to make the first blow , my stomach started to cramp and my arms and legs went limp , I didn't know what was happening I was flying through the air with great force .

Christophe must have seen the panic in my face because of he was out of his defence position and looked ready to catch me.

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