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Joe's POV

"Hey, Stells," I said into my phone, fiddling with the touchscreen on the Stellavator. "Do you think I should go for a tight Speedo, or loose baggy swimming shorts?"

A sigh at the other end. "Joe, we've been through this. The Stellavator WILL tell you exactly what article of clothing you need depending on season, weather, location and event IF you input it correctly. Have you input it correctly, Joe?"

I jabbed at a few buttons on the screen, frowning at the multitude of options flashing across. "Seeing as a pool party isn't really an official JONAS event, I don't think there is a category for "pool-party-that-isnt-really-an-official-JONAS-event."

Stella gasped, a sharp intake of breath followed by a hurt "You've hosting a pool party, and didn't think to invite me? How could you?" I could almost hear her pout through the receiver.


"Um… I… er…" I stammered, having accidentally made the Stellalarm go off by choosing a green Hawaiian top with red flip flops and white Speedos. I wanted to celebrate Christmas earlier. Didn't seem like such a good idea now. "Stella? Help? …Please?"

"Oh no, Joe, you did this to yourself. You're fixing it." The dial tone sounded. She hung up on me! How could she hang up on me when the alarm is sounding like this? It's louder than Macy's screechi- I mean singing. Yeah. Singing. AHHHH, this noise is getting in my head! IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!

Nick's POV


What in the name of Mike was that unholy noise? I folded and put down one of Dad's weekly subscriptions for Teen Spotlight: Celebrity Dirt! on the kitchen counter and craned my neck up one of the fireholes.

"Joseph! Turn that noise down!" Mom called, returning an armful of fresh luandry. "It's breaking my eardrums!"



Mom dropped a pair of Kevin's boxers. Don't ask how I know it's Kevin's, I just do, okay? We're brothers, we live together. She sighed and looked over at me. "Nicholas? Please?" She pleaded.

Yessir, madam. I marched up the stairs two at a time. "Joe?"

"NICK? RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, BEFORE THE STELLALARM GETS YOU TOO!" I looked over. Joe was crouched on the floor, hands over his ears while screaming his head off. Sorry to break it to you, brother, but you're just adding to the noise up on this loft.

My phone rang, buzzed because I always keep it in silence mode. Someone's gotta be professional, after all. I spoke loudly, "Hello, you've reached Nick Lucas."

"Oh good grief, Nick, what's this I hear about a pool party? Joe was going on and on about a pool party that I wasn't invited too? And I think he set off the Stellalarm again. Yup, I hear it in the background." Hard to miss it, Stells.

"Of course you're invited." I spied Joe still cowering on the floor. It's karma, dude, revenge for earlier. Spilling my diet coke is not a laughing matter. "Hold on, I'll go shut it down. Meanwhile, you can go and yell at Joe for forgetting to invite you in the first place. And for setting the Stellalarm off. And for pairing white Speedos with red flip flops and a green Hawaiian shirt. I think he decided to celebrate Christmas early."

"Way too early." Five months, two weeks and four days to be exact. "Wait, how do you know how to work the Stellavator? PATENT PENDING." Stella shouted at some poor passerby.

I threw the mobile at Joe, who was in a fetal position. Oh Stells, if you had to rush over for every time Joe set off the Stellalarm, you would have to practically live here. "I'm Lucas, Nick Lucas. And Nick Lucas knows everything."

Joe's POV

Ow. I rubbed my head as I unfurled from my position on the floor. Nick threw his phone at me. Well, if it breaks, it ain't gonna be my problem mister.

I grabbed the cell that Nick chucked at me from across the loft. I put it to my ears, making a face at the wall of sound that met me. Stella's yelling is louder than the Stellalarm, and that's saying something.

"Joseph Adam Lucas, what in the name of MIKE were you thinking in pairing white SPEEDOS with RED FLIP FLOPS and a GREEN HAWAIIAN SHIRT? If anyone from school saw you like that, my, as your personal stylist, reputation will be ruined!" …Nick, you bastard.

Speak of the devil. Nick sauntered over and matter-of-factly did some sort of weird dance on the screen with his fingers, which flew across the screen tapping different icons and characters. The blaring stopped. He tapped the screen once more with his index finger. His swimming trunks appeared on a hanger in the span of 3 seconds, complete with a towel and goggles on a separate hanger. He grabbed the clothes and went off into the bathroom to change, leaving me to explain to Stella that yes, it was a joke, I wasn't going to wear that out, of course she is invited and yeah, sure, why not bring Anna along.