Pairing: Giotto/Tsuna (G27)

Rating: T

Summary: An upset Lambo fires the ten year bazooka, sending Tsuna back in time, where he meets Giotto – who was a kind seventeen year old teenager trying to set up the vigilante group that would later become the core of the Vongola familgia. With no clue on how to return back to his own time, Tsuna has no choice but to tag along with Giotto until the effects of the malfunctioning ten year bazooka wears off.

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn does not belong to me

Chapter 1 tells of the world of 400 years ago

The banging against the door increased in intensity with every passing second and the huge piece of wood started to protest against the bolt holding it in place, on the verge of breaking apart.

"Shit. The door won't hold them back any longer! You have to start running, Giotto!"

"Sure," the blond agreed and immediately grabbed his childhood friend and started to sprint away. G blanched when he felt the tug and the wooden door split open into two, disintegrating into splinters when the guards trampled all over it in attempt to chase after them.

"Wha-? What do you think you are you doing?" G protested as he was dragged across the field. "If I don't stay behind to stop them, they would catch up with us soon enough!"

"And what makes you think that I'll allow you to stay behind all by yourself? We'll just have to deal with it when they catch up!"

"If you continue with such a carefree character, you won't survive long enough to start up that vigilante group you always wanted to create." G rolled his eyes and tried to pry Giotto's fingers off him. But there was no use to do any of that right now, since the lock holding the door close was damaged beyond repair – its existence wiped out from the crevices of history.

The duo skidded to a stop in the middle of the field. They were surrounded.

"Why don't we test out that theory of yours?" Giotto taunted as he pulled his gloves on and lighted his dying will flame.

"And why don't we see who kills the most number of enemies?" G challenged as he clicked the safety off his gun.


Yamamoto grinned as he pat Lambo on the head repeatedly like what he had been doing for the past five minutes. The baseball star got along very well with the kid – provided they were not playing games like catchall, or anything baseball related for that matter – and was the only one in Tsuna's house right now who was able to calm the five year old boy down (Nana was out on a short grocery shopping trip). "Stop crying and let Tsuna go, okay?"

"Must... tolerate..."

Tsuna tugged on Lambo, trying to pull the kid off him. What happened just now was only an accident! He didn't mean to knock into Lambo and make the child drop his chocolate pudding! Even though he offered him a new one, Lambo didn't want to accept it and continued to latch on to the poor brunet. "Come on, Lambo! Let go already! I need to go to school! Hibari-san will bite me to death if I'm late!"

"Must... to...le...rate..."

Gokudera watched the scene unfolding in front of him with anger and mild annoyance. There was no one, in this universe, who dared to oppose the Juudaime and get away with it. He, as the Juudaime's right hand man, would see to this personally. Finally, the silver haired teen snapped and pulled out his dynamites. "You stupid cow! When Juudaime tells you to let go, you better let go!"

Blasted across the room, Lambo instantly burst into tears and pulled a deadly weapon out of his hair. The young boy then proceeded to ram the it against the wall with the fastest speed he could manage, and didn't stop until a large crack appeared in the side of the purple object.

"Wa-Wait!" Tsuna gasped in fear at the bazooka. He had faced many troubles regarding that weapon – one of which included him chasing ten years later Lambo all over town to save him from the evil clutches of Bianchi, who conveniently assumed that the man was Romeo, her ex-boyfriend – because Adult Lambo just happened to look exactly like him. "Don't take that dangerous wea..."

Everyone watched in shock as the ten year bazooka slipped out of Lambo's hands and flew towards Tsuna at alarming speed.

"...pon...out..." Tsuna trailed off as he stood rooted to the floor, unable to move a finger. Gokudera pulled out a dynamite and threw it over in attempt to blast the weapon away, but he was a second too late. Pink smoke, the colour that represented Bovino familgia of which Lambo was from, filled the room. "JUUDAIME!"

"TSUNA!" Yamamoto called, when the room cleared but the Vongola Decimo was nowhere to be found.


"Damn," G cursed under his breath as he panted, stamina already on the verge of running out. "How much more reinforcements does that stupid old geezer have?"

They were currently trying to escape from the ridiculously large mansion grounds after they succeeded in freeing the innocent prisoners that the owner of the mansion had taken. Giotto and G had volunteered to become decoys, so there was no mistaking that the civilians have already escaped.

"Now then," G seethed as he reloaded his gun. It wasn't normal for him to get this agitated, but his shirt was soaked through with sweat, caked with dirt, and it was just plain uncomfortable. Heck, he wanted to take a stupid fucking bath like... right now. But it was impossible because those silly guards were like cockroaches that spawned at an impossible rate and simply refused to die out. "How should we get out of this mess?"

Giotto sighed, his dying will flame flickering and on the verge of dying out. He tried to keep it hidden, but even he was getting tired. Really, he hated all forms of physical related stuff, fighting included. "If only something would drop down from the sky to distract them enough for us to escape..."

"Like such a thing would ever happen," G retorted angrily. "Can you stop thinking of such useless things and start to fight seriously?"

Giotto growled a little under his breath, dissatisfied that his best friend was trying to come up with another idiotic method to goad his confidence and motivation to fight, and was about to re-light his dying will flame when there was a loud scream coming from above. Frantically, both men tilted their heads so they could have a better view up at the sky.

"What the?" G stared up at the sky where he saw something falling down towards them. "It can't be..."


Falling into the future was one thing, but falling from the sky was another thing. What the heck was his future self doing so high up in the sky?

"No way!" Tsuna gasped and start to flail around helplessly when he realised that he was going to fall right into a battelfield. Was he going to get impaled by all that spears? Or be stabbed through by all that swords? Maybe he'll get shot by a stray bullet and-! NO WAY! He was far too young to die! He only turned 16 yesterday! Tsuna shut his eyes and started screaming. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Instead of feeling his half of his bones break when he smashed into the hard sandy ground, Tsuna felt himself landing onto a soft and squishy object. There was a groan coming from below him and the brunet looked down to find himself sitting on an unconscious man who appeared to be in his late thirties.

"Is that another enemy? Why did he fall from the sky?"

"Wouldn't normal people be dead already? Is he even human?"

Tsuna felt the atmosphere around him darken a little. Was he really going to be pulled into the battle after all? Right after he arrived? What the hell was his future self doing before they switched?

Making use of the distraction, Giotto immediately grabbed hold of Tsuna's hand and hauled the brunet to his feet and proceeded to escape out of the disastrous situation.

Author's notes: I am well aware that G27 fics on Tsuna going back into time are pretty common, but this is one of the types of G27 fics that I like, so I decided to write one – like join in the fun, or something like that you know... Haha.

I'm not having any Italian sentences in this fanfiction, though specific words might appear (seriously doubt so)... Since I'm Japanese and have never studied that language before, I shall refrain from using it in case I make any mistakes. Therefore, I shall make it seem like Tsuna has spoken and knew the meaning of every single word in Italian and can fluently speak in that language! Yes, I'm taking the easy way out ^^" And if you were wondering as to why Tsuna is thought that he was falling into the future, he doesn't know that the bazooka malfunctioned and he is currently in the past. Yet.