"Blimey," she mutters, as she shakes away the time-and-space travel sickness. She stands up shakily and looks around her. "Seem to be in some sort of prison...woah! Look at you...ain't seen one of you in a while..." she continues, looking at the particular alien in front of her. She takes in her surroundings. Right: a series of cells, a couple of Weevils and a big 'T' sign on the door. Must be Torchwood.

"Perfect. Wonder which one..." she says to herself.

And she sets to work trying to unlock the door.


Ianto is making coffee when it happens.

The Hub gives a sudden shake and they all cling onto computer desks or chairs until the subsidence stops.

"What the hell was that?" exclaims Jack, running down the stairs from his office.

"I have no idea," answers Toshiko, "It's like there was an earthquake or something, but everything above us, on the surface, is fine. Normal."

"It was so strange; so sudden. Here I was, just looking up the Howard file when suddenly, boom, I'm thrown out of chair to halfway across the room," comments Gwen as she lifts herself up off the floor, rubbing her head.

"Everyone alright? Where's Ianto?" Jack asks. "Tosh, Gwen - you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine," replies Tosh.


"All fine here," she says.

"The doors have sealed. We're trapped inside here," says Owen as he runs up the ramp to where they're all standing. Then there's a rumble from deep within the Hub and the lights go out. "Oh great. Power's down. No lights. No computers. No way out."

"Fantastic," says Jack sarcastically. "What are we gonna do now?"

"Plug in the back up supply?" suggests Ianto, seemingly appearing from nowhere to switch the switch under Tosh's desk.

The lights flicker back on and the computers lurch to life.

"Ah. What would I do without you, eh?"

"I don't know, Jack. I really don't know. Coffee?"

"We still haven't worked out - " begins Owen.

"We have a visitor," interrupts Tosh, tapping into the CCTV. "Down by the cells. Whoever it is just unlocked the door."

"I wonder who it could be, to be able to teleport themselves into a very secure, secret, underground base...Wouldn't be John Hart again, by any chance?" offers Gwen sarcastically.

"No, no, it's not him. By the brief look I got of our intruder, I'd say she's a woman," says Tosh, raising her eyebrows.

"Ah, well that'll make it slightly harder when we have to kill her. And I bet she's blonde, as well," Owen says regretfully, earning severe looks from each of the team.